Portrait Photographers of India

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That is even more true for Portrait Photography. A portrait captures a thousand emotions, a single shot can tell many stories. Human Beings are most capable of expressing a millions of emotions in an infinitesemal moment. It therefore resides on the shoulders, or rather the camera of the photographer to capture that perfect moment. Therein lies the beauty of Portrait Photography.

Featuring this week on WeekendTrivia some of the best portrait photographers of India who tell a thousand stories with a single Picture.

Cover Picture by Mohit Kumar

Supriti Mallick


I am Supriti Mallick, I have completed my B tech from Techno India, Saltlake. Same as others, I was also working in an MNC after completing my Degree. But truly since my childhood, I have always dreamt of being independent and run my own business. At the same time, I like photography. Initially, I started with landscapes, as my passion. Then started thinking of something more. Left my job and started with photography as passion and profession both. Started HRIDAYAM. I am doing photography for the last 4 years. Being a child from a very conservative family it was not that easy for me to start this initiative. Didn’t lose my hope. Started working. Gradually my interest grew for Portraits. Love to portray Beauty of heart, love to capture Moments, love to create lasting memories with passion and enthusiasm. Since the very first day, though it was not that easy, I am happy that I am doing today what I want to, every day is a learning process for me. Would love to thank my mom dad and my friends for supporting me in every situation. Still, a long way to go and explore a lot more. Hope for all your love and support. Thank you.
©Supriti Mallick Photography

Mohit Kumar


I am Mohit Kumar, 20 y/o portrait photographer, I started photography, a year back before that I used to make YouTube videos like tutorials on Windows Customization, I do portraits because it helps me to tell my  emotions through other people ( my models ), photography helps me to basically help stay away from my anxieties, that is also the reason most of the portrait work is melancholic, two of my photos got on PhotoVogue, One of my photos has been a part of Photo of the week on EyeEm, I am currently working with Travel Blogger couple Bruisedpassports as their editor.
©Mohit Kumar Photography

Pratik Mondal


” The transition from being a “hobbyist” to being a “professional” photographer was slow and seemed to creep up on me. I’ve been professional now for 5 years (as in, it’s been my only job), and you can find my work on my website – Pratik Mondal Photography. Here’s the story of my journey. Starting out as a pro photographer is very exciting.  It’s fun to realize that a hobby as a photographer can also be a great way to earn a little extra money on the side. Unfortunately, I have seen dozens and dozens of photographers start out with all the excitement in the world but eventually fail as a pro photographer.  Oh, and I’d hardly exclude myself from this group.
It is the passion which will make you successful and not a degree from college. First, explore what really you want to be, Either a fashion photographer / Corporate / Weddings /wild or all in one.

Photography is a whole different story. There aren’t nearly as many people who try to become photographers, which is strange seeing as nearly everyone has access to a smartphone with a fairly decent camera. You’d think that we’d all get good at photography, but this is totally not the case.

Being a photographer takes a lot more than owning a camera and pointing it at pretty things. It takes thought and planning to get the perfect shot. It takes knowledge of how to manipulate light. It takes someone who can use a DSLR on manual mode because sometimes auto just isn’t good enough.

I’ve considered myself good at photography for a few years now, but I never really expected that I would become a freelance photographer. That was always a career that I thought would be way too difficult to get in to.

Instagram ID: https://www.instagram.com/pratikmondalphotography/


©Pratik Mondal Photography

 Aishwarya Kumar


I am Aishwarya Kumar. I am 23 years old and today I am gonna share my story about how I started photography. Well, it was the second year of my MBBS when I went for a trip and just for experimenting I asked my dad “can you give me your DSLR?” and I am so thankful to my dad for giving me that camera because that little moment completely changed my life. It was so amazing that this beautiful little thing could capture so many memories. I eventually started exploring and I like tried everything…macro, miniature, streetlife but nothing caught my interest that much.

One day my friend who wanted to start a blog simply asked me if I could shoot some portraits for her and when I did the results were completely unexpected. I was so amazed by the fact that how can one capture someone’s emotions so beautifully.
That is when I decided that I wanted to be a portrait photographer. I always try to do something new and conceptual but my main target is to capture the emotions because for me every photograph should convey a story.
Happy clicking guys!
As for my achievements-
  • 1st prize in portrait photography contest held by photographers_of_hyderabad
  • 1st prize in portrait photography contest held by Captureit
  • 2nd prize in a photography contest held in my college
  • 1st prize in Christmas contest by Bestportraitsofindia
  • Best black and white photograph in a portrait photography contest held by Worldwidephotographypage
©Aishwarya Kumar Photography

 Aravind Kumar

Misty winds (13).jpg

I am Aravind Kumar, a Portrait photographer from Tiruppur, Tamilnadu.
After completing my B.E in Computer science I started to work as a freelance motion graphics artist.
I have always had the love for photography but can’t afford the money to buy a DSLR at that time as I had just started my freelance job…
After saving for almost a year I got my first DSLR – Canon 600D.
Clicked pictures of my sisters and slowly started developing my portfolio…
Natural light is what I would like to shoot with and have always avoided flash all the times…
Have learned a lot by trial and error method… In each shoot I learn something new.. Being a self-taught photographer it really pushes me to try new ideas and concepts…
Currently, I use Sony A7r3 along with my Sigma 35mm f/1.4 art lens
Favourite focal length – 35mm
Instagram username – arvndvisual
Email ID – arvndvisual@gmail.com
Phone Number – +918508809343
©Aravind Kumar Photography

Debarchan Chatterjee

Photography for me started 3years ago when I got my first camera. Since then human interest always attracted me, whether it’s shooting a model or a random person on street. Besides being a photojournalist, unique human emotions, that’s what attracted me towards shooting Portrait and I like to mix up street and fashion together to bring out a unique frame.
©Debarchan Chatterjee Photography

Bijaya Datta


Hello, I am Bijaya Dutta from Raiganj and currently live in Kolkata, a Freelance Fashion Photographer as well. I have completed my studies from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and then from  Jadavpur University. I work at Vis a vis photography as a fashion photographer at present

Instagram ID:  https://www.instagram.com/bijaya_datta/

Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005402147295

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©Bijaya Datta Photography

Mohd. Ameen (Ammy)


Hi, My name is  Ameen Siddiqui, also known as Ammy. I have been doing photography since 4 years. I work as a professionally photographer marked as “Ammy Photography”.
My forte lies in wedding photography, commercial photography, fashion shoots, food photography, pre-wedding shoot, I also prefer doing cinematography. I have created many professional YouTube videos for my clients as well.
Portrait pictures are something I love the most, I love portraits because there is some kind of attractiveness in them which attracts people’s attention toward my art and edits, I feel best when I take portrait pictures. I love what I’m doing currently and I wish to go ahead in this field and achieve more.
my Facebook page link –     www.fb.com/ammy7.ph
Instagram link  –  www.instagrame.com/ammy_aameen
©Ammy Photography

Saptarshi Dutta Gupta


Hi, I’m Saptarshi, a 21-year-old aspiring engineer by profession and passionate photographer in the making. Having grown up with the fascination of the limitless potential of the camera, I believe that every human being has an amazing story to tell. I had started with my first camera which was a Nikon Coolpix A10 Point and Shoot with which I literally captured everything under the sun. I was enthralled by my own pictures back then -the beauty of a sunset capture, a blunt bokeh or simply the macro image of a pollen grain of a flower thrilled me. I slowly understood the art of composition when I got my first DSLR after my 12th board exams and started looking at the world differently. From shooting flowers and sunsets, I began shooting people. I love to capture seemingly mundane emotions and bring their untold stories to life. My passion for portraits grew and I fell in love with it for changing my perspective on the dynamics of human relationships. Gradually my work started to reach out to more people and I got featured in several photography pages and my portraits were published in magazines. Here’s to 7 billion stories, one face at a time.

Instagram ID: https://www.instagram.com/the_travel_bong/


©Saptarshi Dutta Gupta Photography


Anirudh Srikanth


Hey, This is Anirudh Srikanth working as Freelance – Photographer, Cinematographer
For bookings and collaborations DM or Text/Call – +91 9585322201

Visit my YouTube channel for  travel videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9DQbiM_xB0jNpLbutiat3w/feed

My Instagram Profile for more portraits: https://www.instagram.com/_the.free.folk_/


©Anirudh Srikanth Photography


The amazing portraits featured here makes us want to be a muse as well. 😀

Exellent work by these wonderful photographers, their muses are beautiful as well and we at WeekendTrivia wish you all the best for your future and look forward to seeing more such wonderful portraits from you as well.

Cheers! 🙂

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