Best Bengali YouTube Sensations of Gen Y

Alert! This post is going to be a super long post! 😛

So, we all know that YouTube is a pool of finding out about anything that you could possibly think of. And it is a great place to connect, know and enjoy things you like. With our access to various sources of Social media, more and more people are venturing into YouTube as a platform to showcase their skills, pursue their hobbies, teach people about their special talents and to connect to a wider audience in general. Our Gen Y has many such people who have great skills as well as equally brilliant and natural in front of the camera. So in these post, we bring for you the best Bengali YouTube sensations of this generation, who are not only rocking the show but also are loved by many many people.

We would take this opportunity to also mention three of the highest viewed and most popular Bengali YouTubers, with whom we were unable to connect, unfortunately. They are the The Bong Guy, DJ Bapon and Odvut 10. Please do visit their channels (links are embedded) and see how amazing content they create.

So when asked all these amazing people a set of few questions and they responded in that manner. The blog is set according to the questions they answered. So the things we asked were –

  • Introduction of yours ( Name, Place, Profession, Education)
  • When did you start on YouTube? What inspired you to start and what is your prime content of videos?
  • Which genre of audience do you mostly target? Which are your most popular/most liked/most viewed videos?
  • Also, is being on YouTube your primary profession or do you do this just as a hobby? If you have another job, how do you manage time between job n YouTube?
  • Any message for your viewers/audience? Any advice for the emerging YouTubers?
  • You have thousands of followers but who do you follow personally? Who is your favourite YouTuber?

The answers are given in this format, so dear readers if you have any problem in following, please refer to the questions above! So without further ado, let dig straight into the blog.

Chirantan Roy (YouTuber as KhilliBuzzChiru )

Subscribers- 160,417

Views – 7,444,531


Name: Chirantan Roy

Place: Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

Profession: Student

Education: Completed diploma in computer science and technology

  • I started my YouTube channel on 26th March 2017. Technically saying Carryminati is my inspiration. Since the day I started to know about YouTube, I wanted to become a YouTuber. then one day I was watching his videos and then I thought I can make roast videos in Bengali because at that time no one was making roast videos in Bengali so I started my channel and people also supported my videos and now my Subscribers are inspiring me to make more videos.
  • My prime content is funny roasting, and in future, I would like to make some funny sketch videos.
  • I mostly target adults teenagers and over as my audience. Most popular video on my channel is ‘Legend Purulia songs’ also it’s the most viewed video still now with over 800k views and most liked video is ‘Funniest Facebook Posts & Statuses Ever EP#1’ with over 35k likes.
  • For now, it’s not my primary profession I love to make videos and entertain my viewers that’s why I do it but in future, if I could able to grow my channel and make it more popular then I can think about YouTube career as my primary profession. Right Now I don’t have any other job I’m still studying hence I manage my schedule and find time to make videos.
  • First, of all I would like to thank all of my viewers from the bottom of my heart for supporting my channel, watching my videos on a regular basis and making me a verified YouTuber and most off all loving me. Keep supporting me like this and I will make more videos for you. Love to all. For emerging YouTubers, I will say if you love to make videos then work hard and make good quality content you will be successful.
  • I personally follow Carryminati, BB ki Vines, ashish chanchlani, angry prash, amit bhadana, make joke of, and Bangladeshi YouTuber salman muqtadir. And my favourite YouTuber is Carryminati.

Here is my personal favourite video created by me. Enjoy friends…


Indrani Biswas (YouTuber as Wonder Munna )


Subscribers -52,723

Views 2,545,885


Name: Indrani Biswas

Place: Kolkata

Profession: YouTuber and Blogger

Education: Mass Communication Graduate

  • I started my YouTube journey in May 2017. Superwoman and Bhuvan Bam inspired me to make videos. My prime content is the comedy.
  • My target audience is looking for plain entertainment and the audience thus may vary. My most popular and liked videos are: Ek din to Morei Jabo, Saraswati Pujo video, Bengalis losing weight before Durga Pujo and Bengali girls before Durga Pujo.
  • I love making videos and also have my own content generation business. I make out time for things I love, there is no need to manage.
  • Thanks to my subscribers, we are a 52K plus family today. Love to all of them. Young YouTubers need to focus on their content and be regular with content generation. That’s the key to making a good Youtube channel.
  • My most favourite YouTuber is Liza Koshy. I follow all of her videos because at present she is one of the best comedians in the world.

Here is my personal favourite video created by me. Enjoy friends…


Swarup Kumar Gorai (YouTuber as swarup schticks )


Subscribers- 25,532

Views- 2,450,516


Name: Swarup Kumar Gorai

Place: Bankura

Profession: Student

Education: Studying in Netaji Subhash engineering college, 3rd year, B.Tech, EE

  • I started YouTube on 26th May 2017. I was inspired by Jakir Khan’s ” kabhi logic kabhi gana”. My prime content is Roasting movies, songs, clips.
  • I do Comedy videos and anyone who loves them is welcome.
  • The most popular video is Purulia Song roasting (I m the 1st YouTuber in West Bengal to start the trend of Roasting Purulia songs). And also the 1st Bengali Roasting content creator of West Bengal to cross 1 Million views in a single video.
  • I am a student, it’s my 1st priority. It’s very hard to find time for YouTube as an Engineering student, but I try to manage time on weekends
  • Keep sticking. Create original, unique contents, don’t bother about views just enjoy the work
  • TVF, AIB, Jakir Khan

Here is my personal favourite video created by me. Enjoy friends…


Jotin Banerjee (YouTube Bhalo Chele)


Subscribers- 24,519

Views 873,811

Introduction –

Name: Jotin Banerjee

Place: Purulia and recently I am living in Kolkata

Profession: Student

Education: Studied Civil Engineering from Netaji Subhash Engineering College

  • I opened my channel in 2016 & I posted a music video, it got 800+ views, it was inspired by Kurt Hugo Schneider YouTube channel. Then my friends suggested me to come up with more such videos, but I didn’t post any videos after that. I was & I’m a YouTube freak, I almost spend 6-7 hours on YouTube by watching random videos like vines, short films, creative music videos etc in Hindi, English, Bangladeshi, Japanese Korean languages every single day… Luckily I had a friend to discuss all these YouTube videos & YouTube creators. Who is now The Bong Guy…After some days I came up with a plan to make a video of my childhood friends as it will be a good memory for us as when we grew old we will watch the video and smile. But we didn’t have proper camera setup, proper instruments, proper house to shoot & some friends thought that this short filmmaking plan is too childish so, they didn’t want to be a part of it. So, we had to cancel the plan for a while. After some days we managed to get a normal camera setup from a friend, so, we started to work on the funny video with a small team but who have proper interest & this is how we made our first video “E Kamon Gaan”.
  • It got a good response. So, we continued with making more videos with more effort with my small team of 3 people, Sourav Gorai, Akash lal singh deo. we were friends from school, so we already had that connection with each other, this is what makes our videos relatable and funny because behind the camera we were also having fun. So, I properly started making videos from October 2017
  • My content is mainly sketched comedy but I like to experiment with my content
  • My target audience is school and college students from the age of 16 to 24. My most popular video is Deshi vs Bideshi with 250k+ views, My most liked video is E Kamon Bondhu| part 2. My most popular series is E Kamon Bondhu Series.
  • Youtube didn’t monetize any channel from December 2017 and till now for the problem remains, so our channel is not monetized yet. Making YouTube videos is my passion, We made all the videos to entertain our subscribers, for their smile, we love making videos for them, not for the money. I’m a student. As this is a passion of mine. I will manage time to make YouTube videos even after getting a job.
  • For our lovely subscribers, whenever you guys appreciate our work through comments or through Facebook, Instagram, this means a lot to us, this is what motivates us to keep going .so, keep loving & keep supporting, we love you all.
  • For Youtubers, Don’t go for subscribers, go for audience engagement.
  • I personally follow The Bong Guy & Salman the brownbfish! They are my favourite YouTubers.

Here is my personal favourite video created by me. Enjoy friends…


Sourav Kar (YouTuber as Being Bong)


Subscribers- 22,946

Views- 1,984,014


Name: Sourav Kar

Place: Kolkata

Profession: Student

Education: Pursuing B.Tech from Heritage Institute of Technology.

  • I started my YouTube channel, Being Bong in 2016. After my 12th board exams. I was totally jobless after my boards so I started watching videos on YouTube. One night while watching some public interviews on YouTube I thought if people in Bombay and Delhi can do this why can’t we do it in Calcutta. So that is when I decided to make videos. My prime content on YouTube is Comedy videos and Pranks.
  • Mostly Bengali people but I try to make content which everyone can relate regardless of the language used. Gold Digger Prank (which was actually a parody), Every iPhone User, and Things Bengalis are Tired of hearing are some of our most viewed and Liked videos.
  • I started YouTube so that I don’t waste time sitting idle. It keeps me busy and I like that. But YouTube is not my Profession rather it’s a passion, topping my priority list. As of now YouTube for me is just a medium to entertain people. I’m a B.Tech student and sometimes it gets difficult to manage time for YouTube especially during exams but I try not to hamper studies.
  • Being Bong never expected so much love and support. I’ve always appreciated the support from my viewers, their beautiful comments. And the best part is the audience corrects you if you’re doing something wrong in your videos, so the that has helped me to grow and become better. Keep supporting and we’ll keep entertaining.
  • YouTube scene in Bengal has seen huge growth in these few months and I hope Creators from Bengal become the most successful one day. New YouTubers are doing a great job. Everyone has their own identity and genre of representing their views. I don’t think I’m experienced enough to give advice but make sure You have fun and enjoy it while making the video for your viewers.
  • I like watching travel videos, Skits, stand-ups and music videos on YouTube. There’s no specific favourite YouTuber as such

Here is my personal favourite video created by me. Enjoy friends…


Rohan Kumar Paul (YouTuber as The Bila Boy)


Subscribers- 19,590

Views- 957,735


Name: Rohan Kumar Paul

Place: Sheoraphuli

Profession: Student

Education: Studying diploma in Electrical Engineering from Modern Institute of Engineering and Technology. My hobby is playing bass guitar and games

  • I started my journey on YouTube on 22nd November 2017.
  • I Target to roast some Facebook viral video and in making some sketch Comedy videos. I’m taking my YouTube career as my hobby. If I get a job then I will make videos in my free time.
  • Don’t get pressure for any work. Face it with a smile. Hope for the best and give your 100% for your work.
  • I’m personally following Ghonchu Nandan and my favourite YouTuber is Gaan Friends and I love to watch many youtube videos like BB ki vines, Carryminati, Garib, The Bong guy, Khillibazzchiru, DJ bapon, Mumbiker Nikhil and Beyounick.

Here is my personal favourite video created by me. Enjoy friends…


Prakash Biswas (YouTuber as Pukur Pakami )


Subscribers- 8,833

Views- 625,465

Introduction –

Name: Prakash Biswas

Place: Krishnagar

Profession: College student

  • I started YouTube 6 month ago. My inspiration was Videos of Carryminati and Amit Bhadana in Hindi.
  • My videos content – roasting, comedy, funny type video. I look more than the audience’s desire.
  • I do not want to take this as a profession. There was a desire to innovate. I do this as a hobby.
  • The message for the audience – please support Bengali Youtubers but don’t support YouTube vulgar & copy content. And the emerging YouTube users want to tell you to make videos and try new and fresh content. One day you will surely be successful..
  • My favourite YouTubers are Kiran(bong guy), Ajay (CarryMinati) Bhuvan Bam (Bb ki vines)

Here is my personal favourite video created by me. Enjoy friends…


Barnick Das (YouTuber as Barnick The Rangbazz)


Subscribers- 1,110

Views- 20,326

Introduction –

Name: Barnick Das

Place: Kolkata

Profession: Student

Education: Class 12, Science

  • I started YouTube in April, My content in the video is that I have fun with everyone.
  • I look more than the audience’s desire. My inspiration was Videos of Kiran Dutta and videos of CarryMinati in Hindi.
  • I have not thought about taking this as a profession. I wanted to innovate things my hobby and passion. Currently, I manage time between classes and make videos. The message for the audience is that I need your support and love, so stay next to me 🙂
  • And the emerging YouTube users want to tell you to make fresh content with your own innovation.
  • I follow CarryMinati, Kiran Datta, Khillibazz, Chiru, Bb ki vines

Here is my personal favourite video created by me. Enjoy friends…

Their Content and skills make us roar with laughter. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and it gives us immense pleasure to feature them on our blog.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. Let us know about your favourite YouTubers

Happy Weekend folks! 🙂

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