GoPro! – The New Photography Sensation

GoPro is the new photography sensation which has gripped the entire fraternity of Photographers in a frenzy!.

What is it? GoPro cameras are the world’s most versatile action cameras. It has its own mobile apps and video editing software. The company has a Hero series in cameras as well as from drones to apps and accessories. This camera is versatile to the point that it can be literally carried in a pocket and taken for any travel trip. Adventure trip, trekking, harsh climatic conditions, you name it, the camera never fails.

Features? GoPro is geared with the best of features to make your experience meaningful, fun and enable you to live it to the fullest. It enables you to capture 4k videos on the go, amazing wide angle lens, best picture quality and to top it all the whole body is waterproof meaning that it can be used for excellent underwater photography. You can mount it on any altitude, any terrain. When capturing in Gyro mode, even when the camera is in motion, the pictures are steady. Ideal for capturing your road trips on bikes or any moving vehicle.

Well, that is enough of rant! (You can google the rest :P). Bringing for you some of the finest GoPro photographers, who are capturing the world and living a motion dream!

Vipul Jadhav

My Self.jpeg
I’m Vipul Jadhav from Mumbai, I love travelling & capturing memories.
About the Picture – Every traveller has a dream to wake up to this breathtaking view. This shot was taken during 2 days camping in October  2017.
Follow my work on Instagram – the_travelholic_
Traveller Morning.jpg
Traveller Morning ©Vipul Jadhav

Rajiv Kapoor


I am Rajiv Kapoor from Bhopal, India

I am Pursuing engineering and along with that I started doing photography as my hobby but soon it turned into my Passion. I use GoPro hero 6.
Gopro gave me all new perspective. I started looking at things in a very different way, It feels like its wide range gave me wings to fly little higher. I am looking forward to making my career in photography.
Follow my work on Instagram – bhatakta_ek_musafir
A different perspective ©Rajiv Kapoor

Prudhwee Raju

This is Prudhwee Raju an undergrad from GITAM University in Visakhapatnam. From the days when I developed a passion towards photography, I have been attracted to the valleys and hill stations. I used to take a 120km bike ride to the nearest hill station, Araku Valley. The freezing temperatures with fog, round the year and those tall trees, were always a wonderful place to hang out with friends and capture different perspectives of nature.
GoPro always provided me with a unique field of view and good dynamic range to take pictures. The night lapse mode in GoPro gave me an opportunity to capture the beauty of a rural star-studded night sky. Watching those stars with your loved ones is an experience that can only be felt rather than explained. Looking forward to continuing my passion on a foreign soil as I’m moving to Chicago by the year-end.
Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @prudhviraju_k for more amazing perspectives from GoPro.
Nature ©Prudhwee Raju

Sanjay Swamy


I am Sanjay, Bengaluru based photographer driven by a passion for photographing landscapes, making stories and exploring the unexplored is what I have worked on the most.

As a photographer, the range of equipment we carry is a lot. Being a Nikon fanboy I love carrying the handy GoPro (hero 5) during my travels. A camera which fits in your pocket, reach places where you can’t. Storm or snow, sunny or rainy doesn’t matter its ready to take a hit and still work. What I would probably call a pocket dynamite is what’s needed for a trekker.
In a span of less than 2years 4 of my photos have been featured in GoPro India official page and 9 more on their storyline.
About the picture – These are my personal favourites shot from one of my longest expedition tours I had ever been, staying in the Himalayas for 45 days and covering 7 major treks.
Follow my work on Instagram – sanjuindiresh
6 (1).jpg
Exploring the Himalayas ©Sanjay Swamy

Isat Pradhan

I am Isat Pradhan from Darjeeling.
I am currently in Bangalore, studying BDS 3rd year.
I took up photography as a hobby in 2nd year and I am still learning new things. My other hobbies are playing football and guitar.
About this picture – This picture shows a walk on a rainy day in Darjeeling. This road is called mall road. People from Darjeeling often take a peaceful walk or go jogging on this road.
Follow my work on Instagram – isat_shaun
Mall Road, Darjeeling ©Sanjay Swamy

Savan Brahmbhatt

Picture 1.jpg

Hi, My name is Savan Brahmbhatt and I am an Indian Canadian. I’ve been living in Canada for the last 15 years. I am a Mechanical Design Engineer by profession and a Travel/Adventure Content Creator by passion.

Capturing moments that matter the most and seeing those moments through the camera’s viewfinder helps me see things more clearly and allows me to focus on the positive things in life. Honestly, camera gears, travelling, adventure photography, storytelling, or film-making was never in my mind or something I never thought I would do until I saw GoPro advertisements and inspiring action videos. From that moment, I started watching more and more GoPro advertisements and cool travel videos by other creators on YouTube. This is when everything changed for me. I bought my first GoPro 4 years ago and started learning basics about GoPro, editing, Adobe software’s, what settings to use, what settings are best, and everything that I could find online to learn. Everything was different a few years ago but now when I look back, I realize time can do a lot to a person.

I have learned a lot and realized my passion for travel films, storytelling, and photography. I started with a GoPro and today I own a $4000 camera setup for travel videos. All my travels and camera gear expenses are self-sponsored, and everything paid off when I was featured as “Photographer of the day” on GoPro, GoPro India, GoPro Mexico, and GoPro Middle East.

To me, the world is a canvas on which we draw our life with the creative use of imagination. We need to discover who we are, our innate talents, our desires and then bring them to life. There really are no limits to what you can create. I am a huge believer in the law of attraction and visualization, if you can believe it, you can achieve it. The purpose behind what I do is clear, CREATE, CAPTURE, & INSPIRE.

About the Picture – This shot was captured on my birthday when my sister took me to Ripley’s Aquarium. This is me standing under a glass tunnel, a man-made underwater world full of stingrays and sharks. A view I can stare at for hours. It took me about 600+ burst shot to get the perfect shot.

Follow me on Instagram – iam_savan

Picture 2.jpg
Ripley’s Museum ©Savan Brahmbhatt

To enjoy their work more, visit their Instagram profiles. We are really amazed by their captures and by the magic which a GoPro camera can provide.

Are you a GoPro Lover as well?

Share with us your work, we would love to see them.


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