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Everyone deserves a beautiful love story. And we believe that Love is Universal. Love is the only thing strong enough to conquer and rise above all – hate, caste, creed, age, race, gender and every other discrimination in the world. Love does not recognize any boundaries or any holdings. And however sceptical everyone is about love, it is the one true thing which we all need to make our lives a little more worthwhile. Love can come in any form to us. Valentine’s Day is just a day. For love needs to be nurtured every day, take care of every day and little steps which are taken end up in making special moments in the long run.

We asked you to share your love stories. What we meant is that you could share your love story with your parents, siblings, pets, friends, partners or anyone you deemed fit enough to call your Valentine. But we tend to generalize things, don’t we? Nevertheless, these love stories are beautiful and we are thus sharing their special moments with you all. Hope you like them, as much as we did

Shared By Arpita Das

I sometimes wonder how in the world did me and Sumant got together in the first place. Had it not been for my school friend and his then-roommate (both are the same person) in Kolkata, we would have never met. Like any other heartbroken girl in love, I was just not looking for any relationship and Sumant who was moving to the USA didn’t want any commitments as he was not sure if he would be able to keep up with it. But I think God had other plans for us. It was a lovely November evening in 2015 when I and our common friend (also I call him our cupid) Gaurav were planning to meet up in a coffee shop in Park Street where Sumant was going to join us. The first time I saw him, he was all shabby and tired as he was coming directly from his office. My laptop was broken and both Gaurav and Sumant were helping me in fixing it up and Gaurav introduced me to Sumant and thus our conversation started and it didn’t feel like we were meeting for the first time. We exchanged our mobile numbers and to be honest, initially, I was not really reverting back to his calls and was avoiding going out with him. But gradually I stopped being mean and we started going out, before that I never thought I could have so much fun in Kolkata and we used to visit such historic places together which I never knew even existed. And one such fine evening both of us never thought that a joke of mine would change our relationship, I told him as a joke that “I think I am falling for you” and it changed our dynamics. We became so fond of each other that we always wanted to see each other, but after just going out for 6 months Sumant was leaving for the USA, and both of us were thinking how the long-distance relationship will work. But going through all the ups and downs it did really work out and now after 3 years, on November 2018 we got engaged and are planning to get married in December 2019. Till now neither of us know when we fell in love with each other as we never proposed to each other formally. It was like we just went with the flow. (Though my best friend Sneha did help me to realise my love for Sumant)

Arpita & Sumant ❤

Shared by Antara Sarkar

This blog is Such a beautiful concept of spreading love, but I am not that kind of person who can put feelings into words, still trying my best.
Eight years of courtship and now almost a year of our marriage. We had a lot of fights, breakups and everything else a couple can have, but ultimately when I see this photo of ours, it makes me believe that we were actually happy on the day when we got married. 
We are not perfect, but being not perfect does not resist us from being happy. That is the thing I ever wanted in my life, to be happy, to be happy with the person I trust, I fight, I love unconditionally. 
Being in a relationship and being in a marriage are different things, actually STAYING with him makes me understand his mood. Being in a marriage seems fun. We can binge watch NETFLIX and CHILL 😛 , challenge each other in a game of pool or UNO or chess and whoever wins makes fun of the other. We have our fights but no matter how much we argue, at the end of the day, we both can’t stop ourselves from teasing each other and making each other smile. 
With laughter, tears, anger, our relationship is growing, thus we are growing.
We will be each other’s valentine for rest of life.
Cheers to growing old with each other. 
Happy Valentines Day.

Antara & Tirthankar ❤

Shared by Vaswati Saha

Myself Vaswati. I met my boyfriend 7years back on the first day of my college. At first, our relationship was like tom and jerry and the one thing which I hated the most was his face. And he was like two things were important for him in life to live on oxygen and another to annoy me all day long be it teasing me, disturbing me in the class and each and everything which can annoy any girl who is the only girl in the stream. But then there are some relationships like tom and jerry where they tease each other, knock down each other, irritate each other but can’t live without each other. Same was for us and I couldn’t recall the exact day when his disturbance became my habit. But the strange fact is before us our friends and most interestingly his parents understood we were meant to be together and started taking us as a couple. We didn’t formally propose each other till today & I don’t think we ever will, but our relationship just clicked and is like that morning tea with that perfect mixture of sugar in it. In these 7 yrs we had many fights, many ups and downs but at the end of the day, we are together – rather happily together. For us every hour is our valentines day which is celebrated with fun, teasing and also fights rather than chocolates, teddies or roses & we both like it that way. Our taste of movies, music or even foods never match or its completely opposite but the one thing that matches is our urge to spend our life together, maybe celebrating our anniversary with our great-grandchildren. And our promise to be by each other side be it in any situation. And we both believe we complete each other and we are both equally lucky to have each other by our side.

Vaswati & Indrajit ❤

Shared By Varsha Biswas

People usually say that relationships formed over social media does not last long, but that did not happen in our case! I and Rajdeep studied together in the same college during our high school but then we were completely ignorant of each other’s existence, also due to the fact that we were from different streams of study. After 2 years in college, Rajdeep pinged me on Facebook. As any normal Indian girl, who highly distrusts any male approach on social media, I did not use to speak or reply back to him initially. But he was quite persistent and then slowly and steadily, I started growing a fondness for him which slowly blossomed into love. We did not realise or think that we were going to be serious about it, because it was a long-distance relationship to start with. He was out of our hometown for his graduation while I was still back home. Dating and meeting grounds were pretty thin and in the starting days when it is so essential to see your partner, we were apart. But now, after more than 7 years together, we can proudly say that Yes! long distance relations do work. You must make an effort to maintain it and you must believe in each other. The funniest thing or coincidence is I had visited his home during childhood, but then I hardly knew of his existence 😛 So just like this, sharing all the ups and downs together, being happy and sad together, we want to spend the rest of our lives together. 🙂

Varsha & Rajdeep ❤

Shared By Binita Bhattacharya

There are different forms of love. In my life, I would never have thought to fall in love. I was all along a good student and very careerist. It was in 2012 that I was admitted to Asutosh College for doing my graduation in Physics. At the same year on teachers’ day, I went to my Bengali tuition class as everyone does to celebrate that day and I met someone who completely changed my life. He was in his final year of graduation in the same stream from Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission. We both liked each other but he took 4 months to propose me. Without getting late I accepted him but we decided that we would marry only after his getting into a job..when my family came to know about our relationship the main problem was the caste issues. I’m from a brahmin family but he is not.. Though my parents had no problem with this, the relatives had..and it was a high time for my parents to take a decision. They stood by my side.. My father said love is more eminent than caste and the best thing is he didn’t do my kanyadan too. We married on 17th February  2016.. and till today my husband and parents support me in every situation that we pass through. In this month our marriage we will celebrate our 3rd Anniversary and the best thing is that God gifted us our angel Samriddhi. Still, now I’m continuing my study and my work. I married only at the age of 22.. many people said that I have to stop here but no I could not.. Here I talked to so many things to enlighten that many women sacrifice her career and studies.. even my mom too. But why??  Don’t ditch yourself.. our knowledge our hardship is equally important as that of a man.. I think it is the biggest gift that I can give to my valentine, my husband and my daughter and also my parents too. Thank you for reading this.

Binita & Shamik ❤

Spread love and Celebrate the Day of Love in the best way possible. These stories really touched our heart. How did you meet your Valentine? Do let us know in the Comments below!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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