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We are hardcore foodies and Surely there are many of you, who like us love food. So to appeal our taste buds and our gastronomic sides, we bring for you yet another batch of food Bloggers who with their captures are sure to tickle you with hunger pangs. Follow their blog for more unique ideas and mouthwatering recipes.

Krishanu Chatterjee

Hi. I am Krishanu Chatterjee. I have done my masters in microbiology from Bangalore University. Now I am a full time photographer the projects I’m working on right now are – Photobook “invivo “ -a photographic documentation of harsh winter in Ladakh region and its people, photo book “ after the dust settles “ a photographic journey with a motorsport team in India, life of a group of men during and after the rally ( motorsport). I had a pleasure to work with different projects before and to bag some prestigious awards such as “3rd place in international food photography award organised by pink lady food photographer of the year 2016, London. I have been a part of a national award-winning film ‘Gulabi Talkies ‘.

You can follow my work on Instagram:

Krishanu Chatterjee Photography

Kunal Nath

My self Kunal Nath born and bought up eating all Bengali cuisine in Kolkata and residing in Rajasthan Jaipur since 8-9 years. So now my taste buds have developed more and more for Bengali and north Indian recipes with all the credits to my wife Pinky Nath our home Chef.she loves cooking and as I am a good husband I always love what she cooks. By Profession, I am Known as a graphic Designer but Photography was also my interest too. After getting my shooting Machine (DSLR) I was on a hunt to shoot and BINGO! Thanks to my wife her passion for cooking provided me with the Ginni Pig, the opportunity at my own place every now and then there were models for me draped with curry, cream and what not, and now it is that my camera is also a food I can say food photography is the place where my passion met my personality, the best way to explain my self.

As said by George Bernard Shaw “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” I can’t decide what to mention first about myself a Food lover, a Photographer, a graphic designer, a filmmaker, a son, a husband or a father. (well sometimes I do reverse the order, as per the priority 😉 ) but yes nevertheless food is the common ground which binds me altogether, yes you read it correct “THE FOOD”

Follow me on Instagram:

Kunal Nath Photography

Debjani Chatterjee

Debjani Chatterjee Alam is a food blogger by passion and a financial analyst by profession; at present associated with an international finance organization and is handling CSR as a part of the senior management team. A first-class university degree holder in Rural Management and having no professional degree when it comes to food except her passion for food;). Mother to a 5 years old daughter; she is been working for the development sector since last 10 years and has previously been associated with different United Nations organizations and the economics research lab run by MIT.  Around 10 years back, during her association with UNICEF; Debjani was posted in Bihar and that was the time she started writing food blog posts using the recipes on her blog Debjanir Rannaghar ( she used to cook for herself while staying alone in a remote part of the country. Debjani is curating traditional recipes since then through her blog. Apart from that; she is been associated with different national and international brands for both food writing, food photography and food styling. Her recent work was with Living Foodz channel where she talked about the history of Bengali Curries. Her recipes were used in Living Foodz’ recent show Curries of India. Another noted association of her since the last two years is with Masterchef Australia through an Instagram campaign where her pictures were used in Instagram to show the aesthetic qualities as well as the plating process. She has received several awards related to food blog and food photography. She loves to share her food stories through both her writing and photography. She likes to use day to day things as the prop to design her frame. She believes food photography can be done with limited resources. Till date, she is using a low-range Nikon Camera to capture her food moments which initially started with nothing but mobile clicks. follow her on Blog: 


Debjani Chattarjee Photography

Deepika Haldankar

Hello everyone. I am Deepika Haldankar from I share baby and kids friendly meal ideas and recipes on my food blog, along with family meals. It all started when my 6 months old refused to eat bland baby food. I started making my own baby food and sharing it on the food blog. As she grew so did the recipes. 
With Food Blog, I got introduced to Food Photography. I have been photographing food since 2014. It has been a long journey and quite an exciting one. I like shooting with Minimalistic Approach. For me, the food should speak on its own, without the need of too many supporting elements. My go-to style for photography is bright and airy, but I love shooting dark and moody images as well. 
You can find my recipes at 

My Food Photography at

Deepika Photography

Tashmin Majumder

Two things that I have always enjoyed doing for years is Photography and Writing ; Photography gives me strength, a sense that I can do things in life while writing gives me happiness, simple and pure. I’ve mainly concentrated myself on Instagram through the years since I preferred being a Blogger first and a Photographer second. This is also why I’ve also been more inclined towards using Actual Environments rather than sets with Reflectors and Blockers, I feel that it gives a more natural touch to the experience that I’ve had. It has been a 3 year long journey doing that, I’m in my fourth now hoping to be even better and precise with my executions. When I was 14, I remember saving money my Mom would give me for travel while going to school ; I’d walk the small distance and ditch my tiffin so that at the end of the week I’d have enough to get me a fancy supper at a New Restaurant, I’d go there until I covered the Menu and move on to the next. Once I started earning, I bought a camera and started my Blog within months. I’ve loved my life ever since and I hope to keep it on for the rest of my life. Follow me in this journey on


Tashmin Majumder Photography

Nandini Garg 

I am passionate about food, and every other aspect of it. Even though I have never had any formal training in the subject, I love exploring new possibilities and ingredients. Food is a very important part about travel to me, and I make sure to try out the local cuisines wherever I go. I think the art of capturing the soul of a dish beautifully, only stands second to the art of preparing it! 

That is why it is always my attempt to tell a beautiful story of the dish in my shots and bring out its essence through the lens. Being a NIFT Delhi graduate, when I was first introduced to photography, I slowly fell in love with it and its endless possibilities of capturing the splendour of the world merely through a camera. I enjoy experimenting with light and the mood of the photographs according to the dish or the food, so one would find a myriad of different tones in my pictures.

Instagram page link:

Nandini Garg Photography

Indrani Dhar

Hi, I am Indrani and am the mother of 3. I have been blogging for the last 10 years and run a food blog named “Recipe Junction”. I share all kinds of recipes there that I experiment in my kitchen and I have learnt from my grandmother, mother and mother-in-law. As I believe, this is the best platform for learning and sharing knowledge among all of us in terms of food and culture. 
During this food blogging journey, another thing that fascinated me was food styling and food photography. It’s completely another world of art that food bloggers and food photographers have created. Being an art lover, I fell in love with this art and tried and still trying to learn from all the creative food bloggers. I love not only food photography but I do all kinds of photography. I am not any professional photographer or use any high-end DSLR camera but just my Smartphone with little editing does all the job. I love to shoot ingredients i.e., fruits, vegetables, fish etc. that I cook. You can see all of my photography endeavours on my Insta handle. 
Lastly a big thanks to weekend trivia for recognizing my work as a food photographer and giving me this opportunity to share my journey with all.
You can check my work 

My Instahandle:
My blog link :

Indrani Dhar Photography

We hope you drooled over them as much as we did. Tell us what is your favourite food?

Cover photo by Nandini Grag

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