The Mountains are Calling and You Have To Go! (Part II)

Continuing with our series of Mountain Photography, we bring for you yet another collection of beautiful shots which actually freeze time and makes you long for those deep valleys covered in snow and mist. These pictures make us remember the phase – “Wide eyed wonders daydreaming about starry nights under open skies”

We hope these offerings make your Sunday a pleasant one.


Arjun Prasad

Arjun Prasad

About Me

A vagabond, a visual artist, a truth seeker and a storyteller.

I seek all the answers to the divine law of people and nature. How serene certain places are, just the way they are. How beautiful everyone look and how their eyes have a story to tell. Places they have been and things they have done and I observe it all through my eyes, trying to capture the true essence of it all.

About the Pictures

Picture 1- Kashmir Valley

Picture 2 –  “I just want to be by your side”, is what Nandi said after his intense penance to Lord Shiva. Lord shiva smiled and the rest was mythical. This is a night shot at Har ki dun peak – Uttarakhand

Follow me On Instagram – @arjunprasadphotography

Website –

©Arjun Prasad
_ I just want to be by your side_, is what Nandi said after his intense penance to Lord Shiva. Lord shiva smiled and the rest was mythical. This is a night shot at Har ki dun peak - uttarakhand.jpg
©Arjun Prasad

Jagjit Singh


About him

A professional photographer and passionate teacher. From a young age studies overshadowed Jagjit’s love for painting and then work took up most of his time. Within no time he catapulted his passion for the art by turning into a photograph. His love for color remained, but the medium changed. Photography for him is the work of love, so he gave it all up, head over heels with it. His prime focus is landscape, Astro-landscapes, cultural events, travel and classic portraits. His love affair finds peace by experimenting with the latest techniques. His work has been showcased in many of the European art galleries and also contributes to Getty images. He represents Sony Alpha and NiSi filters as Brand Ambassador/Mentor in India.  Another feather is added after he received the international AFIAP distinction award. Jagjit truly enchants with his mesmerizing work which leave others inspired.

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©Jagjit Singh
©Jagjit Singh

Harsh Bhatti


About Me

I am Harsh Bhatti from Punjab, currently working in a logistics company in Gurgaon. I am into photography from last 4 years and got my pictures published in Newspapers as well. I try to weave memories frame by frame wherever I go. I try my best for a visionary poetry through the lens. I believe in broadcasting the world beauty thro’ my lens rather then the editing tools.

About the Pictures

Picture 1 – The photo is at the Pangong Lake, Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. This was captured around 10AM in the morning when the sunlight was quite crisp over the mountains.

Picture 2 –  I feel so lucky I got this photo which I captured from the plane’s window at around 6:30 AM while flying from Delhi to Leh. The river at the foot of mountains is the center of attraction. The location is nearby Manali.

Follow my work on Instagram – @harsh_bhatti_photography

©Harsh Bhatti
©Harsh Bhatti

Sahil Firdous Wani


About Me

I’m a travel photographer from Srinagar, Kashmir. I’ve been into serious photography for about a year now.

About the Pictures

Picture 1 – Against the Dying Light

Picture 2 – Curve of Love

Follow my Work on Instagram –

©Sahil Firdous Wani
©Sahil Firdous Wani

Sanak Roy Choudhury

IMG_0226-01 l

About Him

A small town boy from India, Sanak Roy Choudhury is currently a practicing optometrist in Muscat, Oman. His journey as a photographer started as a child with his travels within India. He accompanied his father, who worked for the Indian Railways, across the length and breadth of the diversely beautiful country. The rich culture and the varied landscape of India formed the initial impressions on Sanak and motivated him to frame and capture the beauty through his lens.

Started as a hobby and perhaps as an album of memories, Sanak’s skill as a photographer slowly honed towards perfection through reflection and self-improvement. Technicalities improved but his forte remained composition and framing. He had still not taken his hobby seriously.

It was in late 2012 that he found an outlet to exhibit his talent and repertoire of photographs through social media. The immediate following and praise encouraged him to take photography seriously. Nikon D7000 with an 18-105 lens was his first gift to himself on this road of self-discovery. With his new ammunition he travelled to Agra to capture the magnificent Taj Mahal.

A self-taught photographer, he admits that he found the initial phase challenging. To capture on camera the frame he had in mind was not easy and to this end he took help from YouTube tutorials. Since then there has been no looking back as he has crossed various milestones on his path to success.

He started off by capturing images on his trips within India and now travel has become a passion for him as travel photography is his favorite genre. Though his wish list is long he has already traveled across various countries. One destination that he dreams of capturing is Iceland.  

Till date he has won innumerable national and international awards and got featured in National Geography ,Smart photography, Better Photography.

Follow his work on Instagram – @sanakroy

_DSC2769 copy
©Sanak Roy Choudhury
_DSC0796 copy.jpg
©Sanak Roy Choudhury

If these places make you want to pack your bags right now, then don’t resist, give in to your dreams once. It is truly worth it.

WeekendTrivia thanks each contributors for sharing their work with us. We wish them the ver best for their future endeavours!

Happy Weekend folks!

Please Note – The Copyright of the Cover picture pertains with Jagjit Singh

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