The End of Something Beautiful- Sunsets Around India

Sunsets are proof that endings are beautiful and unless they are beautiful it’s not really the end. There is something so fulfilling about watching a setting sun that you can never tire of it.

Be it in a beach, or mountains, from a riverside or a park, from your terrace or balcony, sunsets create a charismatic transition. Let us go through a journey of beautiful transition through these sunset pictures of India.

Hello There! I’m Swastik Sarkar from Dhubri, Assam, a final Engineering Student and a Passionate Travel & Landscape Photographer, who loves to meet new people and photograph Social Issues, Lifestyle, Cultures and traditions around us.And my role models & biggest source of inspiration are my Parents

Madhurjya Borah

Hi, I am from Lakhimpur, Assam.
Our place name is Madhupur which is situated near the world’s biggest island Majuli. I proud of my place. There are various different things in our place which makes our place mostly unique and natural. Mountains, rivers, streams etc found in our place which makes our place so beautiful.

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Hi! I am Khyati Gehwal, I love to explore different places and clicking pictures. The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it?
Picture Location– The pictures were clicked at Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur. The Sunset point there is the best spot to catch sunset in Jaipur.

Hi, I am Abhiroop Bose from Kolkata and I have been doing photography for few years mainly focusing on streets life and landscape.
About the photography and place: The pictures were clicked on my recent visit at Simurali, West Bengal. Its in Nadia district in the state of West Bengal. Simurali railway station is 58 km from Sealdah station. It was known for its river port which was under Bristish port trust(BPT). One can still find the rural essence of Bengal here as well as the heritage BPT building later renamed as Calcutta Port Trust.

Name : Sayantan Barik. I’m from Midnapore. Working in Tcs, kolkata. Love street, Nature and Landscape photography.

This photo was taken at Mandarmani,West Bengal at the time of sunset while one couple was enjoying their time.

I am from Barrackpore. I am freelance videographer/video editor. I love to travel and make travel cinematic Videos so I recently visited Varanasi and took the picture. I have youtube channel (suvofilms)and my instagram (@suvofilms). 1 year ago was working for a company called GTU 4 months ago I quit my job and start working in freelance.

Photo Location – Varanasi

My name’s Promit Chakraborty. 
I am from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. 
I am a student. 
I love Photography.

This  Photo was clicked at Rashkhola Ghat, Khardah,  Kolkata,  West Bengal

Darshan Patel


I am Darshan Patel. Chemical Engineer. My passion is traveling and Photography My caption is “SUNSET AND SUNRISE THIS BOTH MOMENTS ARE MOOD CHANGER OF PHOTOGRAPHER.

I’m Agni, I am a photographer by passion and an engineer by profession. For me photography is a means to express myself to the world. When I take a photo, there’s a whole lot of emotions I go through. I try to capture so others also  experience the beauty and emotions that I perceive.  
Here are some sunset pictures I clicked from Fortkochi, Kerala

Hi, I am Amrita, from Assam. Currently living in Kolkata, India. I am neither a photographer, nor do I have a keen passion for it. I simply choose to capture those moments which catches my interest or I find Beauty in.

Follow me on Instagram- @amrita.ghosh

Photo Location: Prinsep Ghat, Kolkata

Hey, this is Sayantani Basu from Khardah, Kolkata. A Librarian by profession and a photographer by passion. This picture was taken at Baguran Jalpai, Junput.

Follow my work on Instagram – @the_pictures_i_took

Tell us your most beautiful sunset memory in the comments 😊

Cover Picture by : Swastik Sarkar

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