The Season of Love – Pre Wedding Photography

Winter is officially the season of love and in India November – March is the period when most weddings happen. From Celebrities to your couple-next-door, everyone is busy getting married and while we are in the wedding season, what better way to kickstart the season than sharing Pre-Wedding pictures?

A pre-wedding photo shoot is a cult thing with new-age couples and Wedding photographers are coming up with beautiful and evolved settings and ideas to bring out the blooming love between two hearts. Nowadays, Pre-Wedding shoots involve selecting specific locations, proper dress codes, smart props, proper makeup, lighting, setting and what not.

Thus to celebrate the season of love and to herald the wedding season, we bring for you featured photographers and some of their best pre-wedding shoot moments.

1. Maceyecameragraphy

2. Krishanu Chanda

3.  Arnab Mahato

4. Weddingsknots_com

5. Mital_patel_photography

6. Asadjansari


8. Sunshine Studio

9. Fotoartindia

10. Nachiket Sonawane Photography

It is evident that pre-wedding is no longer a thing of fancy opted by only one or two people, but has become a part of our wedding culture now. Moreover, these photographers sure know how to make two dreamy eyed people in love turn a moment into something magical.

So are you getting married soon? If yes then book your photographer soon!

Cover pic by @talkingpictures_wedding

Happy Sunday Fellas! 😀

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