Macro Photography – A Vision For the Minuscule

Macro Photography is essentially getting lost in the world of the minuscle. There are infinite possibilities in the world of Macro Photography and for that, you need not travel to places, you need not break your bank. You just need the vision to capture the minuscule and infinite patience to bring your vision to life. For in Macro photography, details, the infinitesimal of details matter. This world is a world for the minute creatures brought larger than life. Truly remarkable and even more remarkable are the photographers who brought this vision to life. Enjoy some excellent Macro captures with these brilliant photographers.

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Jit Paul

Hi, this is Jit Paul from Kolkata. After completing my MSc from the University of Calcutta I joined one of the leading Banks in India. Although I have been passionate about photography since childhood, when my job required me to travel to various parts of India, I took Photography on a more serious note. During the last 10 years I have travelled extensively in North Western India and parts of Maharashtra and West Bengal. I am not at all a professional photographer but rather an Enthusiast. I was mostly interested in landscapes, but later realized that every day I couldn’t get new location or why wait for the golden hour to get the perfect picture. So I explored Macro photography which I could capture during any time while waiting for the perfect landscape and lighting conditions.
This is The hornet- the hornet was busy in its own world, but it seems it’s much interested to pose for the shoot.
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The Hornet by ©Jit Paul

Nalinder Mahato


Hey, this is Nalinder Mahato. I am a 26-year-old smartphone photographer from Jamshedpur. I was attracted towards photography since I started my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. My journey of macro photography started last year when I was able to capture a macro of a spider using my Lumia 730. I really loved that shot and since then I have been in love with the macro world. But it is only after I bought a macro lens for my smartphone and got serious into this field of photography. You can check my profile on Instagram and follow me if you like my work.
Fly by ©Nalinder Mahato

Shamata Banerjee


Hi. My name is Shamata Banerjee, a small town girl from Berhampore, Murshidabad. From childhood, I was a photography enthusiast. This hobby started to capture my mind fully when I saw my father travelling and capturing beautiful picturesque view of snow covered mountains. So I got my first Sony Cyber-shot as a reward after 12th. Not to mention I knew nothing about photography at that time but started learning from my father. After 3 years, we went to visit Jaldapara Sanctuary, and voila! My camera got broken due to an accident. Then after completing my bachelor’s degree, I got my first DSLR, Nikon d5100. It was completely a new world, a new beginning, and I started to capture landscapes, portraits, nature etc. but after some days, the “macro” world caught my attention. I started experimenting with reverse macro, macro filters and many more things, and then Tamron 90 mm. Till now I’m using this setup and someday I plan to travel the whole world and bring those hidden tiny beauties in front of everyone. Thanks to WeekendTrivia for giving me a chance to share my experience. This picture was a result of one of my experiments with reverse macro with 18-55 m. We see these spiders every day but believe me, they are very good posers too!!

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Spiders by © Shamata Banerjee

Ashok Patel


Hello, I am Ashok Patel, Assistant Professor by profession. Nature & Wildlife lover.
Birds count captured is #150. This picture is of the Oleander Hawk Moth Caterpillar. captured in near my town. The Look of this Caterpillar is horrible, but when capturing it, the beauty of the shot is what is important. This shot captured in my Canon 1200D with Canon 250mm.

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Oleander Hawk Moth Caterpillar by © Ashok Patel

Ripan Biswas


Hi, I am Ripan Biswas from Coochbehar , an Award winning Nature and wildlife photographer, specialised in macro photography… In this picture, I have captured close up of a jumping spider. Jumping spiders have large eyes to see and find preys from a distance. they can jump several times than their body length. This is why they are more interestingly known as known as the jumping spider.

You can find my other works on my website

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Jumping Spider by © Ripan Biswas

Oh my God, the last image of the Jumping Spider reminded us of Aragog from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!!.

What amazing captures by these super talented people. We eagerly look forward to more work by all of you. And wishing all of you the best for all your future endeavours.

Happy Weekend Folks! 🙂

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