Portrait Photographers of India (part II)

Continuing with our series of Portrait Photography, we bring for you all yet another bunch of talented photographers and their muses who have been successful in giving people extra dimension, a different kind of appeal and helped us to look at them with a different perspective altogether. Thus to revel in the beauty of human as a form of art keep on reading.

Abhishek Singh

I am Abhishek Singh, 20 y/o portrait photographer, I started photography 9 months back actually when I was in 12. I used to love to get shot by photographers and after my admission in college slowly I got attracted towards photography so I bought a DSLR. When I got my first DSLR I started shooting what I look at, because u don’t know how many good story and frames u missed in every second near yourself. Then I did a short foundation course where I got to know more about photography and after that i start doing portraits and know I’m here still working on myself to do something amazing.

Here’s my Instagram handle link –

©Abhishek Singh

Soham Mukherjee

I am a Computer Engineer. Former UI Developer. Master’s Student. I am a part-time Cinematographer. Visual Artist. A mixed bag of a lot of creative things.  This shot here is portraying a very much autumn (“fall”) kind of vibe… The entire vintage inspired wardrobe, location, falling leaves and the color tone I chose to associate with the image (during color grading) all comes together in tandem to bring out the intended mood… This was shot in Maidan, Kolkata, using my sony alpha 6000 coupled with a 50mm lens.. The lighting was a bit tricky affair owing to the fact that this shot was taken during the golden hour and as a result, the sun was directly behind the model. In order to balance the exposure I used an LED panel (at its warmest color temperature) and a reflector to bounce back the ambient light to illuminate the subject.

Insta – @sohamsphotography. YouTube – @isohammukherjee

© Soham Mukherjee

Abir Ghosh

I, Abir Ghosh completed my graduation in the year of 2010 and currently attached with govt hospital as a medical officer. From childhood, I had an interest in drawing but coming in the world of photography was a bit of an accident. During my internship I went on a tour with friends, then I had a Nokia phone and I took pictures with it. At the end of the tour, everybody liked my photographs and I also started liking photography. After that, I brought a point and shoot camera but soon I replaced that with a DSLR due to its limitations. Then I joined an photographic institution from where I completed Diploma in photography in 2018. I also achieved AFIP distinction from FIP in 2018. During this last 1year, I have participated in various International salon across different countries and was awarded more than 80 awards including PSA GOLD, FIP GOLD & many Salon Gold. Recently, I was awarded best portrait entrant in a salon. Among the many different types of photography, my personal choice is Portrait Photography. I love to capture different human moods and their expression. It is just the beginning for me as I have a long way to go & many things to learn.

Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abirg26

© Abir Ghosh

Vivek Venkatesan

I’m Vivek Venkatesan from Chennai and I currently live in Michigan. I have been interested in photography for the past 3 years. What started off as experiments with capturing random moments, slowly translated into a very serious hobby. Balancing time between your day job and your hobby is never easy. My IT job involved travel and it did not make things easier either. Luckily, coming to the USA has opened a lot of avenues to explore my interest in photography.  I now specialize in fashion portraits and also cover weddings, engagements, graduation parties, custom events and kids photography. If you are in the US (Michigan or nearby) and are looking for someone to cover your big day, look no further. I would be more than happy to frame your memories. You can follow my work on social media in the below links:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/vjustclick/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/vjustclick/

© Vivek Venkatesan

Deblin Chaudhuri

I am Deblin Chaudhuri and I am 21 years old, pursuing a B. Tech. degree from KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. Born in the beauty of Bengal, I was attracted to it since a young age. I have been shooting portraits for the last 3 years, and every picture I click keeps on inspiring me to click and learn more. When I got my first camera, I was fascinated to explore what the world had to offer. I began my journey by clicking nature, streets, and then I found my interest of clicking portraits. Portrait photography is not only about taking a camera and just clicking any face that you see, it is about understanding the lighting, the depth of the image, the story that the image has to offer, the colour contrast, and so much more. I literally spend half of my day scrolling through images and understanding them. I contact several renowned photographers and seek advice from them. Every single person inspires, everyone has got their story to tell. I consider myself to be a decent photographer, with tons of possibilities to learn. I never expected myself to become a freelance photographer when I started this journey. 

My Instagram ID:- https://www.instagram.com/d_e_b_l_i_n/

© Deblin Chaudhuri

Mayank Gandhi

I am Mayank Gandhi. I’m 26 years old freelance portrait photographer and digital artist. I particularly specialise in moody and portraits and I specially love creating portraits with a dreamy feel.
I have been taking photos since I bought my first camera in the year 2014 from my first salary. I was always interested in clicking pictures since college days and use to experiment with the perspective and angles using my cell phone. My journey started with clicking the simple objects around me including leaves, insects and sky. A few months later I generated my interest in street and travel photography and started travelling in search of beautiful landscapes. After spending a good 15 months into travel photography I developed a style that pushes the boundary between Photography and dream. Since then I never looked back and set my goals of becoming the best Photographer in this style of Portraitures. My work has been featured on a number of pages on Instagram and other websites. Also, I’ve won a couple of competitions in portrait photography. The best moment for me is when people message me to appreciate my work. That definitely makes the time spent dragging my camera gear through ditches feel very worthwhile. I have been taking pictures for my own happiness and will continue doing the same with a dream of becoming a well-settled artist someday.
Gears I use – Nikon D750 with Nikkor 50mm 1.8G

Link to my work – www.instagram.com/happiness_indeed

© Mayank Gandhi

Pranay Guha

I am Pranay Guha, 29 years old and I am a Medical Representative by profession but I am a photographer by heart and soul. Photography is my passion and I’m working hard enough to make it my profession, and I know one day I will be successful in doing so.
Photography always attracted me since I was a kid, I had a digital camera and with that, I used to take photos of sunrise, sunset, flowers of my garden, birds and during Durga Puja. I used to roam about and collect and store all the pictures that I have clicked, even today I have those clicks saved in my desktop. I have an immense love for photography. 
Then finally I did a Diploma in photography from Bengal Photography Institute and started doing photography more accurately with my DSLR Nikon D7100. I always liked portrait photography, human face tells a number of stories through their expression and emotion and this is the best part of portrait photography. I love to interpret these emotions, the various stories in the life of various people is what drags me into clicking portrait photography.
I want to work more and more on my photography skills and become the best in this field. One day I hope I will get recognized for my pictures.

© Pranay Guha

Rushoti Ganguly

I am Rushoti Ganguly, 26 years old and I’m a teacher in a government primary school in Kolkata. Well, I’m a student of Geography, and I was and I’m still a huge nature lover, even my special paper in Masters was Environment.
Photography attracted me since I was a kid, even with the VGA camera of the very simple keypad phones I used to click pictures of clouds, trees, flowers, etc. I always thought that one day I will learn this art and do it with all my passion and so I did my Diploma in Photography from Bengal Photography Institute after completing my masters.
It was in this course of time that I realized that portrait photography is much more interesting as a human face tells us numerous stories. My interest slowly started growing for portrait photography, where we can catch and interpret several emotions and expressions.
Well I still love nature and landscape but now I love to interpret the stories which human portrait tells us. The best part of portrait photography to me is kids’ portrait where their innocence is clearly visible on their face. 
Well photography is my passion and I would like to take this passion to a level of recognition, to a level where people would know me for my photographs. I hope some day my photographs will become my signature.

©Rushoti Ganguly

Romit Banerjee

Myself Romit Banerjee, a student of Pailan College of Management & Technology, pursuing MBA degree. Photography is my passion which I love doing the most. Basically, I love taking street photos, besides that, I make myself more versatile so that I can explore the streets of photography and for that, I take portraits with different concepts.

© Romit Banerjee

Pankaj Chakraborty

I am Pankaj Chakraborty, live in Kolkata. By profession, I am a proprietor of Vodafone store. An amateur photographer who love to capture faces of old and new. I participated in many national and international competitions and exhibitions and awarded with many titles.

© Pankaj Chakraborty

This brings us to the end of such a surreal portrait series. Hope you all enjoyed it. Have a great Weekend folks!

Cover picture by Mayank Gandhi.

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