Blouses True to Your Self – Durga Puja Fashion 2018

It’s the auspicious day of Mahalaya today when Debi Pokkho starts and we are ready to welcome the Goddess. It is the time when the Devi Durga arrives, banishes all evil and reinstates the good. With our hearts filled with love and the mood set right for the festivities, we again bring for you Devis something to make you look gorgeous and beautiful, this Durga Puja.

Our last post was an attempt to celebrate strong Women, winning it everywhere along with their gorgeous collection of Sarees. And again this blog is an attempt to celebrate the Spirit of women. And Blouses to wear with those beautiful sarees. Now you might ask what is so special about a blouse right? Well ever since the very talented parama_g revolutionized the whole concept of blouse wearing, women wearing sarees all over the globe are really into unique and customized blouses. Blouses where you can tune it to your own choice, blouses which are a reflection of your own self.

So let us look into the work and lives of such talented and power-packed ladies who are changing the game of customized blouses, bringing in a flavour of their own and helping you celebrate the Shakti within yourself!

Pri – Thread Stories

Managed By – Priyanka Mehta Mahanty


Life is the choices that you make amongst the choices that you have. On one such choice, Pri initiated its thread journey. I am Priyanka Mahanty from Mumbai. Embroidery was never my favourite subject at school and all the assignments were completed by my mother. The teacher who taught the craft was very strict and maybe that was the reason I lost interest before gaining any.

Silence is the mother of all creativity. After coming out of silence last year on my yearly break from everything formal there was a strong pull towards embroidery. The genetics too played a very important role. My Dadi, Nani, Mother and aunts have magical hands at it. The educational background being Psychology and a degree in business management I am rediscovering myself now as a storyteller through the thread.

Hand-embroidery as a creative expression began blooming and with the support and motivation of my family and friends, a plunge was taken to start the page by the name “Pri”. The journey begun on March 1 as the date itself reminds of Tagore’s iconic Ekla Cholo Re…March…Alone.

In the journey of 7 months, I have learnt a lot. Many threads have taken their own expressions and various stories have been attached to each piece. From drawing the design to threading each piece all myself is a different experience. Hand-embroidery is considered to be meditative and therapeutic and for me, it also means expressing myself.

We all come in different shapes and sizes and hence the idea of Hand-embroidered blouse pieces is the USP of the page along with its designs which has a threaded story behind it. The canvas of stoles and dupatta are also worked upon with thread…Many stories to be told, many threads to be connected and the journey of Pri shall continue.

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Customized Blouse Piece ©Pri.Thread.Stories
Customized Blouse Piece ©Pri.Thread.Stories

Cattlecall Lifestyle

Managed by – Vandana Paul and Sukanya Guhapaul

Vandana Paul and Sukanya Guhapaul two friends sharing the same dream came together to form “Cattlecall Lifestyle”. As we both had to discontinue our respective career because family became our first priority, But the urge of doing something creative was always there. Vandana being a textile designer ( NIFT) and Sukanya being a trained teacher but having an interest in the fashion world started their brainchild Cattlecall. At first, we started with sarees and handmade high-end terracotta pieces of jewellery. But the keen interest in creating something own … helped us designing blouses. Our blouses are inspired by nature, day to day life. We get inspiration from the little things around us. We feel that something simple yet interesting always attracts the crowd. Hope we can connect to the people with our designs and make them look beautiful and stand out.

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Designer Blouses ©Cattlecall Lifestyle
Designer Blouses ©Cattlecall Lifestyle

Umbara Designs

Managed By – Rama Narayanan and Team


What started as a women training centre has grown into a sustainable and ethical livelihood provider for women. Our contribution to women empowerment is energised by the saree patter who have been indulging in our wide range of readymade blouses. All a prospective customer needs to give is their well-fitted bra size and they are good to shop. Dispatches within 24hours of payment. For Dussehra bookings. We have a festive edit going on now. Shipping through reliable speed post

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Designer Blouses ©Umbara Designs
Designer Blouses ©Umbara Designs

These ladies are not only making their dreams come true and live life at their own terms, but they are also making a conscious effort to help other women and make a significant step towards women empowerment. More power to all of them.

And with the chant of ”Roopam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho Jahi…Namoh Namah” we all welcome Goddess Durga with open arms to brighten yet another year of our lives!

Shubho Mahalaya to all of you From Team WeekendTrivia!

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