Natural Skin Care and Health Tips to Keep Yourself Glowing This Summer

Well, the scorching tropical summer is all over us and even though most parts of the world are welcoming Spring, we here in India know it better! For Summer is here in its full glory and the heat and sweat and dust are all bearing down upon us like some big grizzly bear! At the very onset of summer, we keep on searching for ways to keep our skin healthy, glowing and all naturally glam. And it is really a challenge to have the perfect camera-ready skin at all times.

Yes, we do go through numerous articles and videos and tutorials to see for that one magical solution which works best for us. Initially, we all remain super enthusiastic about following those ideas, but let’s get real. Given the number of stressful lives we all live in, after some days we do not really have the patience to churn up DIY packs and scrubs and all those. In the heck of it, all our skin remains the worst sufferer. But there are some really easy, zero time consuming natural skincare and lifestyle tips which we can adopt and which really makes a huge difference.

These steps can easily be incorporated into a day-to-day lifestyle routine, is practical and you do not need to sweat it! (As if more of that is required!). So if you, like us, are a lazy bunch but still want to keep on that extra glowy skin on, then please keep reading.

Water it up: Oh yes! Your one and only best friend for the summers is water. Make sure that you amp up your intake of water by leaps and bounds during summer. Drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon squeezed in it, first thing in the morning. This will not only flush out toxins from your body but will energise you for the whole day. Continue drinking water, preferably cold throughout the day.

Drink Water During Summers
Drink Water During Summers; Source : Google

Cut down dehydrating food: Our food habit goes a long way to keep our body, mind and skin healthy. While during winters we can overindulge in many things, during summers we do need to take the extra effort. Cut down your intake of alcohol, carbonated beverages, caffeine and deep fried, frizzy or spicy food. This food oxidizes your body and makes them dehydrated from inside. Couple them with the amount of sweat throughout the day and our skin will automatically look dull and ageing.

Cut Down Dehydrating Foods
Cut Down Dehydrating Foods; source: Google

Include detoxifying & water-rich food in diet: Include detoxifying and water-rich foods in your diet to keep your system cool and in proper shape. Include lots of fluids like fruit juices, buttermilk, coconut water and green tea. Green tea is very beneficial as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties which will help your body fight against free radical damage and detoxify the skin will protect it from several skin disorders. Also include cucumber, lettuce watermelon, berries, apples, oranges sun melon or broccoli etc. which will supply you antioxidant and nutrients.

Indulge in Water-rich Diet
Indulge in Water-rich Diet; Source: Google

Use less makeup: Less is more for the summers. The more you clog your pores with tons of foundation and concealer and all that stuff, the less your skin breathes. As a result, you may experience breakouts, irritated skin and rashes. Avoid using makeup on a regular basis, and be light handed if you need to do that at all. Sunscreens should be the holy grail for the summers. Apply it generously on all the exposed parts of your body and not only the face. Invest in good sunscreens.

Less Makeup, More Sunscreen
Less Makeup, More Sunscreen; Source: Google

Wear loose cotton clothing: A majority of people might laugh at it but wearing tight, synthetic clothes, actually are damaging to your body and skin. Summers should all be about letting your skin breathe and wearing loose cotton clothes are the best option. Also, do not repeat your sweaty clothes. Make sure they are regularly washed and you wear a fresh pair of clothes every day.

Wear Loose Cotton Clothing
Wear Loose Cotton Clothing; Source: Google

Handbag Essentials: There are a few items which you should religiously carry in your handbag whether or not you spend long hours in the sun. A dark UV ray protection Sunglasses, face wipes or water-based face mist, a light stole or scarf for the overall protection of your hair and face. Men can alternate it with a large bandana, or cap. Sunscreen and body spray/perfume is a must. A big bottle of water. Just like your phone, you should not forget these as well.

Summer Handbag Essentials
Summer Handbag Essentials; Source: Google

Cleanse before sleeping: Irrespective of whether or not you put on makeup, your face attracts dirt, grime and other bacteria infesting things like a magnet. So do not forget to cleanse your skin before you hit the bed. Use a good, face cooling cleanser and remove all residues left throughout the day. You can use a very light facial oil, serum or moisturiser depending on your skin type. But again do not put too many products on and just let it breathe.

Cleanse Skin Before Sleeping
Cleanse Skin Before Sleeping; Source: Google

Be happy and thankful: No amount of any lifestyle changes, or products that you use is going to bring about any change in your skin if you’re not happy from within. Whatever may your problems be, whatever ups and downs you may be going through, remember everything sorts out in the end. Try to stress less, stay positive and be thankful for the day gone by. Apart from everything else, this will surely make a huge difference to your outlook and health in general!

Be Happy and Thankful
Be Happy and Thankful; Source: Google

The steps that we have compiled is not something super drastic or complicated. These are something which you can adapt and carry forward in busy schedule very easily. Hope to see you all glowing in this summer. Cheers!

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