Top 15 Bollywood Dance Numbers of Early 2000s

Hello Weekenders, welcome to yet another new blog post of WeekendTrivia and this Saturday we will be talking about some Bollywood masala. After all what better way could it be to start off the weekend other than some good old Bollywood talk 😀 Well you know we are quite hooked on to dance numbers in Bollywood and you can almost call it on obsession level. It is interesting to note the wave of transformation in the dance form that has gone over decades. In the 90s, there used to be a touch of authentic classical dance moves in almost all the dance songs, be it romantic, hip hop or an item song. But as we move more towards the 2000s, a slow and steady change has been quite evident. There has been contemporary dance forms influenced from the western world brought in. Some choreographers have also experimented with their own style of dancing mixing many styles together.

So we considered compiling a list of the top 10 dance numbers of the 2000s. Now, its a lot of time to cover so we divided the section into two parts from 2000-2008 and from 2009-2018/present. But try as we might, we just COULD NOT keep the list to 10! 😛 After many additions and alterations, we finally decided on Top 15 dance numbers. Phew! We feel that still a few others should have made it to this list but then, the list would have been ever-so-long! But enough of that for now, do read on to know which dance numbers of the early 2000s, do we consider to be the absolute best and will forever remain as iconic, foot-tapping numbers.

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1. Que Sera Sera (Pukaar, 2000)

Que Sera Sera

Que Sera Sera. Source – Google

Choreographer- Prabhu Deva.

Prabhu Deva created magic with Madhuri Dixit when he choreographed this song from Pukaar. Incorporating the Michael Jackson Moonwalk dance along with his own unique style of dancing, this dance is sheer brilliance and pleasant to watch. He confessed that Madhuri outdid him in this performance and was so much dedicated to it that she never even asked for easier steps. This was Prabhu Deva’s first performance/choreography in Bollywood and Boy! did it break all records?? We love it and this has to be at the top of our list.

Watch it here:

2. Main Aisa Kyu Hoon (Lakshya, 2004)

Main Aisa Kyun Hoon

Main Aisa Kyun Hoon. Source- Google

Choreographer- Prabhu Deva.

Here comes another excellent Prabhu Deva number with the ever talented Hrithik Roshan. The song portrays a lazy, aimless Hrithik trying to figure out his way in life. The dance form has surrealistic moves with a lazy laid back attitude. Prabhu Deva and Farhan Akhtar wanted to make the dance a challenge for Hrithik so he could have some fun. So they introduced this Straitjacket dance where he could experiment a lot with different style. And of course we love it! (who doesn’t?)

Watch it here:

3. Dola re (Devdas, 2002)

Dola Re

Dola Re. Source- Google

Choreographer- Saroj Khan.

Devdas was cinematic excellence itself but Dola re brought a twist in the age old tale which left us enthralled. Two gorgeous women dancing with both pain and pleasure for one man whom they both love deeply and yet cannot have. Saroj Khan used a mix of Indian classical forms in the choreography. This form of dancing style has been rarely used in Hindi Cinema before which Saroj Khan explored with Dola Re. The form was known as Nautwary. Hey Dolaaaaa Reyyyyyy….

Watch it here:

4. Ek Pal ka Jeena (Kaho na Pyaar Hai, 2000)

Ek Pal Ka Jeena

Ek Pal Ka Jeena, Source- Google

Choreographer- Farah Khan.

Well the name itself is enough. Need we say more? Not only the movie, but this iconic dance established Hrithik as the good-looking actor and dancer. It broke all records of that year. Farah Khan had not expected anything of this kind from Hrithik. In an interview, she said that Hrithik was a very silent person who used to come to the sets and rehearse diligently. She decided on playing a prank with him and gave him some tough steps to perform, not expecting him to do it. She was left completely dumbfounded when she saw that Hrithik performed them to perfection. The moves in the song had a lot of break dance, air-pumping and gyrating steps. It was also the first song in Indian cinema to have indoor artificial rain incorporated.

Watch it here:

5. Dhoom Again (Dhoom 2, 2006)

Dhoom Again

Dhoom Again. Source- Google

Choreographer- Shaimak Davar.

Shaimak Davar is considered as the most stylish choreographer of Bollywood and he is also the first to introduce contemporary jazz and western forms in his dancing style. Dhoom again was not only a brilliantly performed, perfectly synchronized dance number but also very stylish. It was also awarded as ‘Most Stylish Song in a Film’ in the Filmfare awards. There were very fine and subtle movements in the dance and all were delivered really well.

Watch it here:

6. Milo na milo (Love Story 2050, 2008)

Milo na Milo

Milo na Milo. Source- Google

Choreographer- Remo d’souza.

Yes, yes, we know how scary an image comes to your mind whenever you think of Love Story 2050 and Harman Baweja 😛 But you have go to admit that the songs and dance of this movie were really good. Whatever his acting faults were, Baweja completely made it up with his superb dancing talent. This brilliantly choreographed and perfectly delivered dance is the proof of that. We loved it!

Watch it here:

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7. Badi Mushkil (Lajja, 2001)


Badi Mushkil. Source- Google

Choreographer- Ganesh Acharya.

Lajja was a film which was bold and ahead of its times. Agreed that it did not do well at the box office but no one can forget this endearing performance by the ever-graceful danseuse, Madhuri. And since it was choreographed by Ganesh Acharya , there had to be some fun element in it. Madhuri’s expression was so in sync with every little mood change, that its a delight to watch The steps, although looks simple are quite difficult to perform. Manisha Koirala did not disappoint as well.

Watch it here:

8. Crazy Kiya Re (Dhoom 2, 2006)


Crazy Kiya Re. Source- Google

Choreographer- Shaimak Davar.

Oh hottie! We never thought that this beautiful damsel into such a seductress!. Dhoom 2 was all about her immense charm and sexiness. We couldn’t take our eyes off her :O She danced into our hearts with Crazy Kiya Re. And yet again she proved how good a dancer she was. Attuned to perfection was all that Shaimak Davar could bring in this performance with so much awesomeness in it.

Watch it here:

9. Nach Baliye ( Bunty aur Babli, 2005)

Nach Baliye

Nach Baliye. Source- Google

Choreographer- Shaimak Davar.

Yet another Davar. Rani Mukherji is an excellent dancer. But she proved her prowess more in the later 2000s. But in Bunty aur Babli, she really did outperform in every sphere.  Shiamak’s choreography for Nach Baliye is as pumped as the music and he describes it as a kind of kaleidoscopic compulsion on the dance floor. From the gyrations with giant elasticized white bands to the use of Rani Mukherjee as a human wave, this fun frenetic item number never pauses to take a breath. We usually choose to ignore Abhishek’s dancing but even he moved a leg quite more in this pumping performance.

Watch it here:

10. Dance With Me (Aaja Nachle, 2007)

Dance With Me

Dance With Me. Source- Google

Choreographer- Vaibhavi Merchant.

There is a reason why Madhuri Dixit features so many times on our top dance number list. Very simply put, because it is Dance!! She is the one of the best dancers to have graced the industry and not for nothing was she M.F. Hussain’s muse. Although Aaja Nachle performed abssymally at the BO, the dance numbers were very good. We prefer Dance with Me better than the more popular Aaja Nachle dance, because of the grace, the subletly and a fresh something in Vaibhavi Merchant’s choreography.

Watch it here:

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11. Gustakh Dil (Dil Maange More, 2004)

Gustakh Dil

Gustakh Dil. Source- Google

Choreographer- Pramod Karade.

We were torn between Gustakh Dil and Aaja We Mahi of Fida. Both Shahid Kapoor. Both good numbers, both released in 2004. Finally decided on Gustakh Dil because it is technically more sound. The choregraphy is a mix of jazz, salsa and American rhythm. The dance number is really foot tapping and fun.

Watch it here:

12.  Pyaar ki yeh Kahaani Suno (Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd, 2007)

Pyaar ki Ek Kahaani Suno

Pyaar ki Ek Kahaani Suno. Source- Google

Choreographer- Danny, Savio and Kunjan.

This one song is super underrated and it went on unnoticed. However this song portrays the dance form Tango to perfection. The perfectly co-ordinated steps, gracefully done with the soft music is really a pleasure to watch. We discovered two things with this performance – Minissha Lambha is a good dancer and a Deol who can actually dance 😛 Abhay Deol can act brilliantly as well (bit of a misnomer for the family, eh?)

Watch it here:

13. Main Vari Vari (Mangal Pandey, 2005)

Main Vari Vari

Main Vari Vari. Source- Google

Choreographer- Saroj Khan.

The dance form used in this song is Mujra. If you compare this to other dance numbers in this list, then you might perhaps find it bleak, but we think that following the dance style, it was a really good performance. Many people even criticized the performance as vulgar but Mujras are not foot tapping numbers and their appeal is entirely for a different genre. But expression baby, expression! Rani simply owned the song with those sultry, seductive and exact expressions. When it comes to that, we think the only one who can be compared to Madhuri in terms of expression is Rani Mukherji.

Watch it here:

14. Hey Ya! (Kidnap 2008)

Hey Ya!

Hey Ya! Source- Google

Choreographer- Remo d’souza.

This is another lost one. Because Kidnap simply vanished from the BO (cannot blame it though), this gem of a performance went unnoticed by most. But Minissha Lambha really delivers a superb performance with in sync steps and Remo’s freestyle dance form really catches up in this song. She looks good in this song as well.

Watch it here:

15. Kajra Re (Bunty aur Babli, 2005)


Kajra Re. Source- Google

Choreographer- Vaibhavi Merchant.

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Vaibhavi Merchant is one such choreographer who can bring out the oomph factor in a woman like no other that we have seen. Kajra Re is inspired from a folk song from the Braj region, in which the celebrated dark eyes are Lord Krishna’s, and belongs to the Qawaali genre with western fusion. The dance form used in this song is of the Kajaari genre. Even though this song, in itself grossed millions and was very very popular, it finds its way at the bottom of the list because we feel the other numbers are more justified in terms of actual dancing. Not that we don’t love it. And Aishwarya’s adaaye, aaye haaaye 😉

Watch it here:

Well here’s our list of top dancing numbers between 2000-2008. There might have been some lapses and some missed out songs. Please let us know which are your favourite ones or you think should have made it to the list. Some other honourable mentions are You are my Soniya (K3G, 2001); Krazzy 4 Remix (Krazzy 4, 2008); Sharara Sharara (Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, 2002); Shava Shava(K3G, 2001) etc. Hope you all enjoyed it. And made the 90s kids nostalgic like us! 🙂

Special thanks to Adrita Chowdhury, a trained Kathak dancer and a great dance enthusiast herself who has helped us compile this list.  

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