Poila Boishakh – A different take on how to better spend the coming year.

The Bengali New Year or Poila Boishakh as we know it colloquially, heralds the first day of the new year for the Bengalis. Like any other new year, celebrated anywhere in the world, it holds the hope and significance of a new dawn, of new beginnings and new promises to live up to. We usually celebrate and spend the new year by eating magnanimous meals, going out with friends to some shopping mall, watching some movies or simply lazing on a much needed holiday. And we forget all that and go to work the next day. But is that all we can do in the new year? Given the current scenario of our surroundings, shouldn’t we do something more to better our society, our environment and our neighbourhood in general? Let us look at some of the things which you could do to make the coming year a better one. To make people more accepting of each other, to create more social awareness, to keep our environment clean and healthy, to make lives safer for everyone.

Get Involved in some Social Activities: You could do some charity or volunteer work in an NGO or similar such place to begin with. Help the workers in an old age home, help some kids in an orphanage, help or get associated with any organisation who is involved with the rescue and improvement of trafficked people. You could teach some extra curricular activities to some poor and needy kids or people, at which you are good at. It could be dancing, art, singing, sewing. Whatever suits you. Trust us, you will feel good at the end of the day.

Help The Needy
Help The Needy Source: Google

Help Stray Animals: Unfortunately the count of stray animals in India is unusually high, and we must do our bit to make their lives a bit better who cannot speak for themselves. If you see any stray dog, or any other animal being treated like trash, you must put a stop to it. You could give some food to them and medicines if needed. You could keep water in your balcony or outside your homes for birds to help them survive in this heat. They will reciprocate your love in more ways than one.

Help Stray Animals
Help Stray Animals Source: Google

Keep Your Surroundings Clean: Keeping our environment clean is of utmost importance and a first step to healthy living. We live in a tropical country where we are already fighting with many diseases which are created from having dirty or polluted environments. Water logging in our backyard and a resulting increase of a swarm of mosquitoes will not help us right? So we should be aware and create awareness as well for others as well. Make a conscious effort to not make our environment dirty and inhabitable.

Keep Environment Clean
Keep Environment Clean Source: Google

Be more tolerant: With a view to improve our society and the people in general, we must do our bit to ensure that we remain within socially acceptable limits. For instance, do not break the traffic rules. It causes problems of not only for you but may lead to accidents as well. If you see someone having a morally wrong attitude towards something, do not shy away to make that person understand, patiently that it is wrong. Have more compassion for others. Help them in need, it really makes a difference. In short be Kind. There is no other alternative to kindness.

Be Kind
Be Kind Source: Google

It is us who should take baby steps to make the lives of our and those of our loved ones better. But we should also bear in mind that being a responsible citizen is again a primary duty of all countrymen and women. Just by sending a Whatsapp message on New Year and forgetting all about it the next day is not justified. We have become increasingly selfish now-a-days and this should change. There is no need to do something outrageous, but a little bit of selfless act always helps. Spread love and cheer. The world at large is in much need of it. And a very Shubho Noboborsho from us folks! Cheers!

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