Fashion Choices to Keep it Cool Yet Stylish this Summer

We are already in the middle of summers and going by the heat life is getting quite difficult as it is. We are constantly on the lookout for some source to cool us off and keep it cool. But we fashionistas have to look good and stylish as well, haven’t we? Fashion is an ever-changing thing. If something is trending this year, it might not be the same next year and so on and so forth. Thus, we are always on the lookout for new trends, new choices. India has evolved a lot in matters of fashion and we no longer hide behind the age-old beliefs towards a certain set of clothes. Instead, women are getting more comfortable in their skin and shedding off all their inhibitions. Thus we have compiled five fashion choices, which are stylish, trending in 2018 and yet are bound to keep your comfortable and cool this summer.

The main highlights of fashion trends which all famous designers seem to have focused this summer are pastel shades. Dark, bright on-your-face hues are out this summer. Instead, this is the year of monochrome pastel shades, with cool tones in deep colours if at all.  Monochromes are in. Also, if you are going for prints then small flowery prints are not the fashion hit this year. As largely exhibited by designer Sabyasachi in his Spring-Summer Couture 2018, this season is for large bold floral prints in pastel shades, minimal makeup, and heavy or eye-catching jewellery. Nude eyes with bold lippies and bronzed face with chic and statement jewellery is the way to go this summer.

Read on to know more about our fashion picks in summer 2018.

Culottes –

Culottes are a different variety to Palazzo style and this is the newest trend that’s been catching on with the youth. They can also be worn instead of formal pants and are an excellent alternative for those on less formal occasions. Culottes are a great summer option in 2018 for street style fashionistas as well – they can be worn as formal culottes as well as culottes shorts. Team these with either loose fitting tops of monochromatic colours or tight fitting halter blouses. Chic jewellery, bronzed face and a deep lip colour and you are good to go. Want to ump the game? Wear galoshes and oversized fashion spectacles to rock the show! Buy them here.

Culottes Fashion
Culottes Fashion. Source – Google

Cold Shoulder Breezy Dresses –

Cold shoulder style has gained popularity since the last two years like never before. It is ever-stylish and can be transformed into a variety of styling options such as a top, evening party maxi dress, a shirt dress and much more. But for the summers if you are looking an afternoon brunch or a dinner date out, then you can simply dorn the breezy cold shoulder dresses. Large Floral prints, side slit, shirt dresses etc. are the choices of this season. Carry a large enameled clutch with loose hair and a pair of Beatles shades, and no jewellery and you are good to go. Let the couture do the talking with a no makeup-makeup look. Buy them here.

Cold Shoulder Breezy Dresses
Cold Shoulder Breezy Dresses. Source – Google

Long Summer Jackets/Shrugs –

Summer shrugs are being treated as the new style statement of this year and the way all the fashion icons are carrying them, it sure is trending in 2018 as they make a great summer option. They can be worn with almost anything – be it skirts, shorts, sarees, kurtas or jeans. Many Indian fabrics like Ikat, to Bandhni to khadi cotton, a summer shrug or jacket is woven using any of them and is not only comfortable to wear by extremely stylish as well. You could pair it up with traditional silver jewellery and kohl-rimmed eyes to look fabulous!  Buy them here.

Long Summer Jackets/Shrugs
Long Summer Jackets/Shrugs. source – Google

Layers are In –

Layers are the new trend of this season. Layers tops, layered skirts, layered lehengas, you name it. Designers are experimenting with various types of layers and they are a very fashionable option as well for the summers. You could wear a long skirt with cotton fabrics for the daytime and wear a tight fitting top with a short flared skirt at a night out. Your shoes must match your outfit, especially for layered clothes as they will grab a lot of attention. A slick hair tied in a ponytail with middle partition and statement earrings are what will tie the whole look together. They are good options for office wear as well. Buy them here.

Layer it Up
Layer it Up. source – Google

Off Shoulder Loose Clothes –

Off Shoulder is a trend to stay and is definitely a great summer option for 2018. The off-shoulder can be worn with any kind of short/long dresses and tops and can be paired with anything. This style is largely popular among the youth and they are very much drawn to it. But by off-shoulder dresses, we do not mean the clingy ones. Loose fitting cotton fabric tops or denim dresses with either monochrome colours or striped prints look great on young people. pair them with a sleek choker and a pair of cool sunglasses for a daytime look. For an evening out you could wear an off-shoulder dress with smart sneakers and a casual backpack. Light makeup and minimum jewellery and you are good to go. Buy them here.

Cold Shoulder Loose Dress
Off Shoulder Loose Dress. source- Google

Hope this list helps you in clearing off your doubts and make this summer more bearable and stylish. Flaunt your cool style and be the center of attraction this summer. You cannot give these picks a miss. If you agree with our choices, then hit the like button, if you think something more should have been added, then comment below. Share anyway, so that more people can be benefitted 😛

Stay Cool, Stay Stylish 🙂

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