The Mountains Are Calling And You Have To Go! (Part I)

There is a saying that Mountains are the beginning and end of all natural scenery. It gives you adventure, it gives you calm, it gives your soul a purpose, it makes you a better human being, it is unpredictable and the vastness is immeasurable. in short, Mountains are the ‘Chicken soup for the soul’. India is one is one of those places which boasts of every kind of terrain. Here you will get plush forests, high mountains, desert, snow, beaches, plateau and everything else you can think of. Its diversity is what makes India a great travel destination to explore as well as a great source of inspiration for Photographers, wanderers, explorers and travellers alike.

We here at WeekendTrivia celebrate and embrace nature. We are keenly attached to it. And when it comes to mountains, we are simply in love. So here we present some of the finest Mountain Photographers of the country. There is not much to say but we will simply let the enthralling landscapes do the talking.

Since we so so much loved these shots, we have divided the Mountain Photography section into two parts – I and II. The first part is uploaded today and the continuation will be posted on Sunday. Hope you enjoy these as much as we did.

Ashish Rawat

unnamed (1)

About Me-

I am Ashish Rawat. I belong to Pauri Garhwal, a small hill state in Uttarakhand. Born and brought up in Garhwal, I have spent most of my teenage years around the Himalayas and currently a banker by profession. After completing my Grads, I joined the bank and started working there. My interest lies in photography, music, reading and lastly travel, travel and yes travel. I prefer to go to mountainous places, mainly to Himalayan valleys where I can feel myself talking to mountains and where I can spend the night under the stars. I like to travel a lot and my moto is #loveanddiefortravel. The more I travelled, the more I felt peace within myself and got addicted to visiting new places and learning about new cultures and traditions. Also, I am an avid reader, likes to read about places, their existence, culture and their traditions. I like to stay in home-stays and between local peoples as it gives a feeling of own being. But the plains and the beaches are equally dear to me. Already travelled 20 states so far, covered and touched Northern, Southern and Western Tip of India, yet to completely explore more of the Eastern side.

What I want to achieve-

I love mountains and call myself a mountain child. I consider mountains as my sojourn. I have a dream to climb Mount Everest one day and I am sure I will be able to fulfil my dream.  When I see Mountains, I used to get or feel a spark within me, like I have to conquer them, I have to grab them. I travel not just to tick off the bucket list, I travel for my happiness and if there is a thing called “Soul”, then I am on a mission of searching my soul. I consider them as my encouragement, motivation and strength and my emotions are filled with their tranquillity. Happiness comes through the things which we like the most and I like travelling very much.

To travel is to life. I consider it as travelling not only teaches us the value of life but also make us learners and observers about ourselves. It gives us a sense of introspection and enables us to compels about everything that is right and wrong in this world.

About the Pictures

These pictures have been taken in Thukla, Nepal when I was on my way to Lobuche (5000mts) en route towards Everest Base Camp. Actually, this is the place where people of different countries along with Sherpa’s have made rock pillars in the memory of those people who have lost their lives while scaling to Mount Everest or in the nearby Area because of avalanches storms and earth-quack ( 2015).

When I started my journey or trek from Lukla, I was able to see the mountains from the very starting point. The whole route is equipped with serenity and mountain peaks. The only thing in my mind was to reach to EBC as it was getting a gruelling task day by day as we climbing upwards. On the 6th day of my trekking (after crossing Phakding, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dingboche) I witnessed this view of Sagarmatha valley. All tiredness went off when I saw this range of mountains. I find this view is so mesmerizing that I sat there and spent nearly four hours at this spot only. I was just wondering about the mountains and their existence.

Find my work on Instagram – @himalayan_son

Facebook –


©Ashish Rawat


unnamed (1).jpg
©Ashish Rawat

Manvir Singh


About Me

I am a landscape photographer from Ludhiana(Punjab). By profession, I am a software engineer and hold a bachelors degree in computer science. I am into landscape photography for the last three years. I am representing the Haida filters brand as its mentor in India. I have covered many places in India like Varanasi, Himachal, Ladakh, etc. My work has been published in smart Photography magazine, National Geographic, Canada PhotoNews,,, discovery earth, etc. Having been a professional photographer and documented the positive side of the holy city Banaras and other major attractions of North India, I was also impressed with the Banff National Park ever since I heard about it in 2010. Luckily, I was in Canada for the last one year and got an opportunity to explore that heaven of mountains I dreamt for years.

I see my pictures as a reflection of my notions and perspectives with the rest of the world.  Photography enables my conversation and alignment with nature more. I like observing nature in its various moods, I capture it to emphasize the versatility and dynamism. I also try to convey the hidden values which closely connect human spirit hence raising my sense of gratitude towards nature.

About the Pictures

Picture 1 – Triund is a beautiful place just a few kilometres above Mcleodganj. After having many difficulties during my trek, all I wanted to see the beauty of this place in the sunlight. Simply, the very next day when I saw the sunny weather and I felt like if I were in the land of fairy tales. So I captured a combination of Sunrays, those beautiful mountains and this little pond with the camps for the visitors.

Picture 2 – This picture is personally my favourite one from all the photos I gathered from my mountain journeys. I clicked it during the very early days of my photography passion. I was in Mcleodganj and was having lunch when I saw these 4 monks. The light was so perfect at that time, I immediately left all my food picked up my camera and ran after them to get a click. My friends were surprised to see me leaving the food in between. And luckily I got the whole mood and that beautiful scene captured in my camera.

Find My Work On Instagram – @manvirsphotography

Facebook –

©Manvir Singh
©Manvir Singh

Chris Gomes

MY DP.jpg

About Chris

Ever since a kid, a vision problem made it difficult for Chris to focus through the lens, but an eye surgery later, he launched back at his passion with such enthusiasm that there was no looking back. This addiction to photography intensified with age and now the shutterbug in him makes even mundane of everyday situations look intriguing to the curious eyes. Hailing from a beautiful town in Bengal by the Ganges, he engages people to look beyond the ordinary and find joy in the simplicity we called- life.

Find his work more on Instagram – @chrisgomesphotography

©Chris Gomes
2 (2).jpg
©Chris Gomes

Sahas Sathyanarayana


About Me:

Hi, I am Sahas Sathyanarayana. Wireless Communication Engineer by profession and Artist by passion. Art is the one which keeps me pumped up every day. Basically from Mysore, the Heritage Capital of India, I have tried my hands at painting, sculpting and photography. Being a travel freak and more than that being selfless, I want everyone to experience the magnificent sightings of this earth, so I try my best to capture them through my Lens. I bought my DSLR from my first pay, and from then on I am in continuous search for beauty in nature, city, people, travel, monuments, culture and other unusual things etc. I have tried my hands in almost all genre of photography, but the satisfaction and appreciation I get for my landscape and nature photos are very exciting. I have been a constant contributor to Shutterstock. My photos have been shared and endorsed by top photography groups on Instagram.

About the Pictures

Picture 1 – Evening at Hunder: Hunder is heaven on earth. Surrounded by snowcapped mountains, green and rocky mountains in all 3 directions and a river as well, lies this small desert with sand-dunes, habituated by Bactrian camels. The sight is not to be missed, especially on a full moon day.

Picture 2 – Pristine Sights of Leh: Layers of mountains, higher than the previous, breaching the clouds, with pristine blue spread everywhere, eyes stop winking.

Follow My Work On Instagram – @sahas.perspective

Facebook –

©Sahas Sathyanarayana
©Sahas Sathyanarayana

Albert D’souza


About Me:

I’m Albert, from Indore Madhya Pradesh, working in Bangalore in the IT Sector.

Photography is my passion and mountains are like the “breath of fresh air” while drowning in the concrete jungle of this city. I’m a landscape photographer who likes to capture the beauty of nature in my pictures.

Follow my work on Instagram – @albert_d.souza

©Albert D’Souza
©Albert D’souza

We are absolutely floored by these shots. It is a privilege for us to know all of you and your journey. This makes us long for visiting those terrains. Because it is rightly said that when the Mountains call you, You have to go.!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the continuation of Mountain Photography.

Please Note – The copyright of the cover picture is by Chris Gomes



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