Game of Thrones Must Have Merchandise if You are a True Fan

The final season of Game of Thrones is finally coming on this Sunday and the anticipation and anxiety, excitement and hype, obsession and frenzy has reached to an almost nerve wracking level that we cannot contain anymore.

Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Will the White Walkers win? Who will be alive and who not? What will Jon do when his true identity is revealed? Who is Azor Ahai A.K.A the Prince who was promised? What is the identity of the Night King?

All these questions and many other fan theories have been circulating forever. And perhaps we might finally get some answers, not all maybe. But, if you’re a true OBSESSED fan of the show and if you have stuck to it until the very end then you must own some of these merchandise of the Fantasy Saga. You might already have some, and perhaps its good time to add to your collector’s item list.

Even if you have just started on the show, you will find this guide handy and if you’re amongst those rarity who has never watched it and never intend to…. well then may the 7 Gods help you because we cannot! 😆

So the thing is the most commonly purchased items are available on almost all websites which sell Game of Thrones merchandise. Some of the best selling items are –

T-Shirts/ Hoodies

T-Shirts are the most popular category of products that you can own. You can choose your own house or character tees to show your support for them. They are reasonably priced in almost all websites so it won’t be a pinch in the pocket.

Where to Buy from: ; The Souled Store ; Swag Shirts ; Voxpop

Coffee Mugs

Another item which is most common and very suitable as a gift. It is cheap, useful and will serve its purpose.

Where to buy from: Cyankart ; Epic Stuff ; The Souled Store


Keychains are very personal stuff and you end up using them regularly and in various stuff. So having these keychains are a must.

Where to buy from: ; Big Small

Assorted Accessories

This is a broad category for many knick-knack items which you can own. These are small stuff, easy to carry and decorate your home with. They include badges, fridge magnets, coasters, stickers, laptop decals, laptop covers etc.

Where to buy from: ; Cafe Press ; Dot Badges

Phone Covers

Sport your favourite show wherever you go. Phone covers are your way of searching other fans and creating your own fandom. A must have item.

Where to buy from: The Souled Store ; ;


Write all your special stuff, stay up-to-date with your activities, make your plans for the day all in a special notebook with a small GOT reminder that a mind needs books!

Where to buy from: Entertainment Store ; Epic Stuff ;

Pop Figure

These cutesy little pop figures are your tiny versions of your favourite characters who can be brought to life in a small unique way.

Where to buy from: Big Small ; Entertainment Store

Collector’s Items

This section is for those who are riding the GOT obsession bandwagon and can to any lengths to get their hands on the coolest and most unique stuff. These items are quite highly priced and some are not available in India but they ship world wide. We are listing a few such collector’s items which the frenzied fan can possess and where to buy them is linked alongwith it.

Game of Thrones Music Box

Buy from: Big Small

Hand of the King Brooch

Buy from: Big Small

Iron Throne Replica

Buy from: Big Small

The Hound Helmet

Buy from:

Game of Thrones Periodic Table of Fate

Buy from:

Game of Thrones Monopoly

Buy from: Big Small

GOT Dragon Claw Glass

Buy from: Big Small

Game of Thrones Cutting Board

Buy from: Amazon

GOT Dragon Eggs Box Set

Buy from: Amazon

So this is it guys. This is our list of the must have items that you must have and if your are feeling like it, then have the collector’s items as well. This is our curated shopping list, you can definitely add more items as per your choice.

The ending whatever it might be will leave us all emotionally drained for sure because it is the end of an era. No more waiting for another season to come. But all that later. Cannot wait enough for Sunday! (Monday in India) Tell us how much excited are you and what are your theories in the comments below.

Disclaimer: All the images are either taken from Google or directly from certain websites. We do not own them

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