Travel Photographers of India

Travel – it makes you a storyteller, a wanderer, an artist, a better person. Travel photography is a passionate thing, one cannot not have passion while capturing moments on the go. Presenting some of the finest Travel Photographers of India. They have travelled far and wide to capture a fleeting moment and turn that into a memory. But that is all the introduction that they need. Let us go into the article and let the pictures do the talking.

Amit Vakil


Based in Chamba, Himachal, I am doctor by profession and a photographer by passion. I simultaneously tried my hands on my dad’s film camera along with a point and shoot camera during 2008- 2010. Gradually, this hobby turned into passion and it entered my blood as a deathless frenzy in 2010 when I bought my first DSLR. Since then, I have been weaving incredible stories through my camera & lenses. Initially, I started capturing pictures in almost every genre of photography; landscape, abstract, travel, portrait and street. But gradually, I found myself extremely intrigued by travel, landscape and storytelling pictures.

India is one of the world’s oldest civilizations and I love photographing here purely for the diversity it offers with regards to its culture, religion and people. I have been photographing the Barsana & Nandgaon Holi for the last four years, and every time it offers me a different perspective and something new to explore. I was chosen winner in “Colours of Macao” Photography Contest organized by “Nat Geo Traveller India” in 2016. Following which I went to Macao for a photography assignment accompanied by the official Nat Geo photographer & writer in December 2016.

Recently I worked on a series “The life of Gujjars”. Being a storyteller, it took me almost two years to represent the photo story, which consisted of 8 pictures, the way I wanted to. One of the pictureswon the prestigious “Artistique” Photography Contest organized by “Asian Photography Magazine” under the theme Black& White, 2017-18. Recently in Jan 2018, I received 1st prize for winning the “7th National Photography Competition” from Mr. JualOram, Minister for Tribal Affairs, Govt of India, under the theme “Tribal Customs & Heritage”. Apart from this, my work has been featured in some of the top photography magazines of India.

Photography is the flame that has kept the candle of my life burning since almost a decade.

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©Amit Vakil Photography. Location: Leh, Ladakh

Abdu Noor C


I’m Abdu Noor C. Basically from Malappuram, Kerala. Currently working as Software Developer. I love to travel and love to take pictures. I’m using Nikon D3200.
This picture was taken at Munnar, Kerela.
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©Abdu Noor Photography. Location: Munnar, Kerela

Vimal Chaunkaria


Hi, I am Vimal Chaunkaria, hailing from Punjab.

I am not a traveler or a photographer , one does not have to be either or this to be good at it. I am a Freelancer Android Developer, i work from home. So yeah, no daily commuting to work, no traffic, just work and gym on loop. I realized the importance of being amidst nature helps to keep the balance of oneself physically and spiritually. Luckily Himachal Pradesh is a one day ride from where I live so I started visiting Himachal every 4-5 months. As I am good in Digital Stuff because of my profession, I started clicking some shots on my trips and uploading to Instagram as a ledger so that I can look back at the timeline and admire the good memories. And after sometime, I started getting real good response from the Instagram community from travelers and influencers. I got over 700 Features all over the Instagram of less than 100 posts. I learned that there are so many people out there in the same boat. Instagram really helped me to make some good Travelers friends all over the world.

I am planning to do an all India ride soon and I will document it in the best possible way.

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©Vimal Chaunkaria Photography. Location: Shey Monastery, Ladakh

Jaseel Muhammed

Own Pic.jpg

After joining IIT (BHU) Varanasi in 2013, I took interest in smart-phone photography. My clicks consistently won the college and national level contests that year. I decided to get a DSLR the following year. Joining Instagram and focusing on regular uploads helped me to grow as an artist over the next two years.

I was blessed with fully funded foreign internship opportunities to the US in 2016 and 2017, and Switzerland in 2018. I took off every Friday evening to a destination, and I came back every Monday morning. Not a single weekend went in vain. This commitment helped me cover 25+ countries in Asia, North America, and Europe by the age of 22, without spending anything from my end.

My first professional break came when I was approached by Zostel India to shoot promotional and aspirational photos and videos for three of their properties. Since then, I have worked with big brands like Emirates, Dunhill Cigarettes, Burj Khalifa, etc. from across the globe. After graduation, I currently have a full-time job in Bangalore, and I will be actively seeking commercial or collaborative projects from this area.

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©Jaseel Muhammad Photography. Location: Paris

Sanjoy Sengupta


A chemical Engineer by profession and a traveller by passion, Sanjoy is based in Muscat, Oman. He is a member of many photographic clubs around the world like, Photographic society of America, Royal photographic society, London, Global photographic Union, Italy, Image Sans Frontier, France, Photographic society of India, Federation of Indian photography to name a few. He holds quite a few photographic distinction like MPSA, AFIAP, LRPS, MIUP, MFMPA, and GMUPHK and currently has 4000 international acceptances and 150+ awards along with a few publications in photographic journal.

This is his story – As he calls it “A Story Of a Traveller

People don’t do this where I come from. They don’t go backpacking around South East Asia and they don’t go chasing lost civilisations across the atlas. Such experiences change you in your very core, teach you things about yourself, your abilities and desires you had no way of ever knowing before.

I have been living away from home for far too long and the novelty, maybe, of luxurious resorts and touristy locales have lost their charm to me. Now what excites me is a strong desire to know the unknowns.

The memories I captured are not only a snapshot in its best light, but it also captures memories of the grains that come off the temple walls on my fingertips as I trace the etchings, the Buddha face, the teeth of the Guardian Lion, how hot the sun felt as I climbed the steep and uneven rocks to capture a sunset. A photograph is all of that and more.

Traveling illustrates the inherent kindness in the world. Yes there are dangers out there, but the friends I met in past many years have welcomed me into their homes, and generously offered their time to share a piece of their culture with me.

Travelling is wonderfully addictive, in a very fulfilling, worthwhile sort of way of discovering oneself. I wish I could say I did everything I ever wanted to do, but that would be untrue. I only got to fulfil a small fraction of the dreams I held. In an ironic way, it seems that as I go about ticking things off my ‘bucket’ list, I add up more and more at its end.

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novice in Stupa 1
©Sanjoy Sengupta Photography. Location: Novice in Stupa – Bagan, Myanmar

Steffy Munjal


Hi, My name is Steffy Munjal! I have a Bachelors degree in Sociology(hons) and 3 years of theatre experience from Hindu College, Delhi University. Presently, I am working as an Assistant Manager in training department at a renowned e-commerce company.
Even though I am not a professional photographer but have been taking pictures ever since childhood and have developed a deep love for travelling over time. I have my parents to thank for this.
I owe it to them for taking me to the mountains in the first place which eventually became a second home to me. Now i travel across the country and relive the feeling of peace and content which cannot be found anywhere in the busy yet lifeless life of the metropolitans.
That is also how I discovered a major part of me that I never knew existed. I learned to turn thoughts into words in the valleys and I will always be grateful for this gift!

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©Steffy Munjal Photography. Location: Spiti

Sanket Joshi


My name is Sanket Joshi. Currently pursuing Computer Engineering I’m an 21 year old self taught street,travel photographer. I got attracted towards photography at the age of 13 when my dad bought a digicam and since then I’m in love with photography. 4 years ago I started my Instagram account , a platform which introduced me to a new world of photography..Capturing candid moments is what I love because those raw emotions are precious. I have been featured in Inspiro India Magazine twice, featured on cntravellerindia, photographers.of.india and other big instagram photography accounts. and because of this I have reached audience of nearly 10k on my instagram.

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Mumbai (2)
©Sanket Joshi Photography. Location: Marine Drive, Mumbai

Naveen AR


Hi, I am Naveen. I love travelling and more so because I love photography. The world gets better behind the lens. Hope you enjoy my work.

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©Naveen AR photography. Location: Leh, Ladakh

Malkeet Singh


Hello, I’m Malkeet SIngh, and I’m an involuntary nomad. I am currently working as a Technical Consultant with Adobe India and am based in New Delhi and have been away from “home” for ~8 years now. I hail from Assam, the land of hills and valleys, where flows the mighty Brahmaputra. I was always happy to visit places, with friends and families, but what made me traveler was my loneliness. I started moving around, started with a few kilometers and now to a few thousands, exploring the beauty of nature and discovering a new meaning to life.

I learnt that we have an extremely thick layer of socio-cultural conditioning over us. And we don’t realize that until we get out of it. Traveling to different places and seeing different cultures lets you cross through all these societies, embrace the spectrum of people living there. It is pretty difficult to manage work and travel together, but I always try to make time to go out in hills at least once a month. It is a remedy for my soul.

And there’s so much more to learn, about the things so far and others – How to be happy as a lonely traveler, and learn about the things that you enjoy, that aren’t determined by a social circle. How to keep in touch with people. How to relate to different cultural values. How to look past race, nationality, language, gender, when meeting new people.

My motivation is to live closer to nature, make more social connections, save more money than I’d be able to currently, and learn to live more autonomously.

I take all pictures in my smart phone. I have been featured in @travoodion @travelindia @weuttrakhand @thebesttravelpage @exploreindiaofficial @himalayanpictures

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©Malkeet Singh Photography. Location: Chopta

James Suraj Barwa


My Name Is James Suraj Barwa. I’m 23 years old. I was born and raised in Barrackpore, West Bengal. and I am a Travel Landscape self taught Photographer. It’s been 4 Years that I have started photography. From the start, I liked to capture nature and its beauty, because my whole childhood has been spent outdoors and around nature, so I had started taking landscapes, nature, capturing every sunrises, sunsets. It’s been 1.5 years that I have started travelling. I know I haven’t travelled much, but I’m am trying my best and to capture those moments, those places people have never seen before the same way. I also like making videos for my YouTube channel. The channel is about nature, travel and exploring cinematic videos. To my viewers, I want to encourage them to go outdoor connect with nature, travel the unknown and most important thing feel that moment.

©James Suraj Barwa Photography. Location: Sikkim

©James Suraj Barwa Photography. Location: Sikkim

Souvik Banerjee

_MG_2063 Small

Engineer by profession, photography is my passion and a serious hobby. I love to capture images of places and people around. I am basically an outdoor person and travel a lot due to my office & family needs. This is where I find my ingredient for photography that revolves around travel, people, landscapes, monuments and culture.

Basically self taught, I had done a course in Photography from School of Fototechnik, New Delhi. I started my photography with manual Pentax K-1000 SLR camera gifted by my father. During my course of photography I had learnt the dark room techniques and exposure control using manual SLR with negative and slide films.

Subsequently, I moved to Abu Dhabi for my career as an Engineer in Oil & Gas. It was then that I took up digital SLR camera, a Canon 350D and started shooting using the new technology. Subsequently, I purchased Canon 7D and now I am using Canon 5D Mark III. Shooting life around me, processing my images and sharing them over the net provides me with an immense opportunity of learning and satisfaction.

I have been a regular contributor of photo articles in Travel Magazines along with photographs of places travelled for some time. During the days with my manual SLR camera I have taken part in Salons and won many acceptances, certificates and awards.

Since February, 2017 I have started posting my images on my Instagram account and this is now my primary platform of posts online with my recent works.

Photographs Exhibited and major milestones

Regular selection as Editor’s Favourite in National Geographic, Yourshot profile. Published in Daily Dozen in May, 2018

Featured regularly on reputed Instagram handles e.g. Creative Image Magazine, Yourshot India, IG Calcutta, Amar Kolkata, Insta Abu Dhabi, The Uncommon Box etc.

Won the prize of most influential instagrammer in the Contest Stories of Durga Puja 17 organized by Stories of Kolkata on Instagram in October 2017

Declared as Best Instagrammer of the month by IG Calcutta in July 2017

Winner of Soul of Kolkata Competition under category “Greenery of Kolkata” in 2016

Photograph Adda at Camarena in January, 2016

Dubai Photoworld, Dubai, April 2007

Special Participation in Emirates Photographic Exhibition, Abu Dhabi Cultural Centre, Abu Dhabi, March 2007

Exhibition “Safar” on Travel Photographs of Delhi held at AIFACS gallery, Delhi, September 2006.

Exhibition “Darpan” held at Lalit Kala Gallery, Delhi, May 2004

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©Souvik Banerjee Photography. Location: Fishing on a foggy morning, Abu Dhabi Breakwater

We are simply spellbound by the amazing shots and the splendid stories of the people behind the lens. We are humbled to be able to share your stories and would love to see more from you.

Happy Sunday Folks!

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