The Untold Story of Popular YouTuber- Odvut 10

This man needs no introduction really. The person who has changed the face of YouTube in West Bengal. The man who has taken YouTube by a storm. The man who is the inspiration behind many young and budding YouTubers, especially in West Bengal with their colloquial language. Meet the man behind the popular YouTube Channel Odvut 10 – Akash Barman. Over a course of only 1 … Continue reading The Untold Story of Popular YouTuber- Odvut 10

Aerial View of Kolkata

Soumadip Das This picture has been clicked at Maniktala Crossing, Kolkata from the terrace of a five storey building. This building is situated just opposite to the clock tower. This picture was taken when the tram stopped midway due to some technical faults and the vehicles were passing adjacent to the tram and their movements ended up in a serpentine pattern. This is a long … Continue reading Aerial View of Kolkata