The Photography Sensation: An Inside Look at Some of the Budding Photographers of Bengal

Photography was always considered a dream task, for the specialist kind of job only a decade ago. But now we have been swept over by the Photography sensation. With the ease of access to learning platforms, tons of software and easily available tools for the job, becoming a top-notch photographer is now a reality. There are hundreds of people who have made it their livelihood and we are discovering new photographers, with insane skills, every day. Bengal is not lacking behind in this aspect at all. There are many budding photographers across Bengal who are very good at their work and have a promising future as well. We have interacted with some such budding talents and bring forth their stories in their own words for you. Read on to know about them.

1. Satyaki Seal 


Hey, my name is Satyaki Seal I am an Under Graduate student & a storyteller also. I am from sodepure, big fan of East Bengal. Photography is my passion. I have done various photography assignments, especially in functions and events. I like to explore enigmatic things and places and tell the story about it. I love street photography, portrait photography more. Except for photography, I have a resilient appetite for food also like every other Bengali does. You can find me and my work on Instagram and Facebook.


2. Soumyadip Das 


Hello, this is Soumyadip Das from Kolkata. I am currently working at the coal India LTD as assistant manager. I have done my PG from IIT Kharagpur. In the chaotic restless life, photography is like a fresh air for me. I often work in the paid assignment, especially fashion and model shoot.  Tokina 11-16mm is my strongest weapon this particular picture was taken with it. Except capturing moments I like to paint moments too.  I have some publication in the repudiated magazine and often my pictures are shown in exhibitions. Say hello to me and see my work on Facebook and Instagram.


3. Rounak Acharya


Hello, everyone, I am Rounak Acharya from Kona Dalal Para, Howrah. I am 18 years old photo enthusiastic having canon 700D. I have an extreme affection for street and travel photography. I am running an Instagram feature page called “kolkatasillusion_official” as an admin and co-founder. Bagged various honourable awards such as Calcutta journalist club award 18, Photography a passion award 18 + certificates of other 4 groups. I also have the publication in  “Indian Photo Art magazine “ for three times. You may contact me for assignments. Follow me on both Instagram and Facebook.


4. Sayantanu Jana


Myself Sayantanu Jana, I am from Midnapore. I have completed my Masters in Microbiology. My hobbies are Photography, Modern art painting, Poem writing. Photography is my one of my favourite hobby mainly wildlife photography after drawing. Besides photography, I am also attached some NGO to work for wildlife conservation.  My photography was selected for exhibition and competition in each group such as nature and life that was organized by Midnapore press club.Find me and my work on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube


5. Surajit Das 


Hi, I am Surajit Das, from barasat. I am a student of B.TECH of ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION at ALIAH UNIVERSITY. Photography is my Passion I just love to click moments. One of my biggest achievement so far is that one of my pictures was selected as “editor choice” in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC YOUR SHOT section, Winner of Coin a Photo B/w section  along with some other nominations and awards in some renowned  Facebook group such as Camarena Academy, Bong photography, Happiness all around, Creativity the unique photography group and many more. Come visit my work on Facebook or Instagram


6. Arghya Biswas 

My photo

Hi, this is Arghya Biswas. I’m an engineer by profession and an amateur photographer by passion. Currently based in Germany. My favourite genres are Landscapes and Portraits. In future, I would like to gain knowledge in Wildlife also. My photography journey started in 2015 when I bought my first DSLR with almost zero knowledge of how to use it properly and how to make the photo good. Since then there are a lot of learning curves by which I gained some knowledge about these genres of photography. I share my work on Facebook and Instagram posts. Probably within few years, I would like to launch my website where my portfolio will be available.

Elephant Falls_Meghalaya

7. Sayan Bhattacharya


My name is Sayan Bhattacharya. I stay in Salt Lake.I have completed my in the year 2014. I am thinking of pursuing masters. I love to do street photography and fond of books. I worked as a freelance photographer in few places. Previously had a job in Bhushan power and steel. My work got featured on some Instagram pages and websites, which is my achievement till today. You can find my work on Facebook and Instagram.


8. Koushik Mohanta


My name is Koushik Mohanta. I live in maynaguri, West Bengal. I am studying English Honours in Maynaguri college. I like doing landscape and street photography. I have been doing this for 2 years. I don’t own a DSLR myself. I use my friends cameras for this. I can work in gear- Canon sx170is. I don’t have many achievements till now. I have been featured in some Instagram photography pages and I got nominated for Bong Photography, Fotorbit and in Camarena Academy.I ranked 4th position in NATURE category in TCR India Photography. My Facebook and Instagram ID are attached here.


9. Sourav Sarkar


My name is Sourav Sarkar. I originate from a remote village of West Bengal. I had to leave my home at my early age and took shelter in this city. It has been more than a decade that I’m living in this beautiful city and from the very beginning I never felt that I left my home. Because there is that warmth in people of Calcutta. Yes, I’ve witnessed a lot of change in this city including its name and yet I prefer the name “Calcutta”. To people, it is a “city of joy”, to me she is “a lonely city”, a city with a soul. Instagram ID: @gaareeb_aadmi


10. Avik Mukherjee


Hello, this is Avik Mukherjee. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD from National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. Photography is my hobby since I was in my undergraduate courses. Soon this hobby becomes my passion when I started exploring the alleys of my city Kolkata. The vibes of this city, the richness of culture, vivid lifestyles never fails to amaze me. Since then, street photography becomes one of my favourite genres of photography. I love to capture my city from the different perspectives, especially bird’s-eye view of different corners is my quite favourite. My very first camera is Kodak KB-10, a film camera my father gifted me on my birthday. Nowadays my companion is Nikon D5600 when I use to roam around my city. As an amateur photographer, my clicks are featured in many Kolkata oriented Instagram communities like The Beacon Kolkata, Palsmania Kolkata, OurCityKolkata etc. along with some national communities like India Picture Hub and Igers Hindustan. Internationally an Italy based community also has featured my clicks. Visit me and my work on Instagram and Facebook



Go check out their work in their social media handles which are linked to their profiles. These super talented guys are leaving their mark and growing ever more. We are confident that you too, will enjoy their work, as much as we did!

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