Best Street Food Joints Of Kolkata

There is something in which Indians are simply unbeatable, hands down, and that is our street food. And especially, when you talk of food you think of Kolkata. Not only is Kolkata the food capital of India, the wide variety of street foods available at every nook and corner of the great city, at the cheap price point, is one of the many reasons why you should explore the city more to feel its true essence. Not for nothing, when you Google about street food, that the first few options that come up in the search list are related to street food in Kolkata.

There are a wide variety of items which you can get at the streets of Kolkata and they range from the quintessential Bharer Cha (Milk tea in clay cups) to a complete meal of rice and curry. The vendors selling street food are some of the friendliest of people who are always eager to serve you food. You get bhel puri, papdi chaat, phuchka, vada pav, the famous Kathi/kati roll, chowmein, jhaal muri, ghugni chaat, tel-e-bhaja etc. etc. The list is endless and unending.

If you search on the Internet, you will get many options which tell you about the different street foods which you should try while in the city, but we tell you the best places where you can get these street foods to satisfy your taste buds at the maximum. These places are nondescript looking, shabby and almost tumbledown stalls, You might not even get a chance to sit down and have your meal. But when the food touches your lips, ahhh that’s what matters, isn’t it? So let’s get cracking!


Food at Kalika. Source- Google

Location – 29, Surya Sen Street, College Square, College Street, Kolkata

Known For – Fish Fry, Fish Finger, Fries, Fish Roll, Vetki Chop, Chingrir Chop, Aloo Chop

Why We Recommend – This is the place for any Chop Lover. All the fries mentioned above and much more are served on a daily basis, and their popularity is frenetic. Students throng this place like bees and not for nothing. It does serve the best quality of chops and fries at a very very cheap price.

Kusum Rolls

The delightful Kathi Roll served at Kusum Rolls. Source- Google

Location– 21, Karnani Mansion, Park Street Area, Kolkata

Known For – The famous kathi rolls in all flavours. Also Kebabs

Why We Recommend – A place for all. People who are on a budget, no budget, students, craving for authentic spicy kebabs and rolls. The service is again very prompt and the rolls are delicious. Their signature is the crispiness of their rolls. It is a right mixture of spices, sauces, vegetables and the main ingredient of the roll. Also, there are many options in the roll section.

Agarwal’s Pav Bhaji

West India Speciality with a East India twist. Source – Google

Location – 180B, Mukhtaram Babu Street, Near Ram Mandir, Girish Park, Kolkata. They have two other outlets at Camac Street and another at Girish Park itself.

Known For – Pav Bhaji and other Vegetarian street food. They also serve Jain food.

Why we Recommend – Every variety and type of Pav Bhaji available with very reasonable price. A personal favourite is the Cheese Pav Bhaji. Service is very fast and definitely recommended for a quick bite.

Chitto Babur Dokan

Hungry Anyone? Visit Chitto Babu’s humble Dokan. Source- Google

Location – 3, Esplanade East ( Dacres Lane), Near Peerless Bhawan, Kolkata 700069, Esplanade, Kolkata

Known For – North Indian Food, Thaalis

Why We Recommend – This Dokan (shop/food joint) looks as ancient as Kolkata herself. But for trying out some wow food within a budget you must try it out. The must-try dishes are Fish Fry, Fish Finger, Chicken Stew with bread, Chicken Pakora. The North Indian food served there is also very finger-licking good.

Pou Hing

Chinese with a Indian Style. Source- Google

Location – Room 6, 15, Sun Yet Sen Street, Dalhousie BBD Bagh, Kolkata

Known For – Chinese, Seafood

Why We Recommend – The place is near the tiretti bazaar and even though it might look very shabby looking, the food served is amazing and tastes like authentic Chinese. The soups there are great.

Tripti Cafe

Every Variety of Tea. Even chocolate lassi. ©Sayantani Basu

Location – Near Rabindra Sarobar metro station 6 no gate, opp Bhawani cinema
700033 Kolkata

Known For – Delicious Tea, Chocolate Tea and different types of Lassi

Why We Recommend – Because its awesome! You would think what is so special about a place which is essentially a tea stall? Well then, you would find some of the best tea varieties out here. We highly recommend the chocolate lassi and chocolate tea which are simply lip smacking. The terracotta cups in which they serve tea is quite eye-catchy as well. Each variety of tea is a treasure and people actually queue out here to have their delicious tea. In spite of his popularity, the owner is humble and diligent.

Anadi Cabin

Anadi Cabin
Chicken Kabiraji from Anadi Cabin. Source- Google

Location – 9, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, New Market Area, Kolkata

Known For – Mutton Kosha, Mutton Kasha, Kosha Mangsho, Tea, Chicken, Fish Fry, Egg Mughlai Paratha

Why We Recommend – The fish cutlet, kabiraji, and moghlai parantha are simply finger licking good. If anyone is complaining of too much oil being used, then please get a reality check guys, this is a street food hub not any 5-star restaurant. The service is pretty fast and the price point is obviously cheap

Faltu Fast Food Centre 

Definitely not Faltu by taste 😛 ©Sayantani Basu

Location – 40, Lu-shan Sarani, New CIT Road, Bara Bazar, Kolkata

Known For – All types of Fast Food viz. chowmein, momo, fries etc.

Why We Recommend – Do not go by its name. The taste of the food is definitely not faltu. The kathi rolls found here are really delicious. You should order the ‘Double Egg Roll’ and you are sorted for lunch. Plus extra sauce and onions without any extra charge is always plus points in our book 😛

Sharma Tea

The quintessential Chai. Source- Google

Location – CF 209, Near Swimming Pool, Sector 1, Salt Lake

Known For– Delicious and different varieties of tea along with some good kachori sabzi.

Why We Recommend – A nice little place to have a quick tea and snacks. The full snacks platter is worth trying and the tea served here is really amazing. They have got different varieties of tea and lassi. They even serve Pasta! Yeah, that’s Kolkata for you 🙂

Hungry Hands

Food on the Go! Source- Google

Location – Essentially near Princep Ghat, but since this a mobile food truck so it pretty much covers the Dalhousie area. Also Found near popular spots all over Kolkata.

Known For – Fast Food, Chinese, Continental

Why We Recommend – That a mobile food truck could deliver such excellent food, is in itself a great feat. Not only that, it caters to two-three different types of cuisines as well. The food quality is good at the price point. The owner is a friendly young man.

We had a truly memorable time visiting each of these stalls and enjoying their food. Unfortunately, we gulped down all the good food before we had started our blog, hence the pictures needed to be taken from another source (except two). There is innumerable other such food joins around Kolkata, but we have listed only those personal favourites which amongst which we visited. We hope you like our recommendations. Do you know some other such awesome places that we need to visit? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Hungry Sunday Folks!

P.S. The places mentioned here are strictly street food places, not to be confused with mini-restaurants. The choices are purely personal and not influenced by any online rating.






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