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Kolkata from Above – Aerial Photography of the City Of Joy

Kolkata is a city where the old and new, the modern and the ancient co-exist together to form a city which we love. To this day, authors, poets, song-writers, photographers and many more have been trying to unravel all the mysteries which this city holds and yet the complete picture has alluded them. Kolkata is like that lover who is exquisitely beautiful yet maddeningly frustating!.To view the City of joy from above makes one realise how mesmerising and splendid our city looks, inspite of all its faults. We have found such talented photographers as well who have captured the beauty of the city from above. So here is Calcutta/Kolkata for you as seen from above in all its grandeur and simplicity.

Soumadip Das

IMG_20180704_171528.pngAbout the Shot: This picture has been clicked at Maniktala Crossing, Kolkata from the terrace of a five storey building. This building is situated just opposite to the clock tower. This picture was taken when the tram stopped midway due to some technical faults and the vehicles were passing adjacent to the tram and their movements ended up in a serpentine pattern. This is a long exposure photography with the shutter speed of 2 sec.Device used : Nikon D7000 and Tokina 11-16 f2.8 lens.


©Soumyadip Das

Debmalya Das


About the Shot: The Photograph has been taken from an Old Building situated in the Bara Bazar area of Kolkata. At the Dusk hour, the City is Blazing with the Golden Light of the Sun and Through my lense I could Frame almost Half part of the City along with its Rich Heritage. The 2nd Hoogly Bridge, Armenian Church, the High Court, Eden gardens, the Famous building 42 and many others. I Just Love My City and Try framing it in most unique Way.
Devive Used: I used my Nikon D3100 for taking this picture. Apperture was 7 and Shutter speed was 260.

©Debmalya Das

Krishanu Chanda

KRI00015.jpgAbout the Shot: I took this shoot from ‘Maidan’. One of our colleague works at Bengali film industry. He has drone licence and he took the permission beforehand. So we flew nearly about 5-10 min in air. It was about 310 meters high. I took this shot in around 4-5 p.m.Device Used: This photo was captured by Drone DJI Inspire.


©Krishanu Chanda

Krishnendu Ghosh


About the Shot: This image was photographed from a high riser in Central Kolkata. It was a clear sky day which is rarely found in Kolkata due to high pollution. The Blue sky, the greeneries and the different colors of the house was very captivating for me to photograph it.

©Krishnendu Ghosh

Sayan Raha


About the Shot: I have clicked this picture during Holi from the roof top of Nandaram Market, Kolkata. One of the crowded place in Kolkata and perfect for such occasion for an unique perspective. As you see this picture looks more vibrant than usual because Of the natural and the artificial colours.


©Sayan Raha

Diptangshu Ghosh


About the Shot: I clicked that picture from the terrace of 6 floored building in Bally with my dad’s smartphone. The picture is like a month old. I took it when I was visiting the new home of my mom’s friend with my family.

Device Used: Lenovo Vibe K5 plus Smartphone


©Diptangshu Ghosh

Sayantani Basu


About the Shot: This picture was taken from Nandaram Market, Howrah. I took it from an office floor in 12th floor, as due to some governmental issue the photographers without any proper permission were prohibited to go to the rooftop.

Device Used: I used Nikon D5200 and 18-55mm in this shot.

travel_photo of kolkata (3).jpg

©Sayantani Basu

Anirban Kar


About the Shot: Some pictures have a price tag associated with them. This picture is one of them for me. My immense desire to see Calcutta from top resulted in clicking this picture. Although this is a newly built bridge but it has a special place in the heart of every Calcuttan adding more flavours to skyline of this city. I was lucky that day to get an access to a rooftop near Maidan which fulfilled the cause for me. Really it’s needless to say that the charm this city casts will make anyone fall in love with Calcutta no matter what. City of Joy for a reason.
Device Used: I clicked it using Nikon D3300.

©Anirban Kar

Monojit Mondal

Monojit Mondal

About the Shot: This has been captured at Nakhoda Masjid, Kolkata. This picture was taken from a building’s roof in front of the Nakhoda Masjid. That was a very crowded and busy evening where everyone was employed to complete their work at the time of the Eid festival.

Device Used: Canon 600D, 18-55 IS II

©Monojit Mondal

©Monojit Mondal

Avik Mukherjee


About the Shot: Captured at M. G. Road, Kolkata

Device Used: Canon SX540

©Avik Mukherjee

©Avik Mukherjee

So what do you think? Aren’t these captures absolutely captivating and enough to make you fall in love with this city?

Let us know your thoughts. Happy Sunday folks 🙂



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