Taking Bengali YouTube to New Heights- Akash Barmon

Akash Barmon honestly makes us immensely proud. This young guy with his dedication, perseverance and unyielding hardwork has made a niche for himself in the YouTube world and being Bengalis and him belonging from West Bengal as well makes our pride and happiness grow double more so. Akash Barman was previously featured in our blog – The Untold Story Of Popular YouTuber Odvut 10. He was already a successful, emerging and fast growing YouTuber then.

But his popularity has reached new heights when his channel Odvut 10 became a million subscriber base!! Yes, he has earned the Prestigious Gold Button from YouTube and his Channel has 1.6 Million Subscribers and growing everyday.

Akash with The Gold Button from YouTube

So to honour him once more we caught up with him and thus help you know more about the man himself, his future plans, his success story and all that. So keep on reading!

Q. Congratulations on 1.6M subscribers. How does it feel to be the Number 1 Bengali Youtuber?

A. At first, I must say that I am a Bengali. Since my childhood I love Bangla language from the heart. So I am very grateful to my mother language that I can take my channel forward. And of course it would never have been possible without my lovable audience.

Q. How do you choose your YouTube video topics?

A. There are many topics to make a video on YouTube but I always choose something specific that people can learn and discover something new. It is very pleasant when people can know something through our videos.

Q. For making a sci-fi video you have to do research a lot, how do you prepare?

A. Yes, it is true that for making a Science Fiction Video we have to research a lot more than any other topics. We carefully evaluate each point separately from Google’s websites and then make videos. But lastly, our hard work succeeds when everyone enjoys seeing our videos.

Q. You are now posting your videos once in a month. Why so? Don’t you think it will decrease your viewers?

A. Yes, for the last few months my video has been irregular because of my physical illness. And there is also another reason that I will explain to my audience later.

Q. You have your personal channel by your name Akash Barman but you have only 2 videos over there. Why don’t you post videos over there so frequently?

A. I am working hard for my Akash Barman Channel and the videos are coming soon. Hopefully it will be very interesting to the viewers.

Q. What will be the main genre of the channel? How different will that be from the Odvut 10?

A. The original theme of Akash Barman Channel will be Entertainment all inclusive of Drama Suspense Thriller and Romance. So I am feeling very excited. We try our best to make the videos more intriguing. I hope the audience will be very fond of it.

Q. Do you think so called “reaction” channel are getting more views than the other type now?

A. Yes nowadays reaction channels are getting more views on YouTube, and I like to watch that kind of videos also. Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s sarcastic so definitely reactions videos are really fun to watch.

Q. Have you ever thought of making a reaction video? Or a tutorial video for the beginners?

A. Who knows? If I want to, then I will definitely do.

Q. Who do you think is your biggest competition in Bengali YouTube World?

A. I think I am my own opponent because everyone works hard and I work hard too. I want to make myself better day by day and take my channel to a better place. Although, it will be possible only when everyone is with me.

Q. If you want to suggest anyone to start watching your channel for the 1st time which video of yours you would like to suggest?

A. Ask to start seeing any one video of ODVUT 10, believe me, one video after another continue for some days on your mobile/pc/tablet/tv.

Akash with his Fans

With this we come to the end of a wonderful conversation with a wonderful person. Team WeekendTrivia thanks you a lot for taking out time and sharing your experience with us. We pray that you get well soon, and upload more videos. We also look forward to increasing growth of your channel. All the best 🙂

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