WildLife Photographers of India

We had already mentioned in our North Bengal Blog that we are Jungle lovers. Our heart yearns for the excitement, the solitude, the peace which a Jungle journey brings for us. Also, we love wildlife eternally. To be honest, all our childhood fond memories of watching TV includes shows of Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, National Geographic. That is also one of the reasons, why one of our team members chose Zoology as her majors :D.

We think Wildlife Photography is far more challenging and intriguing than most other forms of photography. One because it requires insane amounts of patience, for that perfect shot. Another, because the subject in question will not bend to your will. It will move and roam about according to its own moods and choices and hence you will need to make adjustments according to them. Also, the conditions in which the photographer might find himself/herself might be full of difficulties.

Thus, keeping all of that in mind, this Saturday feature on WeekendTrivia brings for you some excellent and extraordinary Wildlife Photographers of India. Their skills are really unmatched for. Read on to know more about them.

Cover Picture by Harsha Narasimhamurthy

Pankil Desai


I am Pankil Desai, working with an Oil and Gas MNC. I have been doing photography for almost 9 years now. My early interest in photography developed back in 2006 with a simple Kodak point and shoot digital camera. I used to experiment a lot during the college days, our campus was in the rural area and was surrounded by Jungle. My next camera was a Sony Bridge camera with which I experimented and explored more of photography. Meanwhile, I volunteered with an animal rescue NGO which introduced me to animals and their habitats, it invoked my interest in wildlife and I wanted to explore more of it. By 2009 I got my first DSLR, Canon 500D and a kit lens, with which I started experimenting with the cameras and learning the basic concepts of a DSLR. Parallelly my interest in Bird Watching started developing. All thanks to a friend who introduced me to 53 species of birds on our college campus. That was the beginning for my interest in Wildlife Photography. Since then it has been an upward learning curve for me in the field! I feel calm and rejuvenated when I am amidst nature. Photography has brought me closer to myself and it’s my way of meditation.

Facebook ID: www.facebook.com/pankil.desai

Instagram ID: www.instagram.com/pankil.d

©Pankil Desai Photography

Varun Mani


I was never interested nor did I have any inclination towards wildlife till 2014 when I took my first unplanned trip to Kanha National Park with 3 close friends, without any knowledge or expectations about the trip.

Being a pure-bred South Bombay lad, I was taken aback by the clear distinction between night and day where streetlights and night activity is curtailed due to wildlife movement in such areas.

Upon entering the forest next morning, was completely and utterly enthralled at the beauty of the numerous Sal trees, the silence and the surprisingly enormous chill we were feeling as we didn’t expect it to be so cold at the beginning of May (we were grossly underprepared)!

What particularly struck me was that there was no sign of human life here save for the gypsies, and coming from Mumbai, that feeling was rather new. Soon, the anticipation and build up of seeing the mysterious tiger took over and the silence was broken only by the procession of the langur and deer occasionally yelling in distress, which made the heart pump even faster. An animal as large as this surely shouldn’t be this elusive, the thought appeared to be so fascinating!

We didn’t end up seeing a tiger for 3 consecutive safaris, until a morning when a couple of my friends didn’t wake up and only 2 of us went on the morning drive – ended up following fresh pug marks which led us to a really bold tigress whom we were able to observe close to 40 minutes – all I can remember taking away from that moment was that my hands were trembling in awe, while taking any videos or photographs from my friends I-phone. I could not explain the feeling that took over, and just for those moments, I forgot everything that had ever occurred in my life prior to that.

Life wasn’t the same, and I had decided that (after returning to the mundane), that I would have to spend a life closer to these animals and especially our Wildlife in India which one could deduce was obviously under threat considering the rapid urbanisation I had seen since childhood – how many of these tigers really could have survived in a nation of 1.2 bn?

In the next couple of years, I changed my outlook and profession thereafter to train to become a Full-time Wildlife Guide/Naturalist, changing my ambitions and lifestyle to go work in Central India and thereafter the Terai forests of Southern Nepal.

Photography was just something picked up along the way, and I post mostly with captions to try and explain some animal behaviour or bring out some interesting lesser known facts to create awareness for those who are not-so-inclined towards wildlife. I hope that photography and videos and smart sharing via Facebook/Instagram which are the most visually accepted social media platforms for such content, can reach a wider audience for people such as myself who see city-life and materialism as the be-all-end-all of life, disregarding the power of nature and not seeing that that lifestyle itself is working against it, and in an overall context, working against the interests of our own future.

Instagram ID: https://www.instagram.com/bombaywhite/

riverine rhino.jpg
Riverine Rhino by ©Varun Mani

Srinivas Shamachar

Srinivas Shamachar

Hi, I am a self-taught photographer who quit a promising career to follow my passion. I have been a working photographer for over 8 years now and has worked on different kind of assignments. My avid interest in nature and wildlife photography has led me to capture mesmerizing moments of wildlife.

As a professional photographer, I have worked on the sets of Kannada Movie – Manasina Mareyali and across numerous wedding events, corporate events, parties, and candid photo shoots, kids photoshoots etc.

I am also the founder of Nature Through My Lens.

Facebook Id: https://www.instagram.com/srinivas.shamachar/

Instagram ID: https://www.facebook.com/SrinivasShamacharPhotography/

©Srinivas Shamachar Photography
©Srinivas Shamachar Photography

Kaustubh Marpalliwar


My self Kaustubh Marpalliwar, I am doing Photography for 2 years. I am doing Photography under the genres like Wildlife, Nature, Birdwatching because I am enthusiastic about that. I have done Masters in Environmental science that’s why I m interested in that.

©Kaustabh Marpalliwar Photography

Prerana Uday


Hi, this is Prerana Uday. When I’m not too busy contemplating life or handling Projects for an MNC, you can find me amidst the flora and fauna with an eye out for my next big click.

My casual and humble beginning in photography, like many others, was with food photography. Somewhere between that and a visit to a nature camp in Karnataka, I realized my true passion – Nature photography. And ever since I got my first DSLR in January 2018, I couldn’t help but find myself lost in the details of nature trying to find different perspectives.

I enjoy every bit of being one with nature and trying to capture things in its raw form. Within 6 months, my captures have been featured on multiple Instagram photography pages. One of my clicks has also got published in a wildlife magazine.

There is still a long way to go. Making new mistakes and learning something new every day. I’m not too worried about the destination right now, as the journey keeps me happily busy.

Instagram ID – https://www.instagram.com/preriscope/

©Prerana Uday on Preriscope Photography

Nitish Bindal


Hi, This is Nitish Bindal, Based in Alwar, Rajasthan. Basically, I’m a businessman and besides that, I’m a passionate Nature & Wildlife Photographer. I’m doing photography since 2010. I started when I was pursuing Fashion Designing in Jaipur. I had a Sony Cyber-shot camera then, and I used to photograph flowers pictures with that, and the bokeh (Background Blur) which attracts me a lot to learn new things in this field. I bought my first DSLR (Canon 550D with 18-135mm) in 2011 and went to any wildlife park (Keoladeo Ghana National Park) for the first time in March 2013.

In 2015, I won my first National level Award in Conservation Category (Awarded with 1st Prize) at Nature in Focus program held in Bangalore. After that in 2017, I won the 2nd prize in Travel Category in Indian Photography Awards. And also a few of my pictures find a place in best-known Magazines like Saevus and Sanctuary Asia.
Instagram- @nitish_bindal
Facebook- @nitish_agarwal
©Nitish Photography
©Nitish Bindal Agarwal Photography

Harsha Narasimhamurthy


Hi, I am Harsha Narasimhamurthy. Basically a commerce graduate with an MBA. Always was fascinated by nature and animals and I visited Bandipur in 2010 for the first time and fell in love with the National park. Started visiting the parks in southern India and did photograph animals and birds.

I was announced as one of  India’s top 8 young wildlife photographer by the Saevus Wildlife magazine in 2014.
I won the Youth of Bangalore 2014 award by the Government of Karnataka and also The Askary award 2016.
I work as a photography mentor at one of India’s top travel photography company called Toehold. I train people in photography by conducting workshop and tours.
Popularly called as Cat Man
Black Leopard at Kabini Sanctuary ©Harsha Narasimhamurthy Photography

Puneet Jain


Hi Puneeth M Jain, here, a businessman by profession and an avid wildlife lover by hobby. 8 years back on a long weekend I decided to go out to the wild to explore, got along with friends and landed in Bhadra wildlife sanctuary, Chickmagalur not realizing that I would get hooked to nature  for the rest of my life, the love for outdoors the beauty and the serenity that nature provides far from the hustle bustle of urban life.

Wildlife photography is all about capturing a split second when the light and the animal behaviour come together to create an emotional image. I will have to make the best of the conditions, learn the animals’ behaviours, come to understand their lives and study the geography and weather conditions before I get the right and a memorable picture

Nature is not always sunshine and rainbows. You will have to endure rain and wind— only than miracles happen. At that moment, you no longer care anything worldly. Instead, you are in awe of nature, and the distinct moments when a magnificent wild animal allows you to be present in its world. The simple pleasures help you to appreciate and be grateful.

When I am photographing, I am all in it. It’s me and my camera and the vast forests around. All worries, sadness, and regrets are forgotten on field

On average, I take thousands of pictures on a trip, but usually only ending up keeping 10 or less. The failure rate is high. And on many trips, I don’t even end up finding an animal. It’s really a matter of how many times you can get hit and still get up and keep going. Is what I have learned from wildlife photographing, i.e. endurance, patience and accepting failures.

I have been rewarded for my passion many times. Recognition came my way many times the latest being my photograph was chosen the best among many entries by SARL JEEVAN in the year 2017 and was awarded the first place, the award ceremony was widely broadcasted on television, I got rave reviews for my wildlife photographs, some of which I have posted on various social networking sites,

My passion has given me a lot of insights into wildlife and I have met a lot of luminaries in the field of wildlife photography helping me to enhance my skills. I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey so far and would continue to do so in the future too.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000263777150

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/puneethmjain/

©Puneeth M. Jain Photography

Rutvik Gor

Rutvik Gor

Hi, I am Rutvik Gor. I use to go to different National parks since my childhood but recently In 2016  I went to Gir National park and that was the first experience of my life with a camera. Afterwards, my journey began into wildlife photography. Nowadays I am using D500 with Nikon 200-500 lens and other wide angles.

I am from Ahmedabad and pursue this as passion.
About the Shot: This photograph was shot in in Gir National Park which is the sole home of the Asiatic Lion. In wildlife, anything can happen at any time, so it is better to be ready with your settings and set up. Otherwise, you will miss the opportunity.
Instagram ID: rutvik_7702
Lion cubs playing  Gir National Park ©Rutvik Gor Photography
Lion cubs playing Gir National Park ©Rutvik Gor Photography


Ankit Bansod


My Self Ankit Bansod. I am currently pursuing MBA from the Tiger Capital Of India that is Nagpur. Its been nearly a decade since I have started my photography. I Saw my First Tiger in the wild in 2008 but due to point and shoot camera, I was not able to capture it nicely so I ended up buying a DSLR in 2009. I had been interested in roaming in the wild since my childhood and this is what developed a keen interest in wildlife photography in my growing years. I have quite a few national wildlife photography awards like the Maharashtra Times Photographer Of The Year then The Indian PhotoGraphy awards etc. And recently I have signed my first event contract with The Discovery Channel as a photographer.

Social media link is https://m.facebook.com/Ankitashu343?tsid=0.7761467888186602&source=result.

Ankit Bansod Photography
©Ankit Bansod Photography


As said by all of the wonderful photographers above, nature can change your life. Being surrounded amidst nature is blissful, meditative and self-motivating. Only nature can teach you the true value of your existence. And those who tamper with it will have to face the wrath of it.

It is sad but Wildlife is dwindling in numbers enormously. As much as we love these gorgeous creatures of the wild, we must learn to appreciate the serious threat they are facing for their existence. Urbanisation and the modern way of living have destroyed their habitat and livelihood in extremes. So it is high time that we wake ourselves to the plight of these gorgeous gifts of nature and make an effort to rescue and save both nature and wildlife.

WeekendTrivia is immensely grateful to all the photographers here for sharing their work with us and to the wider world. For making a contribution to Wildlife conservation and raising awareness. To see or know more about their work, you can visit their social media profiles as linked above.

Thank You!

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