Surokahon – A Beautiful Musical Journey

When you get a chance to meet some very talented musicians, you really feel thankful. Such is the case with us meeting Team Surokahon. Surokahon, which translates to the story of music, is a beautiful musical endeavour by a young group of energetic and musically joined people, who sought after to create magic with the 12 notes . Several Young and talented musicians who come from different fields have joined together to make their vision of creating soulful music have come together. They showcase their work to the world in their recently formed YouTube Channel – Surokahon: The Wave of Magic.

On Friday, i.e. July 27th, 2018, Surokahon have launched their first Fusion album called as Udaan. Team WeekendTrivia, caught up with the fun and cheerful team of Surokahon and got to know about them and this fusion more in dept. So read ahead to know more about them and their wonderful journey. A few excerpts of the conversation in WeekenTrivia Exclusives.

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Udaan by Surokahon

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Surokahon: The Wave of Magic


The vision of Surokahon as a musical platform started in December 2016. It took one year for Surokahon to become a fully functional professional platform with a team of very efficient and talented workforce. The process of building and growing the platform has been done through multiple collaborations, self-production and by becoming exclusive online partners for innovative projects like Music Mind.


The administrative section of Surokahon is looked after by Amrita Bhattacharjee, Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay, and Roopdatta Chaudhuri, led by Pratyay Raha. The team becomes complete with Sourav Chakraborty as the music designer, Susanta Adhikary as the cinematographer and Arko Goswami as the graphic designer, three skilled men in their respective fields of art.

Surokahon is happy to announce that many young and promising musicians of this time, who happen to come from different walks of life, have come together to perform as a team. Anusikha, Shrayon, Indradattaa, Subhojyoti, Rohan, Shreemoyi, Ishani, Sangbartika, Sabyasachi, Sritama, have joined hands with the admin team to put their heart and soul into this composition. We are delighted to have Odissi dancer Sulagna Ray Bhattacharjee and her team collaborating with us, adding grace and finesse to this unique presentation.

Team Members - Surokahon
Team Members – Surokahon


Our Facebook page has close to 5000 followers. Our YouTube channel has around 800 subscribers and a growing viewership of 1 lakh till date. We have published 35 videos on our YouTube channel so far and received a positive response from various sections of the society. Starting from producing covers of popular melodies to designing original compositions, we have traveled through a beautiful musical journey and hope to continue doing so in future. We have also worked on the music of IPTA along with the traditional folk music of the country. Apart from our own productions, we have provided a platform for young musicians of this time who have found a network to connect with the audience at large


Surokahon is the brainchild of Pratyay Raha. Observing various small spheres of musical interactions, he wanted to build a platform where various talented musicians could come together and find a way to reach out to the audience on a larger scale, the bigger picture being the need to create an atmosphere of harmony through the music. One more critical area that he wants to bring into the focus is the sustenance of original music. While all big music groups have forsaken independent musicians and independent creations, Surokahon will promote and provide the platform for all budding independent musicians of the time.


The two melodies chosen for this fusion come from two different composers who belong to two different time periods. Yet, the Bengali classic from the sixties and the very popular Bollywood number of recent times have a beautiful and smooth connection. The emotions and temperament remain the same, though their times of creation vary so much. It proves that music is timeless. It just moves from one-time frame to another, one creative mind to another, leaving a deep imprint on the soul forever.


Surokahon has a lot of innovative work coming up. This same group who presented the fusion will come up with an original protest song written and composed by Pratyay very soon. In addition to that, there are quite a few original songs coming up which will have a different soundscape, not run-of-the-mill productions. Surokahon continues to enjoy the privilege of being the exclusive online partner for an innovative project like Music Mind.

It was a privilege for WeekendTrivia to be able to interact with you all and be a part of your musical journey. We shall wait for more such beautiful ventures by you all. You have us hooked.

Meanwhile, WeekendTrivia wishes team Surokahon all the very best for all your endeavours.

Happy Sunday Folks! 🙂

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