Worship of Goddess Jagadhatri – With Weekend Trivia

The Puja was first originated in Krishnanagar of Nadia District, Bengal. Maharaja Krishnachandra was the perpetrator of the Puja. Down the years, puja held in Krishnanagar, Chandannagar, Rishra, Bhadreshwar, Hooghly, Boinchi etc are very popular and holds special attraction for the masses. It is held in the Bengali month of Kartik and People from different parts of India visit these places to witness Jagadhatri puja and its grandeur.

As selected by popular vote on our Facebook page, We are attempting to showcase the beauty and pomp of Jagadhatri Puja 2018, held in different locations of India. Enjoy!

#1 Sayantani Basu 

#2 সৌম্য চক্রবর্তী

#3 Sayantan 

#4 Ayanava Gupta

#5 Swapnil Misra

#6 তথাগত তালুকদার

#7 Satyaki Seal

#8 Samarjit Kabai

#9 Kinshuk Bahl

#10 Neil

These festivities of India truly reflect what a diverse culture and country we are.

Cover Picture by Sayantani Basu

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