The Best Pure Vegetarian Restaurants in Kolkata

Hello folks! We are back again with yet another top 10/best list and yes again this time it is about food, which is our favourite kinda blog posts because we so much dig it. But being a hardcore Non-veg food lover, it was quite difficult for us to make a list of all veg restaurants. So, based on our past experiences with some of the restaurants which we visited and with some help from friends, we were able to compile the list. And given the err – ehm current “Meat” situation in West Bengal, we are sure many would find the list quite useful. All of these restaurants serve pure veg food and many of them serve Jain Food as well. So here’s our list of Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Kolkata.

1. SpiceKlub

SpiceKlub. Courtesy: Google

Rating – 4.4/5

Location – 1st Floor, 24, Park Street, Annex Building, Magma House Complex, Park Street Area, Kolkata

Known For – North Indian

Why We Recommend – You will get different varieties of North Indian food presented in unique styles. For example, Dahi Vada shots. Yeah you heard that right!. Like tequila shots they have dahi vada shots. There are other such interesting places like Mango Kulfi on the rocks, Pav Bhaji fondue, bubbling kulfi etc. The staffs are super friendly and the food is very tasty and innovative. The presentation is simply amazing and unique. Veg food lovers would love to visit this place. Price is little on the expensive side.

2. Baati Chokha

Baati Chokha
Baati Chokha. Courtesy: Google

Rating – 3.9/5

Location – FD 14, Sector 3, Salt Lake

Known For – North Indian, Rajasthani

Why We Recommend – This is an ideal place to try out authentic Rajasthani food. Their chokha tastes divine. They also serve Jain food. The staff is courteous, ambiance and decor quite pleasing. Try out their Litti Chokha, Sattu Baati, Boondi Raita, Khichri thaali etc. They all taste very good. Price point is also good.

3. Suruchi Veg Restaurant

Suruchi Veg Restaurant
Suruchi Veg Restaurant. Courtesy: Google

Rating – 3.7/5

Location – 24, Tarak Dutta Road, Near Quest Mall, Ballygunge, Kolkata

Known For – North Indian, Rajasthani, Gujarati

Why We Recommend – Their Menu is limited, and they mostly serve thaalis of different cuisines. But whatever they serve, they do it quite good. The quantity of food at very affordable rates is the defining point of this Restaurant. The food is good but they could improve the taste. The decor and ambiance is nice.

4. Gangaur

Gangaur Restaurant
Gangaur Restaurant. Courtesy: Google

Rating – 3.6/5

Location – 2, Anandilal Poddar Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata

Known For – North Indian, South Indian, Chinese

Why We Recommend – If you are on the lookout for some delicious Kachori Sabzi and Jalebi for breakfast then this place is a must visit. You will rarely find this place empty and the price is very affordable as well. Many morning walkers and tourists regularly haunt this place for their breakfast and lunch options. The food quality is great and never disappoints when it comes to veg food.

5. Shudh Veg Food Court

Shudh Veg food Court
Shudh Veg food Court. Courtesy: Google

Rating – 3.6/5

Location – 24, Tarak Dutta Lane, Near Quest Mall, Ballygunge, Kolkata

Known For – North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Fast Food, Continental

Why We Recommend –  Another Spinoff of the Gupta brothers, this place is a real relief for those vegan people who are bored of eating the age-old veg pizza. They serve different variations of Pizza like the Dosa Pizza, margarita pizza etc. The drinks and dessert served are quite extensive. The price is fairly low.

6. Go Veg

Go Veg
Go Veg. Courtesy: Google

Rating – 3.5/5

Location – 24 Ray Street, Elgin, Kolkata

Known For – North Indian, Chinese

Why We Recommend – Very Very affordable with outdoor sitting available. The must-have food is Stuffed Kulcha, Paneer Tikka, Paneer Butter Masala, Naan, Noodles, Tandoori Roti, Masala Kulcha etc. Even hardcore non-veg lovers like us simply drooled over these food.

7.  Gupta’s Veg

Gupta's Veg
Gupta’s Veg. Courtesy: Google

Rating – 3.5/5

Location – BC 1, V.I.P. Crossing, Prafulla Kanan, Kestopur, Kolkata

Known For – North Indian, Chinese, Indian, Mishti

Why We Recommend – It serves Bengali style veg food, which is served quite promptly. The food quality is fairly good, price point low and you will find almost all types of veg food here including Chinese. The specialty here, however, is the vast array of Indian sweets or Mishti that you get. Afterall what is food without some Muh Mitha afterward??

8. Go Green

Go Green
Go Green. Courtesy: Google

Rating – 3.3/5

Location – 1st Floor, P 252, C.I.T. Road, Scheme 6M, Kankurgachi, Kolkata

Known For – North Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Lebanese

Why We Recommend – The only veg restaurant on our list which has a full bar available and a pint of beer is quite cheap here. Okay, also the only one in our list which has Lebanese 😛 So coming to the food must try out dishes are the Butter Paneer, Paneer Tikka, Biriyani, Pasta etc. The ambiance and prices are not that good but the food is delicious and service is prompt.

9. Kamal’s Veg Restaurant

Kamal's Veg restaurant
Kamal’s Veg Restaurant. Courtesy: Google

Rating – 3.3/5

Location – 38, Bentinck Street, Near Paradise Cinema, Esplanade, Kolkata

Known For – North Indian, Chinese, Fast Food

Why We Recommend – Try their Veg Jhalfrezi, Black Dal, and Pineapple raita. Quantity served is good, the staff is courteous and the price point is great for students. Do not expect too much for the ambiance but then let’s face it for the low price point you must not expect something super grand.

10. Annapurna Pure Veg Restaurant

Annapurna Pure Veg restaurant
Annapurna Pure Veg Restaurant. Courtesy: Google

Rating – 3.2/5

Location – CA, 12, Railpukur Road, Baguihati, Kolkata

Known For – North Indian, Chinese

Why We Recommend – Tasty food, good filling portions, generally food is low in oil content (which earns loads of bonus points for us). But the service is a bit slow. The best thing to do is order food from Swiggy and enjoy it at home. The quantity served is also good.

Hope this list helps you choose your favourite veg food joint. Do you have any favourites? do let us know in the comments.

Happy Sunday! Om Nom Nom 😛

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