The Hazards of Fake/Duplicate Makeup

Let’s face it. Whether you like it or not, makeup is that essential part of a women’s existence that we simply cannot get rid of. Even the woman who is indifferent to or does not bother to slab layers and layers of makeup on their face is still a bit partial to the quintessential lipstick, a bit of lip gloss or simply a kajal. Makeup has always been a part of the history of Women and perhaps their armour in distress. There have been examples of many successful women who have become iconic entrepreneurs by launching their own brand of Makeup, being celebrity artists or simply contributing to the makeup fraternity with their immense sense of style and fashion.

The last decade has seen a revolution of sorts in the lookbook game of the world, especially with the advent of YouTube and beauty bloggers/gurus teaching the common masses how to actually carve out your face, make it look better or worse. Along with that, Instagram, Snap chat, Twitter, Facebook has been the contributors to a global revolution of makeup trends and ideas.

Fake Makeup!
Fake Makeup! Source: Google

Fashion and makeup is no longer a thing which is a thing of the west and Indian women is also very much conscious of how she looks, how she dresses and so on and so forth. But love as we may, having Makeup as a hobby or passion or even if you are starting off as a beauty blogger, it is an expensive affair. Good makeup, especially the International brands are quite expensive and unless someone is sponsoring you or gifting you, getting your hands on all that you love can burn a hole in your pocket.

At the same time, a steady and quite booming business of fake/duplicate/cheap alternatives makeup of expensive brands have cropped up. Go to any flea markets of the city, and you find a colourful array of Makeup of brands like M.A.C, Huda Beauty, Urban Decay, Maybelline, L’Oreal Paris, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit Cosmetics etc. on display. The vendors are practically duping every other product that these brands come up with. Not only the international brands are targeted, but the Indian staple brands like Lakme, Faces, L.A. Girl and Colorbar are also duped impeccably. The problem lies not only with India but globally.

Street/Flea Markets Selling Counterfeit Makeup
Street/Flea Markets Selling Counterfeit Makeup. Source: Google

We understand the lure of these products. Students, girls on a shoestring or low budgets, but who still want to deck up are the crowd who are easily lured in purchasing these products. There is another category of people who purchase these products. People who want to own branded products, yet do not want to pay up such a huge sum for those. They would argue that why spend say 2000 bucks on something, which you can get at 200? Right?

WRONG!! That’s where you are wrong. Because when people satisfy their ego by buying ‘supposedly’ branded products at the cheap price and thinking that they have triumphed in some way, they are harming themselves instead. Your momentary flush of pleasure in buying a great product at an extremely cheap price is nothing but an illusion.

The Replicas are almost impossible to recognise
The Replicas are almost impossible to recognise. source: Google

First and foremost, these products are not the original products, they are FAKE. Period. Second, the ingredients used in these products are such bad chemicals that can prove to be the reason for skin cancer and other such skin related problems in the future. And it has been proven with extensive research. The results might not be the immediate but long term.

Customers Buying Fake Products
Customers Buying Fake Products. Source: Google

What is the reason that good quality or renowned makeup brands are so pricey? The raw materials used to make a particular product. The chemicals used are mostly paraben free, sulphate free substances which are exactly the opposite of the Fake alternatives. Let us delve into some details.

How does Fake Makeup Look under a microscope? Multiple kinds of research have shown that there is a marked difference in the textures of real and fake makeup. For example, the eyeshadows of a real Kylie palette have all pressed powders but when you put fake or replica makeup under a microscope you will see irregularities as well as bacteria and other deposits. Some expired makeup has a huge amount of bacteria in them. Some street fake makeup in Los Angeles, California has even found faeces in them. Read here the full article – Bacteria and Feces Found in Counterfeit makeup

Expired Makeup Under Microscope
Expired Makeup Under Microscope. Source: Google

How to Identify fake Makeup? It is extremely difficult for a novice to identify fake makeup from the original ones. There are very subtle differences that will give up the game of fake products. to help you understand better of ways to recognise fake makeup from original ones, we have linked here a video by popular YouTuber and Beauty Guru – Shreya Jain – The video is – How To Identify A Fake Makeup Product

What are the harmful Effects of Fake Makeup? Fake Makeup can have some serious harmful effects on your skin. You could have allergic rashes, chemical reactions, skin rashes, chemical burns and chapped lips. Why do this effects occur? Because fake and counterfeit makeup has been made up of some serious harmful chemicals which have products like arsenic, mercury and aluminium. some researches done in labs have verified that fake makeup has nearly four times the amount of lead as compared to the real version. Some products even exceeded the recommended FDA 10 parts level of lead. Often the cheap products are made in places which has an unsanitary condition and the hygiene point is simply ignored.

Beauty Blogger Tanya Arguelles
Beauty Blogger Tanya Arguelles having Eye infection using Fake Makeup

Watch these videos to understand more about how the whole system works –

Why Fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kits Could Be Dangerous

Fake Makeup Can Have Real Health Consequences

The bottom line is the market for fake or counterfeit makeup is booming because there is a huge demand for it. People are fooled into believing that they can actually get high-end products at such a low price. In fact, that is the best way to identify fake makeup. Wherever you are buying these products if you get them at super low prices then rest assured these are not original products. They are sold everywhere including online. And like as you may, these products contain carcinogens and can be a huge leading factor to Skin Cancer.

Thus, WeekendTrivia requests all our makeup fraternity and Makeup, non-makeup Lovers to raise awareness about this serious issue and if you know about them then educate others to stop using them. Say No to Fake Makeup!

Special thanks to blogger Megha Gupta (Instagram – @cloudy_secret) for her inputs.

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