Great Walls of Kolkata

Graffiti is scribbling, painting or any random drawing on the walls that can be easily accessed by the public. It may look like a painted wall without any meaning or if you look closely, there may be some deep meaning to it. After All, every artist has something to convey, be it through a canvas, a book or a wall in this case. Kolkata is an old city, and so when you wander along the old, worn and byzantine streets and lanes of this city, you will discover many untold stories by many unknown artists. Some such wonderful and amazing “Walls” have been discovered and captured by some of our favourite photographers in the city. Look at these graffiti walls and perhaps you may find some inner meaning or insight into the artist’s mind. Who knows!

So then, let look at some of the best walls of Kolkata, captured in its originality and old world charm.

Sayantani Basu


Hey, this is Sayantani Basu from Khardah, Kolkata. A Librarian by profession and a photographer by passion. Though I am not a street photographer but still when it comes to art I love to be a witness. This picture was taken near Bhawanipore. I call it “The Rickshaw puller” I like the colour the details a lot of this graffiti and I’m in search for other lovely graffitis like this. So I am really looking forward to this article. Thank you Weekend Trivia.

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Location: Bhawanipore, Harish Mukherjee Road.

©Sayantani Basu

Amrttyajit Sinha


There are some amazing graffitis scribbled all around this city. Few of the best are found at the warehouse in Lake Gardens, Kolkata and places nearby. Few of the local youths who happens to be amazing graffiti artists painted the walls of this warehouse and the streets nearby with some beautiful wall arts. Apart from wall art, other creative activities such as hip-hop dance practice and skateboarding take place at the warehouse.
The Graffitis over here is quite unique, different from most of the others in the city. Photographers and explorers are most likely to love this place because there’s a lot of things going in and out over here.

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Location: Calcutta State Transport Corporation Depot, Lake Gardens.

©Amrttyajit Sinha

Location: Lake Gardens

©Amrttyajit Sinha

 Shomini Biswas

Shomini Biswas.jpeg

I am Shomini Biswas from Kolkata. Currently, I am a PhD student from the field of geography pursuing from the University of Calcutta. I am passionate about photography, travelling, trekking and I keep travelling every three months. I am an ardent reader and a movie connoisseur apart from travel and photography.
An area of cheap hotels and a backpacker’s paradise, Sudder Street in Kolkata displays a completely different genre of modern artistic pattern and wall graffiti created with spray cans by foreign backpackers visiting the city. Tucked away inside narrow lanes just adjacent to Esplanade area the wall arts are an interesting blend of vibrant colours and old world charm of Kolkata.

Location: Mirza Ghalib Street

Sudder Street 1
©Shomini Biswas

Location: Sudder Street

Sudder Street 2.jpg
©Shomini Biswas

Soham Mukherjee


Hey, this is Soham. Former UI Developer, presently a postgrad enrolled student waiting for my flight to the UK, while working as a cinematographer in the interim time. I am passionate about the art of photography along with being a spontaneous scribbler, doodler and a voracious reader…

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Location: Taken near Mahatma Gandhi Road. When the walls depict the harsh reality of modern times… “War is business”, how apt…

©Soham Mukherjee

Location: A Piece of urban graffiti found on the tattered walls and grungy lanes of the Sudder Street.

©Soham Mukherjee

Pritam Dutta

Pritam Dutta

Pritam Dutta is an independent photographer who currently lives in Kolkata, India.  His early career was as a software engineer, but in 2015 he decided to make a change to pursue his true passion for photography.   But the curiosity and hunger for learning that had motivated his engineering career did not vanish. Pritam now uses photography as the vehicle to understand and help depict issues that puzzle him and satisfy his passion for learning.  Among his most prominent themes are culture, religion and people.  His images have now been shown in curated exhibitions and have won numerous awards.

In recent days the Graffiti of the cameraman on colourful walls of a narrow lane in Shovabazar become very popular. This picture was taken over there.

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For More Graffiti related pic please refer below to the published article.
Location: Shovabazar
©Pritam Dutta
Location: Sudder Street is most famous for the graffiti hunters in Kolkata. The smiling donkey on the wall of the narrow lane of Sudder Street is portraying the irony of life.
1 (1).JPG
©Pritam Dutta

Sampad Sarkar


Hey, This is Sampad Sarkar from Kolkata, a foodie and a photographer. This picture was taken at Baghbazar, outside of Boloram Mandir, a photograph depicting a mother’s contribution towards her family leaving and sacrificing her own dreams behind and working hard day long without a single complaint just to put a smile on the face of rest of the family members and for fulling their dreams!!

So it’s a request to everyone we should care for her!!
Location: Baghbazar
©Sampad Sarkar

We hope you enjoyed these hidden treasures as much as we did. Let us know if you have encountered such amazing walls around your city or country. We would be delighted to see them. Also, WeekendTrivia thanks all the photographers who helped us build this catalogue with their contributions.

Cheers! 🙂

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