The Untold Story of Popular YouTuber- Odvut 10

This man needs no introduction really. The person who has changed the face of YouTube in West Bengal. The man who has taken YouTube by a storm. The man who is the inspiration behind many young and budding YouTubers, especially in West Bengal with their colloquial language. Meet the man behind the popular YouTube Channel Odvut 10 – Akash Barman. Over a course of only 1 year, he has massed a huge audience, subscribers and a huge fan following. His content is totally fresh and unique in its own way. Questioning popular beliefs, finding out the truth behind many unknown and hidden theories and concepts, Odvut 10 will keep you hooked to his channel. He has a whopping 800 K + subscribers and over a million views. But who is the man actually behind it all? let us get to know Akash Barman up close in a WeekendTrivia exclusive!

Akash Barman aka Odvut 10

Name– Akash Barman
Place– Chakdaha, Nadia, West Bengal
Education– graduate & M.Sc. Media Science
Profession– YouTuber

Q. When did you start on YouTube? What inspired you to start and what is your prime content?

A. I started YouTube on 21 June in 2017.

“YouTube!” Once it was my favourite pass time and I felt the lack of Bengali content on YouTube. The maximum number of Bengali YouTubers make their videos in other languages and this is the thing which inspired and pushed me to start in Bengali.

Q. Which genre of audience do you mostly target? Which are your most popular/most liked/most viewed videos?

A. My content is for all type of audience, but especially students because My channel is an Educational channel (like Unknown Facts, Science Fiction, Mysteries Revealed, Top 10/5 countdown and History as well).

My most viewed and most liked video is – “What will happen 20000 years from now!! (Science Fiction).”  This video got 3.8M views 59k likes!!

Here is the link to the video – What will happen 20000 years from now!!

Views: 3,812,537

Most Popular/Most Viewed Video of Odvut 10
Most Popular/Most Viewed Video of Odvut 10

Q. Also, is being on YouTube your primary profession or do you do this just as a hobby? If you have another job, how do you manage time between job n YouTube?

A. This is my primary profession and hobby as well.

The number of family members of ODVUT 10 is more than 800 K so I want to digitize some of my writings on my new channel and this is my second job right now.

I love to give my time to make videos so time is not really a big deal for this, but sometimes it becomes a little difficult to manage time between creating videos and managing other kinds of stuff.

800 K Subscribers Thank You!
800 K Subscribers Thank You!

Q. Any message for your viewers/audience? Any advice for the emerging YouTubers?

A. There is no rocket science involved in my small success. It was just a bit of hard work and my ability to explore the unknown. This amazing journey might have not reached to this level without all my subscribers. They are not just the subscribers, they are an integral part of this amazing community. By saying thanks I don’t want to decrease their value. They are the members of the family of ODVUT 10 like me so I love them lot ♥

A small message for all YouTuber – Don’t take YouTube as a professional duty. It’s a lot more than it. Anyone’s love for his or her passion can determine his or her fate.

VideoThe Sad Story of Laika

Views: 1,943,227

The Sad Story Of Laika by Odvut 10
The Sad Story Of Laika by Odvut 10

Q. You have thousands of followers but who do you follow personally? Who is your favourite YouTuber?

A. PewDiePie. PewDiePie tries and does his level best to be an honest YouTube artist as I hate show-off from deep inside.

The above-answered Q and A were the main questions we had asked, but apart from that, we got to learn a lot more about why he came to YouTube and with what vision in mind. Also, he talked about his future plans and that he is going to launch a second YouTube channel very soon. Here is the excerpt of what he told us.
” The reason for creating such content was the audience because when I said earlier that there was no such thing as Bangla Content, I decided that my content should not common. It should be such everyone gets hooked to it. So I started with mystery, romance and science fiction. With time, I would like to create a new type of content. Every time, each video does not get the same response all the time, but I continue to make new and exciting videos all the time keeping in mind about the wider audience. I also made some videos where I proved that a particular viral video or a popular belief is actually wrong. I provided enough evidence to support my words and those videos got a lesser response. I could have said those videos are right and garnered better views and audience, but that is not what I aim for. I want to be honest with my subscribers and will thus only post the truth about all such videos and always keep the content authentic. Because at the end of the day I do not want to cheat my subscribers who are like my family and instead give them knowledge of true facts.”
Akash Barman
” I started YoTube as a hobby because the information I had to collect for the video was a part of my education and thus the collection of information was not so much a hassle for me. But with the increase views or friends of Odvut 10 subscriber family encouraged me to wake up at night, and give all my energy to create videos for ODVUT 10. The day I made a Q & A video on the occasion of 200K Subscribers, I got the maximum number of views till then and a lot of people commented on the video. I got a lot of followers that day and a lot of praises as well. Despite the fact that people have seen my videos, the  Q n A video changed the way I was thinking about or approaching my videos because that video got the most likes and comments at that time. There were thousands of comments and praises of my name and in one day 4000 followers on Facebook. This really surprised me but that day I learned that Face Value also said something. As a matter of fact, it’s very important for you to work on YouTube for a long time, so I have decided to open a second channel where I will come in front of the camera. For that channel, I have written many stories and Comic plays. I have not learned acting, nor do I know how to but I know that I will learn that in the course of time. Because if I have learned something from my experience, it is that YouTube makes a YouTuber and not the other way round.”
Views – 268,283
First Q n A session of Odvut 10
First Q n A session of Odvut 10
Well with this we come to the end of a wonderful conversation with a wonderful person. Team WeekendTrivia thanks you a lot for taking out time and sharing your experience with us. We are absolute fans and are looking forward to your second channel as well.
We wish you all the best for all your future endeavours and wish to see more amazing content from you in future! 🙂

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