Best Bengali YouTubers of Gen Y (Bangladesh)

Continuing with our series of popular YouTubers of this generation, we bring for you the Best Bengali YouTubers of Bangladesh this week. They are popular, they are entertaining and their viewers simply love them.

We asked similar questions to them just like in our previous blogpost, and they responded accordingly. So friends, get to know more about these famous YouTubers from our neighbouring country and enjoy watching their videos. A special mention to SalmoN TheBrownFishTAWHID AFRIDI from Bangladesh they have the largest fan base in YouTube. Unfortunately, we could not reach them

Again, the questions we asked were in this order, to help you remember –

  • Introduction of yours ( Name, Place, Profession, Education)
  • When did you start on YouTube? What inspired you to start and what is your prime content of videos?
  • Which genre of audience do you mostly target? Which are your most popular/most liked/most viewed videos?
  • Also, is being on YouTube your primary profession or do you do this just as a hobby? If you have another job, how do you manage time between job n YouTube?
  • Any message for your viewers/audience? Any advice for the emerging YouTubers?
  • You have thousands of followers but who do you follow personally? Who is your favourite YouTuber?
Sakib Rifat & Syed Sadman Rahman (YouTuber as Bangla Talkies )

Bangla Talkies

531,566 subscribers

We are two people who run the channel –
1. Sakib Rifat (Student, North South University,Dhaka,Bangladesh)
2. Syed Sadman Rahman (Student, HSC Passed this year,Dhaka,Bangladesh)
1. We started YouTubing on December of 2016, our previous channel got disabled so we thought of bringing something new, so one day we thought of making a dubbing video randomly, and the first video we posted got 60K views on first day and everyone appreciated our work! That thing inspired us to make more videos. The prime content of our videos are dubbing of movies, celebrities, sports athletes etc.

2. Usually we make such videos that you can watch with all of your family members, no vulgar dialogues or clips are shown on our channel. Our main target audiences are the teenagers as they enjoy the dubbing videos more. Our Popular videos are the one which are based on current issues like World Cup, Cricket Match etc.

3. To be honest we are very serious about the YouTube thing but that’s not our primary profession, but it’s more than just a hobby to us. As we both are students we have to maintain our studies with YouTubing , sometimes it becomes hard to maintain time when we have our exams ahead, so we take some little breaks then, and after that come back with some more videos.

4. Those who watch our videos regularly are our true fan, they always support us and gives us suggestion after each video about how we can improve our contents, so they have a big contribution in Bangla Talkies success, we are really grateful to them. For the emerging youtubers we are planning to start a program to promote underrated youtubers, we hope we will get some good Bengali youtubers  who can represent our country, so our advice will be to work hard and focus on the contents which they are good at not to just copy from others.

5. There are many youtubes who are inspiration to many, our favourite youtubers that we follow are “NigaHiga”, “Pewdipie”, “Ashish Chanchlani”, “Logan Paul” and many more.

Here is a link of one of our video which was based on the theme of anti suicide, made with 3 Idiots Movie:

Mahsan Swapno (YouTuber as Mojar Tv )


Subscribers- 486,531
Views – 72,241,628


Name: Mahsan Swapno

Place: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Profession: Content Creator

Education: Completed Diploma in Engineering

1. At first I started YouTubing in 2014 but the birth year of Mojar Tv happened in 2015 . No inspiration from anyone came to YouTube ,But the love of the audience gave me tremendous inspiration .My prime content is Funny Videos, prank video , Short Film , Funny Interviews . social awareness Video ,etc

2. Our highest viewers are age 18 to 24 ,But we make videos with the attention of viewers of all ages. One of my most popular videos is the fun interview and drama short films and videos have become very popular .

3. I did not think it would be as a profession, but now it has become a profession. So it is not being associated with any other profession, So here I am giving the full time here

4. I want to say to the audience politely and always will be with me and will always go with love .

5. I personally do not follow anyone, But every YouTuber in Bangladesh is doing very well . So I like everyone.

Here is my personal favourite video created by me. Enjoy friends…

Nasib Xoy Khan (YouTuber as Dhaka Guyz)


93,491 subscribers




Name : Nasib Xoy Khan

Place: Uttara, Dhaka

Profession: Student

Education: Bsc in Computer Science & Engineering (8th Semester), Southeast University, Dhaka

1. I started started YouTube on 9th November 2017. My prime content is Bangla Funny Video & Short Film.

2. Mostly Bangladeshi People & Outside Countries. But I try to make Content For Everyone. My Most Popular Video Is ” Cayer Cup e seven Up ”

3. YouTubing just as a hobby. But i am a Student So sometimes it gets difficult to manage time for YouTube especially during exams and I have some tuition that’s why it is too difficult but i try to manage it.

4. Try to make better content which  audience like most. Now a days Better Video Quality also important. In Bangladesh, YouTuber has seen huge growth in these few months and I hope all YouTubers will do well . They are doing good job.

5. I’m personally following SalmoN TheBrownfish, Bhai Brothers, Mango Squad and my favourite YouTuber is Gaan Friends and I love to watch many YouTube videos. Keep Loving And Keep Supporting Dhaka Guyz.

Here is my personal favourite video created by me. Enjoy friends…

Rifat Esan (YouTuber as Bitik BaaZ)


85,769 subscribers
My Name is Rifat Esan. CEO and Director of Bitik BaaZ . I have two team mates ! They are Sojun Bhuiyan and Mohib hasan sakib.We are from Dhaka Bangladesh. We all are University student.

1. We start YouTubing from 2017. My confidence inspired me most and also my team mates gives me support and their support inspired me. Most often we want to catch the trending topics! Roasting and funny videos is our prime content.

2. We want all kind of audience. Young, old, teenager, girls, boys ! Because we want to entertain everyone. People loved us by watching our videos. And that’s our achievement.
our most popular and most viewed video is “Worst bengali Music Video 2” Which has over 3.4M Views !

3. YouTubing is just our hobby and also our passion. We don’t take this as a profession. As we all are student so now we are busy with our study! But in free time we make videos for our audience !

4. The message i want to give our audience is keep supporting us. keep loving us. we love you too guys .Give us your support we will give you more videos ! And the advice for emerging YouTubers : Please make Good Content and make Bangla Youtube Great .

5. I do not follow anyone. But I have so many favorite Youtubers . I am also Inspired from them! Some of my favorite YouTube channel :- Salman tbf, Mango Squad, BB ki Vines,Slay Point, logan paul, mattybraps.

Here is my personal favourite video created by me. Enjoy friends…

Jahan Asif (YouTuber as Jahan Asif)

65,602 subscribers
Jahan Asif, lives in Sydney, Australia. Graduated in International Communication and media from Macquarie University.
1. Started YouTube from the end of 2015. I believe I have a creative soul and I enjoy telling stories! Moreover, wanted to be on TV as a actor, or even as a director. However I left Bangladesh After my hsc so could not even get enough time to work on that! However, when i was introduced with YouTube, realised it would be a great medium to utilise my creative side!
2. My targeted audience is our youth generation! The most popular video of my channel was “what happens in Bangladeshi wedding”. It achieved millions of views on different pages on Facebook
3. Professionally, I work for a bank! Hence I work 5 days and I always keep my weekends free for YouTube! Sometime weekends is not enough so I end up editing my video all night on weekdays
4. The message for my viewers would be “Thank you so much for watching my content and supporting all the way of my journey on YouTube! To new YouTuber, my message would be “just be yourself, be authentic and keep patience.”
5. I’m not a big fan of particular YouTuber but I do follow most of the youtubers of our country on my leisure time! And it depends on my mode what I really want to watch like vlogs, skits, interviews, roasting or even reaction videos!
Here is my personal favourite video created by me. Enjoy friends…


Rifat Tanvir (YouTuber as The Geniusboy )

8,860 subscribers
My name is Rifat Tanvir. I grew up in Jamalpur city. My HSC exams have ended and now I am studying in Mymensingh for admission.
1. After my SSC examination in May 2016, my best friend Shafi showed me 2/1 funny video of Salman Muktadir’s brother. Then Shafi and I want to make video. Make 2/3 small videos after 2/1 days. But still we did not go too much about YouTube. Then one time I can learn a lot about YouTube and find some great YouTube users in our country. Then, after watching their videos, I dream of becoming a YouTuber. Then I create a YouTube channel. its name ‘The Geniusboy’. Then shafi and me started making videos. Salman muqtadir brother inspired me to make videos. My prime content is the comedy.
2. My goal is to show the audience good things through which they are able to learn something and will be entertained. My most popular and liked videos are: DeshBashi To Nahid (Takku version), True Friend, Upoma, Gp Free messenger.
3. We are students, it’s our 1st priority. It’s very hard to find time for YouTube as an student, but we try to manage time on weekends
4. The message for the audience – please support Bengali Youtubers but don’t support YouTube vulgar & copy content. And the emerging YouTube users want to tell you to make videos and try new and fresh content. One day you will surely be successful..
5. I personally follow Salman the brownfish & The Ajaira ltd. They are my favourite YouTubers.

Here is my personal favourite video created by me. Enjoy friends…


Robin Dewan (YouTuber as RD The Cat-Fish)

6000 Subscribers
Name: Robin Dewan
place : Narayangonj
Profession : Tuition / Photography / You-Tuber
1: I started YouTube, in February of 2016, many friends of mine were with YouTube, so I also decided to start. My goal is to provide some entertainment and some information to the people.
2: The videos are made for all types of people, the video made on the basis of Victor Hiron’s life got good views.
3: It’s just my hobby, when I get another job, I will create videos as part time.
4: The audience will tell us all, just for them, hope for all the good things in the future, and those who are new to YouTube – start YouTube only after learning the whole work and process.
5: Follow many people on YouTube, among them
* Salman Muktadir
* sohag360
* Shakib Rifat
* assqueen
* Confident Heroone are my favourites.
Here is my personal favourite video created by me. Enjoy friends…

Their Content and skills make us roar with laughter. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and it gives us immense pleasure to feature them on our blog.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. Let us know about your favourite Bangladeshi YouTubers

Happy Weekend folks! 🙂

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