The Mountains are Calling and You Have To Go! (Part II)

Continuing with our series of Mountain Photography, we bring for you yet another collection of beautiful shots which actually freeze time and makes you long for those deep valleys covered in snow and mist. These pictures make us remember the phase – “Wide eyed wonders daydreaming about starry nights under open skies” We hope these offerings make your Sunday a pleasant one. Enjoy! Arjun Prasad … Continue reading The Mountains are Calling and You Have To Go! (Part II)

The Mountains Are Calling And You Have To Go! (Part I)

There is a saying that Mountains are the beginning and end of all natural scenery. It gives you adventure, it gives you calm, it gives your soul a purpose, it makes you a better human being, it is unpredictable and the vastness is immeasurable. in short, Mountains are the ‘Chicken soup for the soul’. India is one is one of those places which boasts of … Continue reading The Mountains Are Calling And You Have To Go! (Part I)

Agomoni – Embodiment Of The Goddess

The life of Bengalis revolves around one major thing amongst most others predominantly – Durga Puja. While for most others, the annual cycle of the year is January – December, for Bengalis around the world, the annual cycle is from October – September. As it so happens, now that we have entered the second half of August, all Bengalis can think of is Pujo, the … Continue reading Agomoni – Embodiment Of The Goddess

An Artist’s Take On Independence

What does Independence mean to you? For us, it always means Freedom of Expression. The ability to express yourself in whichever form should be constant, free-flowing and never blocked by petty stumbles. Creative Energy is something which should be always positive and help every individual to explore their inner emotions. Thus for us, the value of Independence lies in the fact that we can express … Continue reading An Artist’s Take On Independence

Artists Who Do Wonders In Media Art

Media Art is an umbrella term for different forms of modern art. It includes – digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art, illustrations, doodles and many such things. Art is no longer confined to a canvas or paper only with a lot of tools. It can be done digitally and or simply with a pen or paper. And such digital … Continue reading Artists Who Do Wonders In Media Art

Travel Photographers of India

Travel – it makes you a storyteller, a wanderer, an artist, a better person. Travel photography is a passionate thing, one cannot not have passion while capturing moments on the go. Presenting some of the finest Travel Photographers of India. They have travelled far and wide to capture a fleeting moment and turn that into a memory. But that is all the introduction that they … Continue reading Travel Photographers of India

The Hazards of Fake/Duplicate Makeup

Let’s face it. Whether you like it or not, makeup is that essential part of a women’s existence that we simply cannot get rid of. Even the woman who is indifferent to or does not bother to slab layers and layers of makeup on their face is still a bit partial to the quintessential lipstick, a bit of lip gloss or simply a kajal. Makeup … Continue reading The Hazards of Fake/Duplicate Makeup