And Thus Our Story Started….


Hello Everyone! Welcome to Weekend Trivia. This is a little about what we are about to do here.

The sole aim of this blog is to bring forth a platform where we can take things slowly, enjoy each day as it comes and still keeps it interesting. Every one of us is gruelling after something, chasing the unknown and getting weighed down in the way by our extra load, our responsibilities and whatnots. Thus, Weekend Trivia is a place where we are trying to create something beautiful and holistic which will try to bring positivity into your busy lives. Because a little extra dose of happiness always helps, right?

We love travelling, photography, movies, TV series, cooking, fashion, good lifestyle habits, makeup (Oh Yes!), and so much more. Weekend Trivia will be our take on the brighter side of life. We would love to engage in healthy discussions and an intermixing of thoughts. We are here to provide your Weekend Dose of Fun.

But hey, we are newbies just entering into the world of blogging. We are just taking timid little steps with eyes filled with wonder. We know the journey will be tough, but then it is totally worth it. Our blog posts will be up every Weekend, so do keep an eye out for that. Do share your opinions, spread us for goodness and like and comment if you feel it worthy enough. Give a shout out, whenever you feel you would want to discuss Life in general.

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