Witness Durga Puja Through WeekendTrivia – Dashami

This blogpost brings us to the end of Durga Puja 2018. It is time to bid farewell to Durga Maa and wait again for a year more in anticipation to celebrate the biggest festival of the year.

So with a heavy heart, sweet memories and a teary eyed smile we bid farewell to the Goddess and her troupe and wish everyone a Shubho Bijoya!

Here are the final pictures at Bidaay Bela

Day 7: Dashami

1* Sayantani Basu


2* Saptarshi Barman

Bosepukur Sitala Mandir

3* Avik Mukherjee

Nepal Bhattacharjee Street

4* Abir Saha

Rajdanga Naba Uday Sangha

5* Paromita Basu

Manasbag, Belgharia

6* সৌম্য চক্রবর্তী (Soumya Chakraborty)

95 Pally

7* Pritam Dutta

Bagh Bazar 

8* Monojit Mondal

Bagh Bajar 

9* Krishanu Chanda


10* Shubhadeep De

The final journey

Team WeekendTrivia wishes everyone a prosperous Shubho Bijoya and Happy Dusshera

Hope we have been able to help you all to enjoy Pujo with us.

Let us know your feedback and Thank You all for the kind words, support, appreciation and contribution!

We love you all 💓

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