Durga’r Rupe Rupantor – Sarees to Flaunt This Durga Puja

We cannot keep calm, because Durga Puja is due for within a fortnight and all we can think, talk and dream about is 4-5 days of insane pandal hopping, gorging down delicious food, flaunting ourselves and getting together with friends and family. As a result, from now on till the Pujas are over, there is going to be a lot of posts related to Durga Puja.

This particular blog is special for us, not only because as Women, we love dressing up, putting on makeup, strut about in heels, but this post is also about Women and our love for the 6 yards of beauty. Yeah, you guessed it right!. This post is about SAREES. Sarees are a quintessential part of Indian culture, part of how we grew up, part of the only garment we remember our Grandmothers and mothers in. Even though we have become the “Jeans wearing Generation”, we do find occasions every now then to wear a saree. And as Bengali, we cannot imagine a Durga Puja celebration without wearing and flaunting a Saree.

So this brings us to today’s topic. With so fewer days remaining for the Pujas, and our hectic impossible schedule, going to shops physically and buying out stuff is practically impossible. Hence the need to shop online. But when buying online, especially for Sarees, there are not many places you can trust. TRUST is of paramount importance when choosing the right place to buy a saree. Thus we are here to help you out with this. We bring for you all, dear ladies, some online boutiques from where you can purchase your sarees without having to worry about the quality and the transparency of price. They serve the best quality at the best price point.

What is more important about these boutiques, however, are that these boutiques are managed and run by Women. Women like you and me. Mothers. And they are doing all these managing their family and other work engagements. They are all self-made, hardworking women, who not only serve beautiful drapes but also are helping, in their own way to keep the fading handloom industry alive. WeekendTrivia is very proud to be associated with these power-packed ladies and is equally delighted to share their work and story.


Managed by – Shayeri Kar


I am Shayeri and have been called RYE by family and that’s how the brand name for my boutique was chosen because that’s how it reflects me and my work. I am an MBA-HR and was into the related field until I took a step towards my happy project-RYE. I started in July 2015 and it has been a little more than three years now and I look forward to each day of adorning my family, friends and most loved clients.

Those days, I was struggling to juggle between home and work. When I left my little one behind to work, I left a part of me with her and when at home, my mind used to be always bothered by the workload, deadlines and also the pressure to move ahead. I always wanted to do something which gave me the independence of my expression and thoughts and at the same time love my work and not get bored of it. Making money was never a criterion then, it was solely finding my comfort food which would lift me when I am down and a cozy blanket to see my dreams. It was me and my love for dressing up from childhood made me realize that how I love dressing up, love making friends and family look their best and that’s it, I found my calling, I found my food for the soul.

I did not make much of changes in my way of life, to begin with, Rye as I wasn’t sure how will I be accepted. It first started with only 5 sarees which I designed and which got a good opening within my circle of friends and family. I saw the appreciation for the first time for something I loved so dearly. It was then, I and my friend who knew sewing and our playing with the colors and fabrics started rolling and now its been more than two years, we are here.

Currently, we deal with sarees from different parts of the country, most of which are handloom be it cotton or silk. Apart from the trending weaves, we do try to source the weaves which have lost their relevance over the years and deserve to be loved and appreciated. Weaves which might help a weaver to survive and live a happy and deserving life.

The various kind of silks and cotton have been curated from West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, North Eastern states, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh. We try and curate the products which may not be huge in numbers but are unique and a good buy in terms of quality, considering that there are so many products we see on a daily basis which looks the same but when the end product reaches the client, it doesn’t give them a satisfied feeling. God willing, we have had to return customers who always appreciated the quality and a good pricing for the kind of products they receive.

Contact/Follow me on

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ryethestore/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StoreRYE/

Sarees by RYE
Sarees by RYE

Saheli’s Boutique Kolkata

Managed By – Saheli Ghosh Bhadra

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-25 at 7.14.00 AM

My childhood was spent in the tea gardens of North Bengal. My small family consisted of my father, my mother and me. My father was a manager in the Tea-gardens. More than studies, I used to enjoy sewing, painting, handicrafts. Haha :). I guess this was more because I was influenced by my parents. My father had an excellent hand in arts and painting. I used to watch from him and learn. I was very very fond of him and he was like a best friend to me. I was a little afraid of the mother as she was the stricter one at home. But she was an amazing cook and a deft hand at sewing and stitching.

After I got married, I came down to Kolkata and then worked as a teacher. After my daughter was born and with other peer problems, I had to quit my job eventually. But that phase affected me very much. I went into depression and was not being able to concentrate on anything. Nor was I taking care of my daughter, nor managing my family properly. It was then that my father suggested starting something independently. I had always wanted to have a little something of my own and the first thought that came to my mind was Sarees because of how much I loved wearing them. Also, my father and my husband supported me a lot.

The first Saree that I started working with was a Phuliya weave. I started off around 2008. At first, I used to bring sarees from different weavers around West Bengal, Orissa, and other parts as well. But then I felt that I was being cheated on them as the saree quality, the dye was all in poor quality. It was then, that I started my own weaving unit. Now, by God’s grace, I have two weaving units one in Phulia and one in Bishnupur. Total of 6 looms is worked over there. Apart from the Karigars who work in my loom, I have made it an endeavor to employ women who have been molested, or are subject to domestic violence or are affected in any other way. I believe that if I can bring a smile on any one of their faces, my life work would be satisfactory. My main boutique is in Baruipur, where I live with my family

Money making has never been the main intention behind my work. I love what I do hence, the long hours do not seem strenuous. Women upliftment and their independence are what I try to raise awareness of through my work. I am making an effort of saving the dying handloom weaves of our country and hence, all my sarees are based on the indigenous weaves of India.

Contact/Follow me on

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saheli_boutique/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sahelis-Boutiquekolkata-445729362152911/

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-06 at 7.19.19 AM
Sarees by Saheli’s Boutique Kolkata
WhatsApp Image 2018-08-06 at 7.19.09 AM
Sarees by Saheli’s Boutique Kolkata


Managed by – Annapoorni Trichur


I am an educator- a Volunteer teacher with 3 nonprofits, working with children from financially and socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

The uniqueness of handmade had always had an attraction for me. And then a chance interaction with a kalamkari printer highlighted for me, the long tradition behind the art form, the presence of a sustainable ecosystem, the artistry, and creativity of the printer and the Weaver. It was this that triggered the Be.you.tiful journey.

I am thankful for a space that allows me to admire age-old skills and arts, to play a small role in showcasing and promoting them, to help create a platform for Weavers, printers, and artists.

This journey has been a blessing.

Contact/Follow me on

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/be.you.tiful2013/

Facebook: Facebook.com/b.beyoutiful

Sarees by Be.You.Tiful
Sarees by Be.You.Tiful


Managed by – Vedaprana Purkayastha


From a Teacher to a Digital Media Editor to an Entrepreneur – this has definitely not been a rosy journey but quite an exciting and an adventurous one.

Having born in a Bengali Family, where it has always been an integral part of our lives, saree has always intrigued me since my childhood. In an attempt to promote draping, I started the Facebook group THE SAREE SAGA in 2015 which is now 68,000 members strong and has made its mark in the hearts of all saree lovers.

The two important reasons behind quitting a stable job and starting something I had simply no idea about were :

1. The problem that the common men face is being duped in the name of handloom. And the only way I could think of to address this issue was to source pure handloom sarees, directly from the weavers and start a venture that would focus on regional specialties in the textile sector.

2. Also, I wanted to have complete autonomy over my actions, I wanted to grant myself breaks and have enough time to spend with my family and friends; none of which were possible in a full-time job.

Though I have been dealing with all types of handlooms, ranging from varieties of Linens, Mul Cottons, Khakis, Pure Silks, Tussars, authentic Dhakai Jamdanis, Kancheevarams, and Maheshwaris, My main goal has always been to promote NorthEast. Being born and brought up in Assam, I know the significance of the woven cloth in this society. While the fabric’s popularity and demand are on the upswing, the number of weavers is alarmingly dwindling. To promote and popularise Assam and North East weaves on such a huge platform comprising of members from every nook and corner of the world has been my only goal and motivating force since last 1 year and 4 months of this journey.

Hand-painted Bihu Dance on Blouses, embroidered jaapis and junbiris on Khadi sarees (a fusion of Assam and Bengal as I would like to call it), Jaapi neckpieces, I am extremely happy and proud to say that I have been successful in designing and creating the FIRST GAMUSA Saree of Assam. Girls, who can’t drape Mekhela Chadars, would come requesting to me that they would be able to try this handwoven beauty had it been given the shape and form of 6 yards. 6 months of rigorous planning and brainstorming has finally resulted in creating the most beautiful and unique saree from Assam.

Amalgamating the traditional and contemporary is nothing new, many designers have been doing this since time immemorial, and thus Veda’s aims at setting this new trend of reviving the interest of the youngsters in ancient cloth art and artistic traditional styles.

Contact/Follow me on

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vedas6/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VedapranaP/

Sarees by Veda’s
Sarees by Veda’s


Managed by – Pallavita Nandi


I hail from Silchar, Assam. As I was always in love of my native place and very keen to project my state in a very small way which I can, my online store is all about Northeastern weaves and different patterns of a different tribal weave.

Contact/Follow me on

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ilika_p/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pallavitanandi/

Sarees by Ilika
Sarees by Ilika

Stotra Studio

Managed by – Radhika Rathi


India has traditionally been the global nerve center of the finest craftsmanship and curated artisanal collections across categories. The ethnic dexterity and consummate skills of Indian craftsmen form a quintessential part of our culture and have inspired reverence and praise from people across the globe since time immemorial. And that’s what germinated the essence of Stotra Studio. Stotra literally implies ”A hymn written to praise the divinity”.

I, at Stotra Studio, have carefully selected the best of handcrafted works of artificers across the length and breadth of the country and it’s my endeavor to continue to do so relentlessly. I’ll keep introducing products from various cultural categories, starting with a diverse range of ‘Sarees’ from different parts of India. Saree, with its unparalleled grandeur and elegance, has fascinated everyone since millennia. It’s deeply entwined with Indian culture and has a sacred place in our hearts. I have always had this admiration for saree. And, over time, my admiration for saree has grown into profound love. I love how a saree, delicately draped around the body of a woman, adds charisma to her personality and glorifies her beauty. And even amongst the vast spectrum of sarees, I have a strong penchant for our traditional hand-woven sarees.

Every aspect of a hand-loomed saree, be it the colours, the fall, or the fragrance of the fabric, mesmerizes me to the hilt. It is such an immaculate attire that it looks extremely graceful even without any embellishment. Thus, my love for this attire combined with an eye for beauty is what marked the beginning of Stotra Studio. Albeit, this humble journey began with saree, I am committed to bringing the finest and the most charming handcrafted products for my customers.

Contact/Follow me on

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stotrastudio/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stotrastudio/

Sarees by Stotra Studio
Sarees by Stotra Studio

These wonderful wonderful ladies epitomize what a self-made woman looks like. They are smart, intelligent, dedicated hard working women who have made their own niche in this competitive market of fashion. Their love for sarees has made it into a cult by itself. And their work is also proof that Women are truly Dasha-bhuja (ten-armed). Managing, home, kids, work, passion and everything else, they are accomplishing everything.

Well, we have booked our sarees, have you? If not, what are you waiting for??

Happy Sunday Folks!

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