Food Photography: When Hunger Meets Passion

Food is the ingredient that binds us together. If you are feeling blue, going through depression, have a reason to celebrate or are simply having fun with friends to a movie, food is the quintessential object which sets everything right. We personally, cannot even think straight if we cannot imagine a good platter to welcome us every day. Some people enjoy cooking, others enjoy both cooking as well as photography. Food photography is basically the marriage which happens when a passionate photographer and a gourmet lover meet. Unlike other forms of photography, food photography is a work of nuances. The angle, the presentation, the lighting are all very delicately and subtly presented through food photography. Not only does this form of photography make the food more desirable, it also invokes an arcane sensuousness of the serious foodie.

In today’s section, we present for you some brilliant food photographers, who have happily married their love for food and photography together. Read on to know more about them.

Dayanand Ramakrishnan

Dayanand Ramakrishnan

My name is Dayanand Ramakrishnan, and I am a professional chef working in one of the best gastro pubs in Bangalore. I am a learning chef, every day when I step into my kitchen I Learn new things, explore new recipes exchange knowledge with my team. Since I am a chef I prefer to think of cooking as a form of art, I also prefer to think of myself as an artist. I began my career in a 3 star hotel in Bangalore, lucky me I got into the industry after one month of completing my Hotel Management degree, initially it was tough to work in the kitchen as a newcomer,but those tough days made me more and more confident, today its because of all the hard work that I can face the world without fear. I took Photography as a stress-busting hobby and it’s making me happy as I found out that I am also a good (amateur) Photographer 😀

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Chef Dayanand Photography
Chef Dayanand Photography

Maumita Paul Ghosh


It was largely Bengali cuisine that I grew up on. Clean flavours, austere usage of spices, an abundance of vegetables and greens fresh from the kitchen garden and local farms and a bountiful profusion of freshwater fishes. And Grandma was a prolific cook. Her hands would convert even the most mundane and understated of ingredients to culinary magic. Watching Grandma cook in the ancient soot-blackened kitchen of our Karimganj home in Assam, unknown to even me, I fell in love with the world of cooking. A love that continues unabated to this very day. My blog is a humble effort to recreate Grandma’s cuisine. Food ranging from the river-blessed fertile alluvial plains of East Bengal to the cosmopolitan potpourri that was nineteenth-century Calcutta. Food, long forgotten and relegated to the realms of history. That’s the food my blog aspires to curate and bring to my lovely readers.

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Robibarer Murgir Jhol
Robibarer Murgir Jhol ©Gastronomad

Jayanta Adhikari


I am Jayanta Adhikari, currently staying in Vadodara, Gujarat from 2010. From a very early age, I was very curious about photography and started to take photos using my father’s old AGFA II, Black and White Camera. Later I shifted to Olympus, Canon, Sony and Panasonic Point and Shoot cameras. Almost 4 years back I got Sony A58 DLST and started to think more seriously to pursue this hobby of photography, besides my love of writing, cooking and video games. I started to learn by reading various articles from Cambridge in Color, Digital Photography School and photography books from various photographers and also by taking some online classes from Lynda, Udemy and CourseEra.
I love to shoot mainly Portrait, Creative, Macro and of course FOOD. For me, Food Photography is a very challenging and intricate piece of art. One needs to concentrate on lighting, table arrangement, food styling, detail, plating, background and finally the FOOD ITSELF. To take tantalizing food photos, I use a Sony f/2.8, 30 mm Prime Macro Lens, and a Tamron f/5,180 mm-300 mm Macro Lens.
I have also started to take Food Photographs professionally in and around Gujarat. My photographs have been accepted in various national and international Salons, also few of my works was part of some photography exhibitions in Kolkata and Vadodara. Though I am working with a global MNC and not able to get much time to pursue this hobby, still I am trying to take some time each weekend and holidays throughout the year. Thanks to Weekend Trivia for giving me a chance to share my experience with everyone.
My final suggestion: shoot lot and lots of photos, learn to tame light and follow the work of others to understand the beauty of this art.
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Jayanta Adhikari Photography
Jayanta Adhikari Photography



I am a post graduate in computer science & working as a software engineer in an IT company. I currently stay in Mumbai but I am basically from Gulbarga, Karnataka.
My journey in photography is of 2 years. I am really interested in it so the 1st thing I bought for myself when I got my job was my Canon700D. I am a beginner in photography, I just love framing things.. people… Landscapes.. be it whatever.. I am not that technical with cameras but when I see a frame I just click. I use Canon 700D & Oneplus5 for my photography. I don’t have a laptop so I post process pictures on my mobile phone itself.
Mumbai is a beautiful city.. on weekends I just go out & catch up some good frames… I love doing that, especially early mornings are best for photography. It is always nice to lose sleep on a weekend early morning to witness some awesome frames around me!! I never regret waking up early for that.
I love travelling. I had posted many pictures on my Instagram profile & I never miss out on tagging the exact location where that image was captured… Because, I think that will help the one who is really interested to visit that place when he or she sees that picture.
The link to my Instagram profile is:
Rashmi MN Photography
Rashmi MN Photography

Sanjiban Ghosh


I am a mechanical engineer by profession and residing in Middle East (Doha & Abu Dhabi) for the last 6 years working in the Oil & Gas field. I am an Indian by birth, originally from Kolkata, West Bengal. My past time recreation is photography, capturing the memories around me. I had started with a point & shot camera mainly to record the family events and vacation memories nine years ago. But I seriously got addicted when I shifted to Doha, Qatar in the Middle East six years back. After coming to Doha, without my family, I used to roam about during the weekends and got fascinated by the blend of traditional & modern architectures and began to take pictures and send them back to home to my family and friends. When they started to appreciate my photographs, I thought to explore this hobby more in details since I have a lot of spare time on weekends. I love to take any type of pictures be it nature, landscape, sports etc but my most favourite subjects are low light photography and architectural shots. Low light photography is always a challenge and you can do a lot of experimentation with the shots by changing camera settings. Being a mechanical engineer involved with engineering drawings, I am also fascinated by the lines, patterns and symmetry of architectures which I try my best to highlight in my architectural shots. To me, photography is the gateway to free my mind after a week’s hard work in the office. It is a stress buster for me and helps me to develop the finer artistic sense inside my mind. Photography has also helped me to see things in a different and better perspective, discovering the hidden beauties of my surroundings. So in my photographs, you will mostly see bright colours conveying happiness.


  • 16 National Geography Editor’s favourite and 2 Daily Dozen selection
  • Numerous Travel Photo of the Day in the renowned Travel Photo site in
  • Numerous gallery selection, judge’s first choice in the renowned street, travel and landscape photography site com
  • Winners of numerous photo challenges in architecture, sports and travel category in com
  • Photos featured by Nikon Middle East in their website in travel and sports category
  • Numerous Photo of the Day, Photo of the Week, Photo of the Month and Photo of the Year in various Facebook Photography groups.
  • Article published in Qatar Tribune, on my photography showing various aspects of the Doha city.
Sanjiban Ghosh Photography
Sanjiban Ghosh Photography

Moumita Ghosh

moumita ghosh

I, Moumita Ghosh am a Daughter, Wife, homemaker and the best one – mother of 19 months old kid. Cooking is my passion and my stress buster and provides me relief. I love to cook and eat as well. I like different types of Cuisines and the foods recipes turn me on. Whenever I see a new type of food and easy to make, I try to find out the recipe and then try to innovate it with my style of cooking. I try at home the recipe multiple times till I feel that it’s perfect and can be shared with others. That’s the way I try to innovate new recipes and then share it on my blog. I post regular recipes on my blog, which I started in the year 2013. From that day till now, I have tried my best to share the day to day recipes which are easy and cooked in every Bengali home. I have four other cuisines, like Indian, Mughlai, Chinese & Fusion. Most of my recipes are adapted from my Mom, GrandMoms & My Mother-in-law. My recipes are in a very easy language, which helps everyone to understand easily. Besides that, I’ve a page of useful kitchen Tips. For those reasons, people should read my blog.
Mawa Kachori
Mawa Kachori ©

Bishal Chakraborty

boubhaat final-Exposure 11

Hi, this is Bishal Chakraborty. The journey of Khana Monster( Bishal Chakraborty ) started on December 13th, 2017 on the eve of my Mother’s birthday and there is no looking back since then. Being a food photographer, I slowly added blogging and influencing through my Instagram and Facebook page.
An integral aspect of Khana Monster is the logo- where there’s a very adorable yet brawny and robust looking monster- Yes! You guessed it right !! That’s me!- the workout freak yet foodie! The gourmet lover yet the healthy one-bringing out the contrasting love of my passion and personality.
Khana Monster
©Khana Monster

 Anindita Ghosh


Hi there! I am Anindita Ghosh, a to be 20 years old with lots and lots of love for food. I started writing about food 2 years back on Zomato after reading quite a few blog posts of my forever favourite food blogger ‘YUMMRAJ’. A year ago I took to clicking pictures of foods but have never been brilliant in the photography department.

I have always focussed more on writing about food elaborately because I want every other person going through my review to feel the very same sensation on their taste buds as I did while eating!
Also, I have an immense fondness for cooking and experimenting with different cuisines. I have been cooking since I was 7 years old and have never stopped after that. I still remember how the first thing I ever made was mutter paneer and boy! Was it bad and watery but all thanks to my parents to have praised that paneer as well and for motivating me throughout.
As said by Virginia Woolf, “One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well.”
Of course, food brings people together and also ushers happiness to one’s life. So what can be better than sharing this love with everyone? And that’s what I am trying to do.
Zomato page link :
The Gastronomical Voyage
©The Gastronomical Voyage

 Debashri Chatterji


I am Debashri Chatterji.  A social worker and a diabetes educator.  And above all a passionate foodie and home chef.. well the journey started at home and my biggest inspiration is my dida (maternal grandma). She was a wonderful human being and an awesome chef. Food photography came way later. photography is always been a stress buster and food photography is a medium for me to connect with food lovers.

I love cooking and more than that I love to feed good food to my near and dear ones. Basically cooking is a mode of relaxation for me… And experimenting in cooking gives me immense peace and pleasure.
Debashri Chatterji Photography
©Debashri Chatterji Photography

So much deliciousness around us, already makes us wish to dig right in! If you, like us felt the same and found these photos lip-smacking, then do not forget to hit the like button. Do let us know, what kind of cuisines you prefer, what are your favourite foods and anything else about food in general.

WeekendTrivia has enjoyed this food journey with these great photographers and moving on looks forward to enjoying many more such yummy photos from them! Happy Eating 🙂


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      However strenuous might the writing be, we enjoy our work. Since the members of this blog are full time working individuals, it is quite difficult to post articles on weekdays. But hopefully in future we may be able to post more.

      Thanks a lot again for your suggestions and please keep up the support. Means a lot 😊


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