Beautiful Minds Behind The Lens

There are different kinds of talent which you can find around the world. Some have the talent of excelling in front of the lens. And some create magic behind the lens. Cinematographers and directors visualize and create something beautiful which are hard to find, difficult to achieve and most importantly not easy for everyone to comprehend. Presenting some new kids on the block who are creating magic in the fields of Cinematography and Film Direction. We enjoy finding new talents and getting to know them more. Now you get a chance to know them more as well.

Anwesh Dey

Anwesh Dey

Hello everyone, I’m Anwesh Dey. I’m am a Filmmaker and music director, I’m a film editor as well. My first film “GOODBYE” got selected and screened at 20th Kolkata International Film Festival. My another film “ALOOF” got selected in DIFF and I got the Best Editor award. Now I’m working on some web series and short films. I was the Music director of a feature film, which isn’t released yet. A couple of renowned singers of Tollywood industry sang in some of my compositions. I have carried out several background scores, music videos and short film projects.

Follow me on my Social media profiles to know me more.

You can connect with me on my social such as Facebook , Instagram,Twitter and YouTube

Here you can watch the complete movie called “The Last Chapter”  Just click on the title.


Basudeb Mondal

Basudeb Mondal

I’m Basudeb Mondal. I have graduated From Vidyasagar College In Mass Communication & Journalism. After completing Master Degree From Jadavpur University In Film Studies, I was fortunate enough to Be Able To Spend A Good Amount Of Time On Personal Projects, Collaborating With others.  Cinematography Is My Profession. Besides that Photography Is My Hobby as well as Passion. I try to bring my vision and passion to my photography and videography.  This is perhaps the best way to describe my approach To The Craft. And I jostle with this with every video or Photo I Shoot.

I have Worked In  Few Short, Documentary And Music Videos. Some of my notable works as a Cinematographer and photographer are-  “Something Like A Dream” Short Film, “Tobu Mone Rekho” Short Film,  “Toxicomaniac” Short Film, “Guava Cultivation Of Baruipur” Documentary, “Autoplay” Short Film, Cinematographer Of A Tvc Of Colours Ad, Co-Cinematographer Of National Health Mission(West Bengal) Howrah District Project, Cinematographer at “Infusion Production”. “A Short Film Shot On A Sunday”, Music Video “Chayapoth”, “Vande Mataram”, “Alkinare”, “Bajlo Tomar Alor Benu”, “Sound Of Silence”. Worked as Director, Editor & Cinematographer in “Monotone” a video art film. I’m also involved in personal projects like “Ekti BristiI Badal Din”.  I’m Owner Of Eye Through Lens, Co-Owner Shot Arrange Production.  There are few upcoming Projects for this Year. Some Of Them Still in post-production Stage.

You can connect with me on my social such as Facebook , Instagram and YouTube.

Here you can watch the complete movie called “MONOTONE” Just click on the title.


Dibyadoot Roychowdhury

Dibyadoot Roychowdhury

I was born in 1991 in Chinsurah-Hooghly district of West Bengal. Completed my schooling at Sri Aurobindo Vidyamandir, Chandannagore and Vikash Institue, Vizag respectively. My hobby includes playing the Sarod which I learnt from Pandit Suraranjan Mukherjee for 7 years in Chinsurah. Completed my graduation from George College, Sealdah in 2016. Initially, I played cricket representing my district under 19 and later became CAB member. I had joined theatre as a stage actor in 2010 and continued to be a member of Rangroop theatre under the direction of Mrs Sima Mukhopadhyay till 2015. I founded my own production house “Ak Onko Productions” in 2011 with a dream of making short films, music videos and feature films with time. Along with that I freelanced and worked with other short film production houses. Ak Onko has completed 7 years in 2018. Presently I am working as a Production Coordinator of the VFX team (Bollywood features) in Fluiidmask Studios, Mumbai for Dharma Productions, Excel Entertainment, RHF films etc.
Works of Ak Onko Productions:
1. The first short film “Dugga Dugga” won the Best Editing award from Takht in 2015.
2. Sindrome
3. Back Call – short film
4. Kuch Iss Tarah, a music video
5. Retreat, a short film
6. Bhoy Shunno, a short telefilm, yet to be released.
7. Iti Shadhinota, a short film, released on YouTube last year.
8. Keshto Majhi, another short film is in postproduction now, will be releasing soon.
9. Footpath, a short film where I worked as actor-director- editor, Produced by Rama Digital Media was released on YouTube.

Apart From that AK ONKO is working on a feature film, its biggest dream project “BRIHONNOLA” since 2016. This is a project about the third genders and this is not a doc- feature but full-length feature film.

You can connect with me on my social such as Facebook and YouTube.

Iti Swadhinota

Krishanu Chanda

Krishanu Chanda

I am Krishanu, 25 years old. Originally from South Dinajpur and currently living in Howrah. Photography is my profession, but my actual passion is to make an entire dimension through Cinema. I started my filmmaking in 2012 with some 100 rupees, a small camera, an enthusiastic actor and lots of dreams. I never went to any school of filmmaking to learn about cinema. All I learned by watching more and more films. We started a small production house named Luminous Dreams. Our main aim is to spend the least amount of money on films to show that cinema is not about money. Cinema is a tool to express your viewpoints through the cinema.We already did 6-7 short films which are made under only 2 thousand rupees combined. Cinema is an art form, we all should take this as an art form, not a business. That’s how arts grow.
You can connect with me on my social such as Facebook Instagram and YouTube.
Here you can watch the complete movie called “Shashan Theke Shuru” Just click on the title.

Shawshan Theke Suru

Modhura Palit


I’m a Cinematographer. I studied cinematography from Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute; one of the premiere film schools of the country. I am an alumnus of Asian Film Academy (AFA), Busan, South Korea and participated in Looking China Youth film Project. I am also a member of Indian Women Cinematographers Collective (IWCC). I have shot several award-winning Short films. I have shot two experimental and arthouse feature films. Other than that there are a lot of TVCs, documentaries, music videos etc which I keep on shooting. I am also one of the first few to have shot a VR (virtual reality) short film in an Indo-British collaboration.

I love playing with light and images and try to tell a story with my craft. After all, I deal with one of the world’s most glamorous tricks of the eye. Apart than that, I like to enjoy life and have fun. Take in all that life has to offer. I’m also a trained classical dancer and I paint. I like reading books, contemplating about random things and having a good time when I’m not busy with work.

Cinema is something I love and I want to spend the rest of my life with this ; getting closer; making it more intimate.

You can connect with me on my social such as FacebookInstagram my website

Here you can watch the promo of the film called “The Last Rain” just click on the title.

The Last Rain

These people are extremely talented, and we congratulate them on their success and their passion and zeal for creating beautiful and significant art and cinema. Weekend Trivia wishes you all the best and huge success in all your future endeavours.


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