Music Without Boundaries – First Live Concert of Surokahon

So, when we meet one of our favourite Musical group for the second time, you know, some awesome, soul-rendering music is sure to find its way into your lives…

Yes you heard it right, we have again teamed up with Surokahon – The Wave of Magic group and again this time it’s for something wonderful. If you had read our previous blog on Surokahon – A beautiful musical journey, then you will know that they are a group of young talented musicians who all work together in creating beautiful music as well as creating music for their YouTube Channel.

Well, now they are taking a big leap and expanding their work one step further. They are all set for their Introduction and Official launch of their group along with a live concert.

Date of Launch – 2nd October 2018

Time: 6 PM IST

Venue: Dr Triguna Sen Auditorium, Jadavpur University Campus

Entry: To be seated by 5.30 PM IST – Open Entry for All


Official Poster of the Launch of Surokahon
This live concert or launch will not be your usual tete-a-tete program. It will be a wholesome endeavour, where artists from different fields come together and join in an open discussion about ideas, making a global connection with arts and of course some heartfelt music which reaches everyone without any boundaries.

Follow them on their social media –



To listen to more of their beautiful songs, we are linking some of their beautiful videos below –

Dhonno Ami (Cover) || Tribute to Salil Chowdhury || Porijayi


Megh Bolechhe (Official Music Video) ll Rabindrasangeet ll Porijayi ll

Phulgachhti Lagaichhilam (Official Music Video) || Bangla Folk || Porijayi || Prothom Khoshra

Olo Shoi || Rabindrasangeet || Somdutta Chowdhury || Surokahon

Here is the excerpt of the talk we had with Team Surokahon

1. What is Surokahon?

Surokahon is not just any Youtube channel or just an organisation. It’s a dynamic thought process.

Surokahon, which translates to the story of music, arts and expressions, is an endeavour by a young group of energetic and musically connected people, who seek to create magic with their ideas and dynamism. Several Young and talented musicians who come from different fields have joined hands to bring about innovations and collaborations in the different field of arts, having a special focus on music. They put down their pens on sheets of paper, and enhance their creative mindsets- in order to make a stand, give a message, raise voices.

In this ragged tagged, a little outspoken, a little subtle world, isn’t that what we want?

A pen, with a voice, showing that music is timeless? And bring peace?

That’s Surokahon for you. A Wave of Magic.

Team Surokahon

2. What is the aim/mission?

Surokahon is a musical platform where we delve into the multifaceted aspects of music by recollecting old songs, promoting new originals, and publishing various write-ups on music, both as a performing art and a healer. Each soulful musical journey takes us through different roots from which they have originated and through different paths in which they have bloomed. Starting from producing covers of popular melodies to designing original compositions, Surokahon aims at a lot of things.

In short, enjoying and letting people enjoy, creating and letting people create, and trigger them to think, is what the bull’s eye is.

3. What is Surokahon planning for 2nd October?

2nd October is a red-letter day for everyone associated with Surokahon. For the first time, Surokahon will solely acknowledge its appearance on the Social Sites and will be launched officially, in front of hundreds of witnesses. The first live concert by Surokahon.

Creating its Wave of Magic

4. What are the special features of the event?

We are currently conducting a competition on original compositions which will have its results declared during the launch.

We’ll have innovators from different fields of art speak on their works and process models.

Apart from that, the event will have power packed performances by young and enthusiastic musicians. We’ll then talk about the process of getting involved and working with Surokahon. There will be the focus on innovation and has a unique expression.

5. Why one should witness the event?

For being a witness to the coming forth of such a platform, which promises to enhance the boundaries of different genres of music.

For being a witness to the presentation of songs from all across the timeline, which will make one feel like sitting on a time machine and gliding through various time zones.

For being a witness to the clarion call for unity, peace, brotherhood, and happiness, all throughout life, and beyond. Everything, hand-in-hand, with Music.

Music for All as a single Entity

6. Are you collaborating with any other organisations?

We are very happy to collaborate with you, Weekend Trivia. Weekend Trivia has also previously covered one of our music productions from our Channel. Apart from that, our event is being covered by Calcutta Apologue. The entire event is being documented by Tantghar Films.

We are very very proud of how far you have come and to collaborate with you for the second time. We earnestly request each and every one of our readers to visit this concert be a part of their journey and to make their effort a successful one.  The venue, time and other details are all mentioned above

Team WeekendTrivia congratulates Team Surokahon for their achievements and wishes them all the very best for all their future endeavours.

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