Life is Too Short To Wear Boring Jewellery – The sensation which has taken over Social Media

They say you never really know a woman until you have seen her jewellery. Jewellery is that part of a women without which she is incomplete. It enhances her beauty, style, couture and overall general appearance. Even the women who is not at all into fashion or makeup will wear some accessory as a jewellery. It could be a ring, earrings, pendant, a stud, nose ring anything. Lately, the internet has been taken over by a storm with many young entrepreneurs who have turned their passion of loving and making jewellery as their profession. Be it part time or full time. We are flooded with many jewellery business owners over Facebook and especially Instagram. They are bringing in not only traditional jewellery but also contemporary ones. Afghani jewellery, Turkish jewellery, Tibetan jewellery etc. and many others are easily available to all jewellery lovers thanks to some of these people. We have interacted with some of these jewellery business owners and they tell us their tale. Of how they started and what are their future plans. Let’s get cracking!

Aamader Shaaj Ghor:

Aamader Saaj Ghor

Our venture started without any planned effort. Most people run jewellery business singly but we are lucky enough to be partners and to make this a joint venture.  We met as colleagues and instantly bonded because we had many common passions, jewellery greatest amongst them all. We used to discuss jewellery, share ideas on what best suits an outfit. We both can create different kinds of jewellery, and slowly our discussions turned as to how lovely it would be if we could make affordable jewellery. Not only did we want affordable jewellery for ourselves, we also wanted to reach out to masses like students, friend and let them have jewellery which was likeable but does not burn a hole in everyone’s pocket. Thus we started Amader Shaaj Ghor based pan India on Instagram. We hope to open our own store in future, besides we are both working individuals.

Business Owners : Sarmisree Dasgupta & Damayanti Gupta

You can follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Aamader Shaaj Ghor

Sreon’s Creatif:

Sreon's Creatif

My journey is something different from others. Being a 3rd year student I never thought of starting something called “Startup”. Even my parents are not aware of this small venture… It’s like few months back. Suddenly one day I felt I should use my creativity to do something which will fulfill my emptiness and leisure. From childhood I am very much active and jolly so sitting ideally is next to impossible for me. Last year in the month of August I started my business with a capital of 2000 only. Ya only 2000. And now I have almost 2k customer and followers. Sreon’s Creatif is like my child and I really like to spend time with this after hectic college schedules. The most satisfying part is when my sisters give reviews. I am pursing Biotechnology B.Tech ,3rd year. Parallely handling this also :p. I am planning for MS so this little venture will be given to my mom as a token of love for what she did for me lifelong. 🙂 I will convert this Instagram shop into a boutique 🙂

Business Owner: Sreyashi Maity

You can Follow me on my Facebook and Instagram Pages

Sreon's Creatif
Sreon’s Creatif



You don’t need anyone to crown you in order for you to be a are a Queen. Let mine be the joy of giving shine to your kingdom..Ornaments are unique as the woman who’ll wear it..Glasnost is a India based Jewellery page..where you can order  your unique customised jewellery and we’ll deliver it to you. Give an unique touch to your beauty.. place order and make yourself and your loved ones happy..

Business Owner: Sulagna Som

You can follow me on my Facebook and Instagram Pages.


Beaded Hearts:

Beaded Hearts

Hi there! I’m Shamata Banerjee, a small town girl from Berhampore, Murshidabad and have just completed my Masters’ degree in Zoology from Bethune College. I love to make jewellery. I was into several forms of art during past years. Then I knew about quilling and made some paper qulling jewellery. But somehow I was not satisfied and wanted to explore more. Currently I’m making jewellery using oxidised metal and beads, fabric etc. This field is vast and next I want to explore into polymer clay jewellery and make designs of my own. Oxidised metal looks elegant but somehow it is limited, while using polymer clay, the whole design can be one’s original. My friends and family supported me very much and I’m overwhelmed by getting such response within a very short time . I wish to make more products of my line and create something unique, which catch people’s eye very quickly and is also pocket friendly.

Business Owner: Shamata Banerjee

You can follow me on my Facebook and Instagram Pages.

Beaded Hearts
Beaded Hearts

It is really wonderful to find so much creativity and talent all around. We are crazy about jewellery too and not only love their work but also find it very affordable. Weekend trivia wishes you the best in all your future endeavours. Rise and Shine!

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