Winter Tales of India

India is a country where every season, every state, every gully, every nook and corner tells a tale. During Summers, you will find crude and raw methods of beating the heat and dealing with the tropical climate. Similarly, during the monsoon, there will be innocent children playing in the streets, water-clogging and a break-down of roads. Harvest blooming and what not.

Winters come with different tales. Mornings are misty. Too much air pollution and unhealthy conditions of the air leads to heavy smog which makes visibility conditions worsen in many areas. At the same time, hundreds of migratory birds flock the ghats of the Yamuna river and it is a vision to behold. Creatures of the streets take shelter under some beggars mat and both keep each other warm on a chilly night.

Winter tales are endless, the scopes are endless and so we have curated some photos each of which speak of a story. Look at them carefully, can you say what they are trying to convey?

1* Rajat Swami


2* Blesson Babu


3* Pranay Pariyar


4* Shantanu Saha


5* Jai Thakur


6* Sayantani Basu


7* Ayush Sachan


8* Shanth Kumar


9* Rishy Raj


10* Antsy_grandma


Cover pic by Santanu Roy

From snowy peaks to real life situations, which one do you like the most?

Let us know in the comments below and keep counting your days for Christmas and New Year

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