When you are in Kolkata and are hungry (though there hardly will arise, such a situation) and ask a localite of a quick fix to eat, they will invariably suggest you one thing – the quintessential Biryani. For Kolkatans, Biryani is Love with a capital L. We can have Biryani any time of the day, any season of the year, an occasion or party or casual brunch or anything. Yes, that is the extent to which Bengalis of Kolkata love Biryani. The succulently cooked meat infused with the goodness of Biriyani rice, its spices and flavours intact will melt your heart, and make you gobble down the entire plate.

We also have our own version of Biryani, that comes with a large potato and an egg. That is the Kolkata Biryani and that is how we love it. You will find a place that serves biryani in every nook and corner of this great city. Roadside stalls to restaurants to takeaways everywhere Biryani is a must have item. So you will have no dearth of options to choose from. But we here suggest the zones to have the best Biryanis in Kolkata. We call them Zones because each of them has multiple outlets spread around Kolkata. Sure you know about all of them most likely but we have to mention them as they are our favourites.

Please keep a note that the food is all that matters for us here. We have overlooked the other things in this case like the ambience, decor, music, service etc.

Oudh 1590

We have talked about this place in our past blog posts. Oudh 1590 brings out the true flavours of the Awadh cuisine and thus their Handi Biryani tastes of authentic Awadhi flavours. The Raan Biryani and Galuwati Kabab are a winner combo available. They originally started their outlet in Desapriya Park, but now have two more outlets in Sector I, Salt Lake and Southern Avenue. The aroma of the biryani will hit your senses as the handi(earthen pot) in which the biryani is served is unwrapped. Every grain of rice is coated with the perfect ounce of masala. The meat will melt in your mouth like butter.

Pocket Pinch is moderate to high.

Oudh 1590. Courtesy: Google


The name of Arsalan is Synonymous with the best Biryani in Kolkata. They have secured that place with continued years of good service and delicious Biryanis. Originally located in Park Circus, Arsalan now has 7 more outlets in and around Kolkata. The place is is usually very crowded due to the excess demand so its better if you order the food via Swiggy, Order by Zomato or Food Panda. They serve their Biryanis with no egg but with the potato we so love. Also, if you are eating there then do try out the Chicken Arsalan Kabab that is simply too good to miss as well as their phirni.

Pocket Pinch is moderate to high

Arsalan. Courtesy: Google


Another old restaurant chain of Kolkata whose original outlet was in New Market but now has outlets in over 10 locations around Kolkata. The dish we love the most is the  Mutton Awadhi Biryani which had a big potato, one fried egg and two medium sized mutton pieces. The taste is very delectable and it often becomes hard to complete a full plate because the amount served is pretty decent. Try the mutton or Chicken Chap along with this if you really want a wholesome food experience.

Pocket Pinch is moderate

Aminia. Courtesy: Google

Shiraz Golden Restaurant

The Shiraz Golden Restaurant has 6 locations with the most famous one being in Park Street. It is one of the Legendary places to have brilliant Biryanis. Even before Arsalan and Aminia, Shiraz was the flag bearer of delicious Biryanis in Kolkata. Shiraz biryani has been able to retain the authentic taste of the biryani. On a usual basis, it consists of a fragrant aromatic smell and has less oil in the rice to keep the taste more natural. Along with that, must try items are Chicken Rezala or a Qorma that makes the entire dining experience complete.

Pocket Pinch is moderate

Shiraz Golden Restaurant. Courtesy: Google


This place is something entirely different than the others mentioned here. They are a Delivery-Only food outlet with no physical restaurants and yet boasting of 8 outlets in all major locations of Kolkata. They have created their place in the Biryani market with their significant ‘Sinful Biryani‘. The quantity served is enough for two people and their must-have Biryani is the Rozana Gosht Biriyani which is more than enough for 2 persons. Consisting of  4 big and well-cooked mutton pieces, 2 eggs and 2 potatoes; the taste is very good. Also, try their kebabs which are equally delicious.

Pocket Pinch is moderate

Kabuliwala – Sinful Biryani. Courtesy: Google

Only Alibaba

Only Alibaba is another famous haunt for Biryani lovers as you can find outlets of this place almost everywhere around Kolkata. Most of the outlets are takeaways with very few dine-in restaurants. The quality is top notch. Food quantity is great and prices are moderately low so this is a win-win situation altogether.

Pocket Pinch is moderate.

Only Alibaba. Courtesy: Google

Tandoor House

Originally located in Lake Market area, and having two more outlets, this place is frequented by students quite a lot. Traditional Kolkata biriyani with flavourful and well-cooked meat, this place never fails to delight its audience. The prices are very low so its an added bonus.

Pocket Pinch is low

tandoor house
Tandoor House. Courtesy: Google

Royal Indian Restaurant

Located in Chitpur near Bara Bazar area, this old heritage restaurant of Kolkata has just one more location. It is one of the finest places to have Biryani. Our favourite is their Mughal Mutton Biryani and Mutton chap. They don’t provide aloo in their Biryani.  They are also one of those places who has maintained their quality since decades and people throng here from faraway places to have good quality Mughlai food and biryani.

Pocket Pinch is low

Royal Indian Restaurant. Courtesy: Google

We are sure you love them as well as much as we do. If you have not visited them yet, make sure you correct that mistake 😛

And if you are new to Calcutta, do immerse yourself in the goodness of this food!

Happy Saturday and Happy Drooling!


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