An Artist’s Take On Independence

What does Independence mean to you? For us, it always means Freedom of Expression. The ability to express yourself in whichever form should be constant, free-flowing and never blocked by petty stumbles. Creative Energy is something which should be always positive and help every individual to explore their inner emotions. Thus for us, the value of Independence lies in the fact that we can express our thoughts, feelings and varied emotions. It can be in the form of art, any art that you are passionate about. It could be the way you visualize the world.

Aniket Ghorai


Hi !! My name is Aniket Ghorai. I live in Midnapore.

I am a student of English honours and with a focus on being a photographer. I generally like street photography. For me, photography is an art form, where I can really express my thoughts, feelings. Photography means you try to capture one perfect moment or one perfect situation to tell the story in exactly one frame.

I started photography 2 years ago and besides the street photography, I also like some conceptual photographs, which have a dark, deep meaning.

About the picture

India is a land of great variety and its unique and ancient civilisation has been a great unifying factor. The vast number of diverse faiths, cults, beliefs, sects, religions, languages, manners, and lifestyles, etc.

India is a multi-religion country, and there is a concept called RELIGIOUS HARMONY. Religious harmony in India is a concept that indicates that there is love, affection between different religions in India. The Indian constitution supports and encourages religious harmony. In India, every citizen has a right to choose and practice any religion.

In my picture, I have shown an amalgamation of religious harmony and religious unity.

Unity in diversity runs through the entire fabric of the Indian society; its extraordinary heterogeneity strikes one and all with awe and wonder. Not­withstanding all these apparent and endless diversities, India has always been one integrated whole as a nation, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari ( that’s why hands are bound with national flag).

The picture was taken with Nikon d7200.

Follow My Work on Instagram – @aniket_pretium

Unity in Diversity ©Aniket Ghorai

Dharmesh Padhiyar


Hi, I am Dharmesh Padhiyar and I am passionate about macro photography.

On Independence day, I tried to click something new and creative. Thus I try to Reflect my creativity in these pictures. The image is created in Water droplets on different objects. While putting the flag on the droplets, I captured the reflection of the flag in the droplets. The droplets are on a grass leaf. The image has been captured using the Redmi Note 4 mobile using a macro lens.

Follow my work on Instagram – @dharmesh_padhiyar_photography

Indian Flag in Droplets ©Dharmesh Padhiyar

Tulsi Shankar Kumbhar

I clicked this shot from Sambalpur, Odisha. The two kids were selling the National Flag with the utmost happiness and enthusiasm in spite of belonging from a poor family was something etched in my mind. I love to click the streets because street Photography gives me happiness and I want to explore the whole world. When I was showed these children their photo they felt very proud and happy.

Follow my work on Instagram – @sadak_wala

Children With Flag ©Tulsi Shankar Kumbhar

Sayantani Basu


Hey, this is Sayantani Basu from Khardah, Kolkata. A Librarian by profession and a photographer by passion. For this Independence Day, the message I want to convey is “Love the Little Things of the world, the world will love you back enormously. Let’s be creative, let our thoughts be independent.:

Follow my work on Instagram – @the_pictures_i_took

Love Thy World, World Will Love You Back ©Sayantani Basu

Parth Patel

Hello, I am Parth Patel. I am from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. I love to take photos to capture the moment and memories. I use my smartphone to capture them. It’s part of my life.

Just two words for this picture – Vande Mataram

Follow my work on Instagram – @parthpatelalex

Vande Mataram – ©Parth Patel

Swarna Paul


Hi, I am Swarna Paul. I am from Assam, Dibrugarh. I have started professional photography in January 2017. I am in my graduation in Arts and currently in 5th semester.

On Independence Day, I wanted to capture the innocence which we should hold always.

Place – Moranhat Village

Follow my work on Instagram – @swarnapaul_photography

Free Spirit  ©Swarna Paul

Anurag Gupta

Anurag profile pic.jpg

As a photographer, I always like to interpret and showcase the Indian Flag in an innovative manner.

About the Picture

Flag in the Eye: Using Macro lens taken the reflection of Indian Flag in the eye of my son!

Follow my work on Instagram – @anurag.gupta1

flag in eye_
Reflection ©Anurag Gupta

Naman Koul


Hi, I am Naman Koul. I am from Mumbai, India

About the shot – A lot of people asked me that how I got this shot! I was trying to get something else and I realized I was getting a tricolour in the frame. My vision was important too but I believe I was lucky enough as I got these subjects in a line

Follow my work on Instagram – @__parallax

Sudden Shot ©Naman Koul

Thus, on the occasion of the 72nd Indian Independence Day on 15th August 2018, WeekendTrivia brings for you the visualisation as expressed by a few artists who have shared their own take on Independence.

When we go through these images, a flurry of thoughts crosses our minds. to live a dream, to make it shape into reality, to work diligently, and to dream some more when feeling ennui is what we hope this Independence will bring for us. We are really amazed at the deep thoughts of these artists. Thank you, everyone, for sharing your work with us.

Do let us know in the comments of What Independence means to you?

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