Spread the Colours of Happiness and Love- Holi Celebrations 2019

Holi – The most vibrant way to herald Spring. No one does festivals like Indians do and Holi is such a festival which people come to celebrate from far and wide. People outside India, Bloggers and travellers alike come to celebrate this festival of colours and spread the joy , happiness and love of Holi. It is also celebrated widely out of the country. Our culture and traditions are gaining access widely. So here’s a look at Holi Celebrations of 2019.

Tejasvi Singh

I am Tejasvi Singh –A Traveler Learner Photographer …
Photos Location  -Banke Bihari temple Vrindavan, Mathura,Dwarkadish Temple Mathura
Photos Have Been Captured  On Galaxy S10 Plus

Abir Choudhury

Hi I am Abir Choudhury . I am a Professional photographer. I want the world to see the world in a way I see it,through my eyes…
Picture: Sudder street, Kolkata 

Deotima Ghosh

Hi! I am Deotima Ghosh, 2nd year student of Anthropology. To me photography is a way to frame my prespectives. And am blessed with immensely supportive parents and friends who keeps inspiring me every single day.

About the pictures/ place : The pictures were clicked at Burrabazar, Kolkata on 19th March,2019. This is a celebratory procession from Shri Shri Iswar Satyanarayanjee Mandir, Howrah to Sri Sri Satyanarayan Bhagwan ji ka mandir, Burrabazar. This is famously known as ‘The Rolls Royce Holi’ in which they bring the idols. This procession is followed by numerous people playing Holi.

Emmanuel Vishal Rozario

Hi, I am Emmanuel Vishal Rozario
I am a photography enthusiast who completed  his class 12 and wishes to study mass communications  from St. Xaviers College 

Picture Location: Jorashakor thakurbari – kolkata

Rajiv Solanki

Rajiv Solanki is an Award Winning versatile Photographer based out Delhi, he is not restricted to one area in photography so he does various genre of photography and yet maintain his own unique style. Today he is well known for his work in Landscapes, Travel, People, Street Life and  Fine art Wedding  photography in India. Nowdays he is full time professional photographer and focusing on commercial, fashion & Fine Art / Destination wedding photography
About Pictures and places – 
“The festival of Holi is associated with colours, they could be synthetic or natural, but are used to colour the other individuals from outside. but whatever I saw and felt at Mathura during the celebrations reaches far beyond colours. It seems as if the people, the surroundings, the whole atmosphere has become one with colour; it reaches the soul, the soul itself is the colour which in return colours everyone; something which is hard to describe. The air is thick with the scent of perfume of colours. Rose petals and coloured powder rained on the pilgrims as they visited the deity sitting on his throne of flowers. The floor, walls and the complete city is blanketed with colour.“Holi, the Festival of Colours, is a popular Hindu spring festival observed in India and is celebrated all over India but here in small village Barsana and Nandgoan in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

Vikram Rikame

I’m a 25 years old, Mumbai-based photographer, who’s deeply into travel photography as well as commercial photography. With a quirky and fun-loving personality, I believe in measuring life’s worth in memories and not in years.

Photo taken at- Nandgaon, Uttar Pradesh

Chaitali Banerjee

Chaitali Banerjee, aged 21, a student of journalism and mass com, (3rd year). Photography is my hobby and desire to make it a profession in near future.
Pre holi event (Rolls Royece Holi Utsab), Where God Satyanarayon  is taken from Howrah temple to Burrabazar Satyanarayon temple ,two days before Holi, a traditional and a famous  event, where the car goes , followed by a big procession, amid abir dust and so many other colours.

Pranay Rawal

My Name is Pranay Rawal and I am from Barshi (Dist : Solapur) Maharashtra. I’ve done my graduation in Hotel Management. Photography is my passion, mostly travel and street photography. I’ve travelled some places over India for Photography recently I’ve left my job n start working as event photographer

‘Euphoria’Holi celebration at Radha Rani Temple Barsana,Uttar Pradesh. This Ambiance is of Traditional ritual called Gayan Samaj where the people from Nandgaon (lord Krishna’s birthplace) and Barsana (Goddess Radha’s birthplaces) are sitting in front of them and singing a Bhajan (prayer) and other peoples are throwing a colous on them

What does Holi Signify to you? How did you celebrate Holi 2018? Let us know in the Comments below!

Peace. Love. Happiness.

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