Painter & Sketch Artists – Blending Craftsmanship into a Canvas of Dreams

‘Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist, once we grow up’ – Pablo Picasso. Art is something that enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. These extremely talented artists have showed us, how we can remain artists after we grow up. Much introduction is not needed for art in any form – painting, acrylic, water colours, pencil sketches, oil painting etc. They are their own kind of definition. Get to know these artists, enjoy more of their work and appreciate their immense caliber.

Anindita Mandal


Hi, my name is Anindita Mandal. I’m a civil engineering student. Though I’m a self learned artist, I had been interested in art since my childhood but then I was just an amateur. I did take art class in my childhood and learnt typical things that is usually taught. But I wanted to do something different. So after my 12th boards I started doing my own art where my self learning started. I learnt to do realistic work with Pencils, Charcoal, Color Pencils,etc. And the journey is still on. I had won a lot of prizes in my childhood that include state levels, Nationals and International too. I was a National winner in Junior Editor 2 organized by Dainik Bhaskar. Which is a priceless achievement for me. And I’m still on the way to achieve success.

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Art by Anindita Mandal

Prabir Naskar


Hi I am Prabir Naskar. My friends and close acquaintances have lovingly given me the nickname Alor Alpin. I currently reside in Garia, Kolkata in a mess, but I belong from Sundarbans, West Bengal. My love and passion for art began, as far as I can remember, from a very young age. Everywhere I used to go, be it school, or tuition or anywhere else, I was always attracted to colour. I used to search for colour wherever I went. Some famous artists used to come to our place for classes or exhibition and seeing their advertisements, the zeal for pursuing art was stronger in me than ever before. Then one fine day, a letter from the headmaster of our school went to my father, claiming that I had been bunking school for the last 2 months. In actuality, I went out to go to school and instead of going to school, I used to spend the whole day at the workshops of the famous artists and observe keenly how they used to work. Well, my game was up and what a thrashing I got from my parents as well as from my headmaster. My rebellious mind even thought of fleeing away from home and joining the artists troupe. But that did not happen 😀 After that I pursued both my dream of art and my father’s dream of becoming a teacher. My special friends Tanusree Lakkan and Samiran Mandal and few others inspired me a lot to continue with art from B.Ed days. I have not learnt art professionally but is self-taught. With the appreciation I have received from all my acquaintances, I hope to continue in the same way with my work.

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Harry Potter
Art by Prabir Naskar (Alor Alpin)

Namitha Raveendranathan



I’m Namitha Raveendranathan from Calicut, Kerala and I’m a Post Graduate student at National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar. I hail from a family of artists and the influence was obvious even at a very young age. It was my Grandmother who recognised my talent in drawing from the small scribbles done on the back of my notebooks. She steered me in the right direction and enrolled me in art classes, which helped me familiarize with most of the mediums of painting. But watercolour and watercolour pencils are my personal favourites. I am mostly into painting Portraits as I find capturing the details fascinating. Painting is more than just a hobby for me; it is an instant mood lifter and provides an emotional sanctuary. And no matter whatever title future bestows on me,  being known as an artist is the one that I will value the most.
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Art By Namitha Raveendranathan

Sumanta Aditya


I am Sumanta Aditya from Karimpur, Nadia. Currently pursuing my M.ed from Satyapriya Roy College of Education and a member of a creative magazine called “অধিভাষ” published from Khardah.  I am not a trained artist. I like to visualize my thoughts through my artwork. In my childhood that was a hobby to me,  but now it has been converted to the passion that encourages me to think divergently. Not only painting on paper, I have been the creative designer for many Puja Pandals and some of them were awarded. “Khardah Theke Bolchi” a very famous group of Khardah which has organised the first large graffiti work in Khardah, I had put my sincere contribution in it. Which was later highly appreciated by the people of Khardah.
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Art by Sumanta Aditya

Baishakhi Bhattacharjee



Hello, this is Baishakhi Bhattacharjee from Howrah, West Bengal. I love to spend my time with painting, doodling and crafting. One of my favourite hobbies was to make handmade gifts for my friends. It takes me to an another world. Always I want to do something new with my handmade stuffs, so I started a small business of my handmade, customized products. Its like a dream come true. If you find something interesting in my following works then visit my Facebook page –

Thank you so much Weekend Trivia for your kind appreciation.
Art by Baishakhi Bhattacharjee

Ranajit Mukherjee


Hi, I am Ranajit Mukherjee. I have not learned Painting from anywhere. When I was young, my father himself brought paint colours and brushes for me and I have learnt by observation. I had tried to learn from someone once, but he gave more attention to his own son and thus I was unable to gather anything in this process. I have always tried to create something different with whatever art tools I had. Scrutinizing, permutation and combination and many experiments has helped me form my style of art. Art had taken a back step few years back, due to financial pressure but now I have started drawing again and trying to create something new everyday. I wish to have a solo exhibition in the future, where you will definitely get to see something different, something inspiring.

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Art by Ranajit Mukherjee

Arpita Pramanick


Hi, I am from Guwahati. I started painting at an early age. I joined a painting school at the age of 7 and finished 8 years of formal training. I had given more priority to my studies and hence painting took a backseat. While I was about to finish my Masters, one day, I suddenly found an old canvas at my home and decided to paint something. That was the point that changed my life. I started with acrylic and tried to make with most of the limited resources that I had. That led me to experiment with finger painting, painting on different surfaces such as tiles, glass and cardboard. When I didn’t have anything else to paint on, I went on to paint on the walls of my house. I am fortunate that my paintings have been appreciated widely, even in the artists community. One of my paintings was selected in an art exhibition as ‘Best of 2013’ in an international online portal. I do put some of my paintings for sale, but I love my art and feel like keeping most of them for myself. I aspire to become a professional artist and hopefully will keep experimenting with my work even in future. I usually do figures and devotional paintings, now I have started experimenting with landscapes and hopefully I will keep on experimenting with other subjects in the future as well.  A great thanks to my art teachers and loved ones who always supported and encouraged me.
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Art by Arpita Pramanick
Weekend Trivia extreme pleasure in getting to know these artists and sharing their work to the world. If you love their work as much as we do, please share on your social media as well like and follow us. We wish you all the best for all your endeavours and look forward to seeing more wonderful work from all of you.
Cheers ! 🙂

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