Christmas Celebration with WeekendTrivia

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Ho! Ho! Ho!

So now that Christmas is over and all of us has been well fed and counted our blessings, let’s have look together of Christmas celebrations over the world and in India. The Holidays are still upon us and we are counting the days till New Year! And in this festive spirit let us all see some insights into the celebrations

1. Roshani Shah

Santa Claus is coming around, landing on a sleigh!

Location: Mumbai, India

2. Per Kristian Bergmo

Off we go calling out for Santa Claus, look who stopped by!

Location: Norway

3. Charushila Biswas

Not a traditional Christmas dessert but Patishapta for Christmas with fond childhood memories!

Location: Kolkata

4. Arjun Thomas

When one meets the other..!

Location: Kottayam, India

5. Maximilian Kramer

Father and Son.

Location: Spain

6. Sayan Raha

Santa is here!

Location: Australia

7. Chandrima Sarkar

Chicken Keema Pie for Christmas Lunch

Location: Navi Mumbai

8. Prominencia Estilo

Happy Holidays!

Location: Navidad

9. Sayantan Samaddar

Little Santa!

Location: Kolkata

10. Sunday_Women

Perfect dessert for Christmas 🎄

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

So how was your Christmas? How did you celebrate and what are your new year plans? Let us know in the comments below!

Till then, happy holidays ♥️

Cover picture credits: the_pictures_i_took

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