Witness Durga Puja Through WeekendTrivia – Sasthi

Durga Puja means homecoming for all Bengalis residing far and wide. Irrespective of wherever they are around the globe, this time of the year they all yearn to come back home and celebrate this 10-day of festivities with their near and dear ones. While most of us are able to do that, they are many who are far away from their home and miss Durga Puja dearly.

So this year, Team WeekendTrivia has called out to all its Shenanigans in helping us collaborate and curate together a series, which will let all our friends living away from their home, or outside India to witness and celebrate Durga Puja 2018 with us.

We know, this is nowhere close to being actually present on the scene of all hustle and bustle but, we promise to try and include as many destinations we can and help you enjoy Durga Puja in our own Small way.

So this Puja, do not be sad and Witness Durga Puja with us.

Day 3 – Sashti

1* Sayantani Basu

Bagbazar Sarbojanin

2* Sayani Pal

Chetla Agrani

3* Prasun Karmakar

Mohammad Ali Park

4* ভাশ্বতী সাহা

Paikpara, Tala park

5* Prasenjit Mitra

Bhawanipur Abasar Durga Puja

6* Subhajit Sanyal 

Nepal Bhattacharya Street Club

7* Kajal Roy

Santoshmitra Square

8* Shibaji Paul

Nalin Sarkar St

9* Sunanda Basak

Tala 15pally

10* Anirban Sur

College Square

Shubho Sashti Folks!

Stay Tuned for a Grand Saptami 🙂

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