Wedding Photographers : Turning Timeless Appeal into Magical Reality

One of the must-have things on surrounding your wedding is beautiful photographs to capture each and every moment of the beautiful journey from a bachelor/spinster to a groom/bride. In these captures you will lock that timeless appeal of your wedding and each time you go through these photos, it will turn nostalgia into a magical reality. Indian weddings are elaborate, lengthy affairs and there are hundreds of events and rituals going on. Keeping all the colourful traditions in mind and infused with their passion for photography, these young-uns have turned their profession into Wedding Photography. Their zeal and enthusiasm make the whole affair an even more romantic one. Read on to know more about these wedding photographers.

Avik Jana


Hi, I’m Avik Jana. Becoming a wedding photographer happened fortuitously but it caused some curious approach to photography. I had started my photography career since 2011 when I was pursuing my college and then I met with a person out there called Sudipto, he is also my earliest friend in the photography field. Even though I started my career as a light man, I did it for about 2 years. On those days I worked with many photographers as a learner and then worked as a freelancer. Thereafter one incident came in my life, I met Sudip and Rajesh in Kumortuli. We went there for street photography, the interesting thing is that we tried to capture one photograph simultaneously, oh! I missed one shot but they captured. Then we became good friends, after that, we reconstructed my company called  AVIK JANA PHOTOGRAPHY. Nowadays Rajesh, Sudip and I are under one roof and doing work together, we have been working as a wedding photographer since 2015. Have been serving good work to people and doing more creative works, hope we could serve better and get better.

Facebook link:


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Jay Mukherjee                                     

LOGO 12764532_838293076280045_3451490327136918135_o.jpg

I am Jay Mukherjee. A wedding photographer, mountain enthusiast and a trekker from Howrah. I have started JMP Production in the year of 2014. Started covering wedding assignment throughout India with a small team. Arnab, Santosh, CK, Gaurav and Srirup are there in the team from the very beginning.
We manage the events through a respectful and genuine approach. So that our clients can relax, enjoy one of the best days or the moments of their life while we create a visual narrative, a personal documentary of their special event through beautiful, romantic and natural photographs.

Our Youtube Link:

Jay Mukherjee
+91 8017895998 / +91 9874690114



Krishanu Chanda

1075448_485588531529832_1101225599_oKrishanu Chanda

Hello, I am Krishanu, 25 years old. I am a filmmaker by passion. To sustain my favourite passion-Filmmaking, I do wedding photography. To be honest, I never thought about doing wedding photography professionally. When I started doing photography, I mainly liked to do showcase my city through landscapes and cityscapes. But slowly I fell in love with this profession. There is a new location, new subject, new bride and groom every day. As an introvert, I can meet many people and make more friends. Every time I face new challenges in new environments. It’s not so easy job too. Travelling at early morning and doing tiresome work till midnight is a tough job. But I do it with a smile. Because I love to create moments.Where I can make two lovebirds in a single soul. I can make their smile memorable. That urge lets me do this work. I am not here for money or anything. I only want to make some beautiful moments in two people’s one of the best moments in their life. Wedding photography is a way to make myself happy because, at end of the day, this is the happiest moment of two people.

You can contact me by phone and SMS 7278574300.
Here are my facebook profile and Instagram link-

Instagram link-


Arpita Pramanick


Hi! This is Arpita. I have completed my under graduation from Calcutta University in Sociology and done a professional course in animation from Framebox Animation and Visual Effects. At present, I am doing photography professionally. Landscape, street, wildlife, macro and portrait are my favourite genres. I have covered various events and assignments. Many of my photographs have been exhibited in the past. Of which, few are worth mentioning… I was the only female participant whose photograph was exhibited in India’s First Instagram Exhibition. I am a wanderer, I love to explore and my machine allows me to freeze precious moments for future.

Contact me or my page on Facebook:


Abhishek Kundu

My Company logo   23550818_10208680876254335_3080849989616601823_o

Hi! This is Abhishek Kundu, from Kolkata. I started my career as a retail management professional. I have worked with various renowned retail organisations,like-Westside (A TATA Enterprise), Planet M Retail Ltd, etc. Photography was a hobby from my childhood days. After working for 10 – 12 years in the retail industry. I switched myself from retail industry to my childhood hobby – photography. I have done professional Photography course from “Light & Shadow – An Institute of Photography” and professional Cinematography course from “Chitrabani – A Human Touch in Communication”. I have started my photography career from the year 2014 -15. I am a GOLD MEDALIST photographer, recognised by “The Image Colleague Society(ICS)”.Now I am totally into commercial photography segment, performing all kind of commercial shoots, especially in wedding photography.

Converted my childhood hobby to my current profession, after crossing lots of hurdles in my life.

You can follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more!


Instagram : ,


Abhery Nandy

received_1761905300562371 29136875_1705478169538418_3741584017158307840_n.jpg

I had started my photography as a student in SOP Howrah in 2014. I believe that its a never-ending process of learning because photography has so many things to learn and understand. In late 2015 I started participating in International salons and got some acceptance. That acceptances made me think that my passion also could be my profession. In 2016 I created Drishyam Photographics. Since then I’m continuing Wedding as well as Portrait and Art photography.

I work With my business partner Arnab Debnath.

Deepayan Mukherjee

Puttus Logo-3 12342424_904718916294137_1354448264370741128_n
Hi, I am Deepayan Mukherjee. I stay in Howrah district, West Bengal. I have a beautiful family consisting of my mother, father and my sweetest elder brother. Started my journey in this photographic world in the year 2014. I did not learn a single thing about photography, everyday surfed online sites. I mainly love street photography.and inspired basically through other legend’s work. some of the legends to me who helped me in this field are SOUMYA SANKAR GHOSAL, SOMNATH MULLICK, SOURAV SARKAR, RIPAN DAM, SANAK ROY CHOWDHURY, KALLOL BHATTACHARYA and many other masters. For the first time, I was using canon 700d with a dual kit. but it was a dream for me to buy a full frame coz I want to dedicate some beautiful works to all of my fellow photographers and friends. Then I started earning money doing freelance projects of other wedding photographers, also clicked snaps of several theatres. It took me 3yrs to gather a lum sum money to buy a full frame DSLR and also some lenses. When I bought my dream 5d mark 3, I came to my house and cried in my own room as for some people a 2lakh rupee is just like it doesn’t matter and especially nowadays it is very common to see a DSLR in the hands of everyone. But according to me, it needs too much patience, dedication and love to touch what you are dreaming and one day You will full fill it. All this time I clicked for others but now I have my own little studio in my home and a logo to expand my work and got a little Fame in this big world of photography. Now I am waiting for a big project to show the world that I can do it. My members who are with me are @souvikghosh (a guy who has his own studio still a friend of mine who never compete with me but helps me out to sort out my problems), Chiranjib Chattopadhyay (still photographer)..and other 8members.last but not the least I did several wedding projects,still there are so many equipments which I need to borrow .so dream never ends neither stops.


Dipayan Dey

22256525_787849434734560_2353762520269245263_o  31356907_10215377923257280_5347009291658199040_o.jpg


Hi, This is Depayan Dey on behalf of Kolikilkz. It has been a great journey since April 2015. In this short period of time, we have covered more than 20 weddings in all over Bengal. We have always tried to avoid the formula based wedding photography and tried to create a different prospect like more real emotion, natural candid moments & little bit of creativity. We have started this dream simply to fulfil our passion which started to look more real now. Hope we will do some good in this industry. Team members are Dipayan Dey, Rishi Nag, Shubham Mukherjee, Krishnendu Chakraborty, Brotin Banerjee. Based on Dum Dum, Kolkata -700030

Meanwhile, you can check our work from the below-mentioned links and let us know your valuable feedback accordingly.

Facebook page:

Instagram page:

Canvera Page: Page:


Sayantan Das


I have started photography since the end of 2013. I always wanted to explore my photography skills and wanted to improve it day by day as I was gathering experiences. Never got any opportunities to learn this from any institutions, did it, rather doing it following some social media sites. Doing such for these long years as a freelancer, planning of creating a group after a certain amount of time. That’s it for now. I’ll share some pictures of mine clicks somedays again if I get the opportunity. Thank you.

Contact me on Facebook: 



Wedding photography is important because it will capture your important day, it will capture your fond memories, it will tell a story. And not just any story, it will tell a beautiful story of your special day, a day you will never forget. This will be a story which you can show to your friends and family, your kids, and grandchildren, something you will treasure for ever. So choose your wedding photographer wisely. Weekendtrivia wishes all these talented people all the very best for their future endeavours.

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