Best Theme Restaurants In Kolkata

By now, everyone must have guessed that we are forever foodies, always hungry and always spending all our earnings over food. Foodgasm, foodporn and all of that! 😀 But this time, the main objective is not the food itself (though it is ultimately the only thing that matters) but the look, feel, ambiance and decor of the restaurant. Theme restaurants are very much the new popular culture of the new generation, and it matters. So we have curated some of the best theme restaurants in Kolkata which we personally love. Hope you love them too.!

Oudh 1590

Located in – Deshapriya Park, Salt Lake Sector 1, Southern Avenue

Theme Based On – This place will surely take you back in time to the Mughal Era. With its grand seating arrangements, elegant décor, and amazing royal spread, you would feel like an elegant member of the Mughal Royals. There is always a Thumri Playing in the background and that sets the mood just right for the Mughal grandeur. The food is excellent to the T. The cuisine is specifically set on the 1590 Awadhi kingdom era and they serve delicacies such as Nehari Khaas,  Galawati Kabab, and mouth-melting platters of Biryani served in clay pots.

Oudh 1590
Oudh 1590
Oudh 1590 cuisine
Oudh 1590 Cuisine


Located in: Hindustan Park, Jadavpur

Theme Based On– An evergreen couple of Bengali Cinematic Universe – Uttam-Suchitra. And their evergreen movie Saptapadi. The food served is pure authentic Bengali Food, with pocket-friendly rates which are served with love and amazing taste. The Daab Chingri is especially famous there.

Saptapadi Restaurant
Saptapadi Restaurant
Saptapadi Restaurant Cuisine
Saptapadi Restaurant Cuisine

Kaidi Kitchen

Located In: 1st Floor, Usha Kiran Building, 12A, Camac Street.

Theme Based On– Would you like to be a Kaidi (Prisoner) for a few hours? If Yes, then hit this place and get to feel the ambiance of the prison. Set in a theme of a typical ‘Jail’ in India, people are seated behind bars and food served with care. Sure the real prisoners do not get treated to such delicious treats. The menu is full Vegetarian with a full bar available. Get ready to do some Bawali 😀

Kaidi Kitchen
Kaidi Kitchen Restaurant
Kaidi Kitchen Cuisine
Kaidi Kitchen Cuisine

Fly Kouzina

Located In – AD – 73, Near BD Market Bus Stop, Sector 1, Salt Lake City

Theme Based On– Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts and be ready to fly on a journey of delicious satisfaction. Yes, you got that right. This restaurant is completely based on the interiors of an aircraft. The seating arrangements, the colour coordination, the look and feel will all give you the feeling that you are sitting in an airplane which is about to take off. The food served is vegetarian only. This is one of the best theme restaurants in Kolkata.

Fly Kouzina Restaurant
Fly Kouzina Restaurant
Fly Kouzina Cuisine
Fly Kouzina Cuisine


Located In – 3rd Floor, Block B, City Centre 1, Sector 1, Salt Lake

Theme Based On– If you wanted to enjoy authentic Afghani food with an ambiance of sitting in an Arabic shack, then we recommend this place to you. The food is lip smacking especially the Lababdaar Tandoori Kabab. Also, it will make you feel as if you were sitting in the tent of some Arabic people and gulping down their food.

Kaafila Restaurant
Kaafila Cuisine

Blue Nile

Located In – 1st Floor, City Centre 2 Mall, Chinar Park, Kolkata

Theme Based On– From Middle East To Egypt. Yes, as the name suggests clearly, the Blue is based on the Egyptian Theme. The pharoahs, pyramids, Egyptian Gods, and Goddesses, form the base of this restaurant. Done beautifully and elegantly, the restaurant serves a delicious spread. The cuisine, however, is not Egyptian, which is a bit of a let-down because you do expect a different cuisine in a place like this.


Blue Nile Restaurant


Blue Nile Cuisine



Located in – 2C, Kali Charan Ghosh Road, Sinthee More, Sinthi, Kolkata

Theme Based On – Very simply put, the theme is based on a footpath. You enter the restaurant and feel that you have entered yet another street altogether. Paved footpath flooring, the seating arrangements resembling that of roadside stalls, you will indeed will you are dining on a footpath with just the hygiene quotient better. The quality of food served ranges from medium to good. The Chelo kabab is a bit disappointing, but the Keema Bombs and Chicken Rajnikanth are good.


FoodPath Restaurant


FoodPath Cuisine


Fusion Fantasea

Located In – 14B, Anil Roy Road, Southern Avenue, Kolkata

Theme Based On – The decor of this Restaurant is really eye-catching. It is a mixture of tribal culture of different parts of the world and also inspired from the ‘Pirates of Caribbean’ movie franchise. It gets an A+ from us for doing up the decor perfectly. The food serves Goan, Kerela, Mughlai and Seafood cuisines. Food quality is good, affordable with a bar available.


Fusion Fantasea Restaurant


Fusion Fantasea Cuisine


Tram Deppo

Located In – 45, 2nd Floor, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Near Quest Mall, Ballygunge, Kolkata

Theme Based on – Hola! and welcome to the Kolkata Tram Network 😛 Yeah, this place is designed following the old means of transport in Kolkata – Trams. They are still active, they are heritage and they have Depos- A place where trams garage themselves. The only downside is that you need to become a Zomato Gold member to visit this place. Otherwise, this place has everything. Live Sports Screening, Bar, Nightlife – the works.


Tram Deepo Restaurant


Tram Deepo Cuisine



Located in – 3rd Floor, Avani Riverside Mall, 32, Jagat Banerjee Ghat Road, Shibpur, Howrah (second branch temporarily closed)

Theme Based On- Have you ever felt what it would be to sit overlooking a jungle and have your food spread out? That’s exactly how you will feel while dining at machaan, minus the, er, dangerous side. As you step into the restaurant, you will get yourself lost in a world of trees and insects chirping. Food served is fairly good. Bonus points for quality food over many years.


Machaan Restaurant


Machaan Cuisine



Have you visited all of them? Or are they added in your Bucket list now?

Do let us know in the comments below 🙂

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Disclaimer: All images are taken sourced from Google and we have no copyright over them whatsoever.

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