Bridal Makeup Artists – Turning Every Bride Into an Inspiration

Your wedding – is a big day. Whatever namby pamby we might say about not making a fuss at our weddings, we do dream about it, we dwell on it and we all plan for our big fat wedding. For Indians, their wedding is a very lengthy and special affair. It’s not only about the bride and groom in the marriage that matters but its basically a marriage of their families and their extended families. We imbibe all, we celebrate all traditions, we eat and make merry. This day is, thus, special and especially so for the bride. She has to look her best that day, adorned in beautiful ensemble and jewellery, and turning into a diva with the perfect makeup. Every bride carefully plans her look and wants her makeup artist to achieve her desire. Makeup is no longer bound by a simple rouge and lipstick. Gone are those days and bridal makeup have evolved seriously within the span of the last few years. Thus we bring forth few such Bridal makeup artists who are turning every bride into an inspiration to look at. Get to know them more and book your dates when you need them 😉

Fathima Shifma


One of my favourite hobbies was to make custom gifts for people. I used to gift these to the ones I loved, something made with all my heart. After my Nikah, I went abroad to my husband, Femil. Staying there alone, I was very bored and he was the one who suggested that I start FS CREATIONS, something that made me happy. It went really well with amazing customers and even better reviews ♥️ It was warming to know what I made fulfilled hearts. After getting back home, days were occupied by the planning of my wedding. My husband is a man who loves to see me all dolled up. So from not using any makeup, I decided to learn and do my own makeup for mehndi. Shermin, my dearest and a closest friend guided me through it all. She started from scratch and taught me the basics and send endless videos for reference. Everyone loved the way I did my mehndi makeup and I started getting requests to do theirs. I should forever thank my constant support Femil, for the encouragement and confidence he gave me when I did my first customer to the last. That is how ART BY FS got changed into MAKE ME UP ♥️ With the great support of my beloved family everything has been amazing so far. This is when Kerala became very familiar with the idea of expos. My aim was to do an expo focusing on FS CREATIONS AND MAKE ME UP. But when one of my Instagram friends contacted me regarding the same idea we thought why not take it a step further. And this gave us the idea to bring together entrepreneurs of different ages to form a family namely, Mesmerize. I can never ever stop mentioning my husband as it was his belief in me that made everything to this day to be amazing and a success. Mesmerize plans started months back and every detail was discussed and confirmed over the phone. Mesmerize became a huge success. Thank you, Allah, for giving me the strength and for blessing me with all the people around me.

Contact me through my Instagram Pages –

Shifma Femil Makeup

Shampa Paul


Hello everyone! Myself Shampa Paul, a professional make up artist. This blog is an attempt by me to share my experiences, knowledge, observation, tutorials and recent works. As you know I am a makeup artist from Kolkata (India), most of my topics would be related to makeup. I have dedicated myself to the world of fashion. It was my passion from the childhood to get involved in the glamour world. I’m working on Bridal makeup, fashion makeup, tutorial and portfolio make up. If you find something interesting in my following works please visit the contact page for my contact details. your appreciation will be the key to my success. Thank you. My bridal makeover range starting from 8k to 15k. Charges depend on the makeup brand or some specific styling.

Contact me through Facebook:

Shampa Paul Makeup

Reshmi Mukherjee


I am Reshmi Mukherjee, from Tollygunge, Kolkata. Six years ago, my husband started a fashion photography floor in Tollygunge, where many makeup artists used to work. From time to time, they inspired me and gave valuable tips regarding professional makeup. From there I picked up my passion and knack to pursue my career as a professional makeup artist and has been ever since continued to do so in the field of fashion. Around two years back, fortunately, I came accross a photographer friend who inspired me to create a career also as a wedding makeover artist. My journey as a professional wedding makeover artist started from there, created my own brand name as MagikBrush. I work in and around Kolkata with a very satisfied client base. I am personally very happy to be able to bring smiles to all my brides with the magic of my makeup brush. I am loving my professional journey as a wedding makeup artist.

Contact me through Facebook:


Magikbrush Makeup


Namrata Dutta

Hi, I’m  Namrata Dutta from Barasat.  I have been working as a Makeup artist for 10 long years. My love for makeup made me turn it into my profession. I work throughout West Bengal. To make bride most beautiful is not only my passion but it has become my obsession too. My work package depends on the location, occasion and some other basic matters. Some of my work is displayed here.  If you want to contact me please message me on Facebook. My profile link is given below.
Namrata Dutta Makeup



Hello, This is Arif.  I’m a celebrity Make-Up Artist From Bollywood,  doing makeup for the last 18 years , I run an academy in Mumbai, Bandra with certificate course of full Bollywood, Bridal, & Party Makeup. 3D, HD makeup, AIRBRUSH makeup

Contact details  9821786798
Contact me Through Instagram:
Arif Makeup

Sourav Das

Hi, I am Sourav Das. I belong from Howrah Maidan, West Bengal and I have been doing professional makeup for the past 2 years. My work takes me to travel to various destinations and I enjoy creating a beautiful canvas on each of the brides that I work with. I also do makeup for shoots and fashion magazines. I do not have any parlour but work as an individual. I use Kryolan brand for most of my bridal makeup. If you love my work then you can contact me at the number given below.
My contact details – 7686958646
WhatsApp Image 2018-05-17 at 9.45.19 AM
Sourav Das Makeup

Sourav Chakraborty (Roops)

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-14 at 12.07.47 PM

Hello everyone, I am Sourav Chakraborty. But for my professional field, I have taken up the working name Roops. I am a trained and professional Odissi dancer. Due to my work, I got attracted and then obsessed about makeup. I am a self-taught makeup artist and I have learnt makeup through lots of practice and watching YouTube videos. I use Kryolan, M.A.C, and Huda Beauty products for my bridal and fashion makeups. I don’t work in a parlour but work as a freelancer. If you enjoy my work, then you can contact me at the below-given contact details.

My contact details – 9932556915


WhatsApp Image 2018-05-14 at 12.06.01 PM
Roops Makeup


Barnali Nag


Hello everyone, myself Barnali Nag and I belong from Silchar, Assam. I have my own parlour named Ananya Parlour. I loved makeup from a very young age and thus became a professional fashion, beauty and makeup artist. I am very passionate about my work and I would like to tell everyone that, in spite of our busy lives, you should take out some time to pamper yourself and take care of your skin, hair and overall look. because if you look beautiful, you will also feel beautiful. You can contact me at the number given below.

My contact details – 9365519251


Ananya Parlour Makeup


These lovely people turn every bride into an inspiration. Their work is both appreciated and loved by the masses. Become your gorgeous self by getting a make-over from these talented people. Weekendtrivia wishes all of you the very best in your future endeavours. Happy dolling up! 🙂

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