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Asmita DebRoy Sarkar

Asmita DebRoy Sarkar

Engineer at Ericsson

"The reason I gave it a 5 star are as follows...
1. It is done by two phenomenal women who are self made and they are putting their heart here, which I still think is key for anything creative.
2. It is fresher as compared to other such platforms.
3. It is a great platform for the newcomers and as well as the constants of various businesses.
4. The writing is fresh, the ideas are great and innovative.
5. Most importantly, so far they have been unbiased which is rare at this point of time in our world!!
Kudos team!!
Rock on!!"

Saumita Ghosh Chaki

Saumita Ghosh Chaki


"Though there r various blogging sites about various topics but rarely do u find one where it has good concrete write-ups as well as alluring illustrations conducive to the topic, @Weekend Trivia promises to be this one n I wish them all best to continue n grow in this dream run."

Pallavita Nandi

Pallavita Nandi


"it's just makes me happy when I see womens excel in their work and I am very happy to get in touch with two such beautiful and hardworking womens...May you all grow more ."

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